Crow’s Wisdom

New hope for the kingdom

She poised and awesome

The crow had told her now was the time

His wise views were told in rhyme

Good visions were finally coming true

The world would be seen from his view

Destruction and greed he saw from above

She would cure with her godlike love

The crow made his choice and now she reigns

The world would be safe and loving again.



It was the big day. Every reporter worth his salt was going to be there. It was the first day of the new regime. Everyone was looking forward to it, interested to see a new leader with a refreshing persona in the round rotunda. Joe was beyond excited. It was his first very important assignment, and to be in the front row? He could hardly believe it himself!

He rushed through his shower, gulped coffee, practically choked on the hotel breakfast, but now he sat down in a chair and took deep breaths. This is it, he thought, my big break. After a few calming breaths, Joe donned his suit coat and grabbed his briefcase. He wanted to be early.

He walked into the press room, almost giddy with the thought he finally made it to the big time. He slowly sat in his assigned seat, and the lights flickered, indicating the object of interest would be arriving. A hush came over the chatty group and the side door opened with secret service men walking in. Joe reached for his notes. And in came the new idea, the fresh presence of government. Everyone in the room was shocked, jaws dropped, and cameras clicked away. Who would have thought this was the new choice?


Tuesday Writing Prompt


She sat down opposite him in the bedroom. Tears flowing freely from Jack as he finished packing his belongings. His growing anger was obvious when he threw his clothing in his bags. He had invested two years into this relationship only to find her with another. “I never mattered much to you, did I?”

Sue sat rigid, but was glad to see him go. It was time to be her real self, not posing as his lover. After he left, she texted her friend, Jane. “He’s gone, where shall we meet?”

DMV Distress

Saving up for ten years, Joey had the cash to buy his dream car. He had a job, earning money for his dream, since the age of fourteen. Now was his chance to make it come true. There was only one thing left to do, get a driver’s license.

Studying the manual for days, Joey thought he was ready. He was inwardly scared, but only showed a brave face to the officials. The final step came and he seated himself in his mom’s old Chevy station wagon. He was used to driving with his dad, who had a Toyota Corolla, a smaller vehicle with a standard transmission. He had driven the station wagon a few times and it was an automatic transmission, so he figured it would be a piece of cake.

The driver’s test official slid into his side of the bench seat and told Joey to start. Nervously, Joey turned the ignition key and showed audible relief as the car started up. The vehicle was large but the test went smoothly and the only remaining part of the test was parallel parking. Joey was not used to the size of “the beast” as his mom called it, and mistakenly thought he could park with ease.

After three attempts to park, and the last getting too close to a parked vehicle, causing a scratch, Joey’s test was done. He would have to return to retake the driver portion with his dad’s car, but being shaken from the experienced fail, he would take his time to practice more.


Wintergirls Sidlak


Socks of wool

Pulled up tight and stuffed

In huge black galoshes trimmed with fur

Giggling small girls bundle up to go sledding

Dressed and ready to attack white mountain snow.


Cheeks of red

Cold mittened hands clapping warmth

Tired legs again climb to the top

Shrill shouts of laughter as down they swiftly glide

Two winter girls sledding under gray white clouds.