SYW 3-5-18

Good morning, afternoon and evening! And for you snoring, sorry to have missed you! Monday here in hugely windy, sunny, but cold Wyoming! Time for‘s Share Your World post with questions for you to answer. So greetings, people and please join in the fun! Here is a partial copy of her blog post:

1. I moved into a boarding house to be close to my work when I was 18. It was a fun, totally new experience and I met some good people. The owner was an older French lady I loved to hear talk. She was friendly, caring, and full of cheer. I had a room with a sink and shared a bathroom with four other people. It was fine.

2. It’s hard to pick a favorite smell. I think it would be Macintosh apples. There are a couple of candles that I love, one being a Yankee candle and then an Heirloom brand that make this scent come alive to me.

3. If I have to be in the cold I prefer the white beauty of snow. I loved it as a child when it drifted up to my second story bedroom window, tunneling in it, sledding, skating, everything. Living in a city now, I prefer lots of snow to cover everything till spring. Of course I don’t have to drive in it! ❄️🌨❄️🌦❄️

We celebrated two birthdays this week. A granddaughter turned twenty and a grandson turned fifteen. Time flies!❤️


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  1. It was good that you had a present experience of first time away from home. I love snow (I don’t have it in CA) and was surprised by having a white Christmas in Portland last year (2017). The White Christmas is my favorite movie.

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