Monday Movie

The song “Doing the Neutron Dance” by the Pointer Sisters came on while my grandson and I were playing Rummy. I explained it was a song used in my movie choice this week, “Beverly Hills Cop”. The Eddie Murphy series of three movies in my opinion, were equally good with returning main characters; all funny, with great music and action.




31 Days of October Challenge

Image by jamberry on DeviantArt


Two heads have I with which to bark

A warning for your Halloween lark

I caw and caw and caw and caw

Of every eerie sight I saw

I have four eyes to spy them all

Though I’ll give you a warning call.

Be careful not to stay too late

Or surely you will suffer fates

From all the goblins in this land

Spied them coming, a vicious band

They’ll frighten you if they choose

Grab you, then never loose

Their bonded trap of spider webs

They indeed are things to dread

You might even end up dead!

Take a different trek instead.


She Sells Seashells

Why are you laughing? It is not a sham! Craft items made from shells are very popular at the beach shops. You will rue the day when my bank account has a huge draft from the “Beaches are Us” online shop, when they send it. Don’t be so shallow, I think you’re just jealous!

Julie’s friend couldn’t hide her amusement. Sue thought her friend was bordering on the dense side, but always ready to sop up Julie’s tears when she spiraled into another disaster.

The microwave signal beeped and Julie pulled out the “baked” seashells, ready to assemble the fiftieth photo frame.


Stuffing her do into the hat, glasses to hide tired tear stained eyes, she pulled at her bag and shut the door. It was a rainy Sunday, but the meeting was held in the park anyway.

This was one of her good days, and an anniversary of sorts, one year of sobriety. The AA leader decided meetings were now to be held in parks or other semi-public places. Who knows why, Virginia thought. Who wants to see a bunch of losers talking about their problems in public? She often thought of herself as a loser, but this morning was an achievement and she needed to hold on to that.

Under the makeshift canopy, Virginia stood up to receive her reward. “Hello, my name is Virginia, and I’ve been sober for one year today”.




My dearest Marie,

I am writing this letter to tell you how much I love you, as I did when we first met. The mere sight of you made my knees weak, and if I am honest, they still do, after forty-five years. We have been through many mini crises with our children and parents, but have remained steady through it all.

As you know we have had our differences and I feel I can be honest with you after all of the devoted years we have spent together. I do and always will love you more than anything else in this world. I hesitate to hope you will take the following confession as it is meant, honestly and with a sincere apology.

If you remember the years when our children were almost teenagers, and my job was very demanding, requiring me to spend many hours away from you and our children. That was when it happened, my affair, which I am certain will be what you will name it. It was one tired night in an office. A coming together out of frustration and exhaustion at work. It was not romantic or loving, it was satisfying a particular need at the time. You probably also remember I would come home so tired that even if you had not already fallen asleep, I had no strength or will to love you. I know it was wrong, but I hope, not unforgivable. I wanted to tell you so many times.

When you read this letter, I hope you realize it comes with regrets for the lateness of my confession and a hope we may start a new relationship, as it was when it was just the two of us without pressure of family or jobs. I have enclosed two tickets to your favorite opera, La Boheme, for this evening. If you choose to forgive me, I will be waiting in the lobby of the theater at eight o’clock. My heart is yours, always has been and always will be.