Joe was a no nonsense type of guy, believing if you want to do something, do it right! There was nothing covert in Joe’s advice, he just wanted things done in a precise manner. Joe was a woodworker and chose the finest he could afford for his monstrous collection of wood, some pieces bought from estate sales. He would take the item home and create something new out of the previously treasured wood. There was not even a slim chance Joe’s creations would be duplicated, because every dovetail, every seam and juncture was exact, created with perfection.


Your Daily Word Prompt – #Dovetail- #YDWordPrompt June 4, 2023

monstrous three words today are: PRECISE EXACT DUPLICATE

RDP Sunday: covert

Six Sentence Story

Rarely do I feel trapped in a box. It is my choice most of the time; I admit I do not enjoy gossipy groups of fellow apartment complex dwellers. I keep to myself which started with threats of spreading Covid, Bronchitis and other maladies prevalent in this building, and became a habit. My family is close by and school events and sports are my outlet. It’s a different life these last few years, but I’m grateful to have it. Family is the bright red bow on the box.

Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

The Sunday Whirl

At three in the morning, I reach out for an offered ascending hand, my head reeling from what I thought were feathers of dreams, but now realize is real, and the potion of sleep is gone. Seemingly between reality and the road of a promised rapture, I drift upward, my mind grabbing at thoughts passing by. I find myself adrift in a storyteller’s poem. Is this my death, a heaven or hell?


“I’m not going to cater to all the patter about woke this and woke that”, Joe stated. “ I believe this started with Trump, who is a parasite on the backs of ultra conservatives on the hill. What is really sad is the metamorphosis taking place in the democrat tract. They have become quiet, weak, and unresponsive to what they promised when elected. If they don’t start to act we will be either in a civil war or under a dictatorship!” Joe was surprised to see his “woke” friends shy away.


tract three words today are: CATER PATTER CHATTER

Your Daily Word Prompt – #Metamorphosis- #YDWordPrompt June 3, 2023

Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt

They used to say, “just like clockwork”, assuming someone had thought to wind the clock, plug it in, or renew the batteries. Clocks, except for our Canadian friend, Suzanne – hope I spelled that right🙄 – over at my dang blog-, are pretty much just a decoration. Personally I like the ones showing inside gears.
Everyone seems to wear an Apple Watch or checks their phone for the time. Even regular watches are passé. My other interpretation of the prompt is, Murphy’s Law. If you think you are settled to something, undoubtedly M pays you a visit…just like clockwork.

Weekend Writing Prompt #314 – Clockwork

Fandango’s Flashback Friday

“Hey, Harry, who’s idea was this photo shoot anyway? It’s not like we’re showing the product!”

“Well you look dapper enough, holding that cane; don’t worry about it.”

“Just a few more gentlemen” the photographer explained. “Remember not to smile, you’re supposed to be serious executives.”  

“Talk about fancy, Joe, with that gold watch bob on your belt. Showing it off?” Jack liked to needle him. Joe was the youngest and smartest of the group and everyone knew it. It was Joe who had the original idea, and it turned out to be successful for all of them. The other three men invested in Joe’s idea, and he was thankful for their support.

The gentlemen posed for a few more and grew restless. Suddenly Joe said, “Okay, enough. The beer’s on me, boys.”


Fandango’s Flashback Friday — June 2nd

SoCS 6-3-23

Here’s your prompt: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “left alone.”

Lays down, tries to sleep

How long are they going to keep

Away, and looks sadly at two food bowls

Water too and he starts the howls

Sounding like a sad lone wolf

Lays head back down and utters small woof

They say animals can’t tell time.