GROWING UP/Mature Sijo

You should use the word in the title of this post as your inspiration as either a theme of the Sijo or in the poem itself.

There are:

  • Three Lines
  • 14-16 syllables per line
  • A total of 44-46 syllables for the entire poem.
  • The first line of the Sijo usually sets the theme.
  • The second line elaborates on the first line.
  • The third line brings the poem matter to a close.


maturity is not determined by age, only life

graduation is the beginning, when new life starts

live every adventure to the fullest, causing no regrets


Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge


Her Mind Ran Wild

A family gathered

only one mattered

A birthday celebration

causing elation

For a very spoiled child certainly

The mother’s bordering sanity

Caused her to fret with dismay

Trying her best for a perfect day

No one seemed to notice she stood away

Her too fragile mind, beginning to fray

She went carefully into a quiet room

Away from it all, as the darkness loomed

Only then aware of her mental condition

Returned to the party with renewed volition.