SoCS 12-15-18

Chilly Willy today but warmer than last week. As usual we’re all hoping for snow on Christmas Eve. The last few years we got our wish. It is Friday still as I am reminded by the whistle that goes off every Friday right at 12:00 noon and lasts at least a full minute. The first time I heard it, four years ago, I thought it was a warning of some sort. That’s what growing up in the fifties does to you…paranoid!😂JK, folks.

As for the Prompt this week, I’m choosing a song from the show “Hair”, which everyone needs to watch at least once. I’ll add one of my favorite often used expressions, “don’t get all haired out” which means the same thing as “don’t get your knickers in a knot”.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Dec. 15/18


30 Day Song Challenge #14

A song you’d like playing at your wedding? We had no music at our wedding. It was suddenly moved from the 23rd to the 3rd because of illness. We were lucky to have a cake! My daughter’s wedding had this song which brought tears, it’s so beautiful:

30 Day Song Challenge – Day 1

Three Line Tales #150

“How can we get to it without being seen?” He hiked up his backpack and steadied his laser pistol. “We have to be quick! I can already smell disgusting gingerbread–we don’t have much time!”

The two aliens, green and grinchlike, were hiding between two huge drums of flour on the lot of Jerry’s Jingly Jam Shoppe. The neer-do-well aliens decided to destroy Earth’s “stupid” holiday traditions.

They moved in to laser burn the shop when suddenly Santa Claus appeared. They mistakenly thought he wasn’t real and fell faint. They woke up to find themselves happily making toys at the Northpole.

Three Line Tales, Week 150

MLMM Wordle #213

Joe was having a good day, being his usual effusive self, congratulating the other winners of the wrestling match. His friendly impact on his team members was never interrupted by their coach who was proud of Joe, and his input helped to regulate the team as a whole. Enthusiasm for the sport nuanced any negative attitudes and Joe was a worthy captain. Being a firm believer in positivity, Joe seemed to have an almost magical influence on the team, dominating their actions to always try their best.

Also believing in the power of palmistry, Joe regularly visited a chiromancer to keep his future bright as she had promised it would be. Joe may have thought his future was predetermined, but the coach and others around him knew the truth. Joe was just one of the special ones.

MLMM Tale Weaver#201 – Negativity

M orning moans, wanting to stay in warm cocoon

O pen my eyes, that is, if they open.

R oll into the bathroom, usually around four

N egative thoughts about it still being dark and try to get back to sleep

I nstantly regret that decision because my brain won’t shut up to let me sleep

N ow the people in surrounding apartments are getting up, parking lot outside bedroom window full of rumbling engines trying to warm up, ice scrapers scraping, car door beepers clicking, dogs barking

G ive up, get up, going to get coffee to start reading blogs, check phone emails, weather and latest news, hopefully not seeing T’s photo anywhere while doing that.

30 Day Song Challenge #13

A song from the 70’s:

Of course I had a hard time picking one because to me there are so many that I still know by heart, strike a chord for different reasons. Before cell phones and instant music, I played albums and lots of radio time as a young mother. Music was always in the background whatever we were doing. After perusing lists, I chose one of Neil Diamond’s, “Play Me”.

30 Day Song Challenge – Day 1

Christmas Tag 2018

Thank you to Bryce at wasthatmyoutloudvoice who tagged me to participate in this holiday question tag. Thank you is in order for the mention, and I hope you check out her blog, funny, snarky and worth a gander!


1. How do you celebrate Christmas?

2. Do you have a favorite Christmas carol or hymn?

3. Do you like snow?

4. What is your favorite contemporary Christmas song?

5. What does your Christmas dinner table look like?

6. What is your favorite Christmas memory?

7. If you could take a paid two week break this time of year, what would you do and why?

8. Do you have a favorite Christmas book or piece of literature?

9. Is there a Christmas movie that you don’t like?

10. Do you have a favorite Christmas special?


1. We celebrate Christmas by eating a big meal together, playing games and opening presents.

2. My favorite carol is “I heard the bells on Christmas Day”

3. I love snow! Beautiful, cleansing the area, fun to play in.

4. My favorite contemporary song is “Mary did you know” by Pentatonix.

5. Our dinner table is oak, huge with two large leaves added on each end, and covered with turkey, mashed and sweet potatoes, jello salads, cole slaw, gravy, rolls, stuffing, green beans and relishes. Then games, then dessert!

6. My favorite Christmas memory is when my dad wanted me to keep believing in Santa Claus so made boot tracks on the roof.

7. I would visit my family in Vermont, New York and New Jersey.

8. My favorite Christmas story would probably be “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” originally written as “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, 1823, author unknown; later claimed and retitled by Clement Clarke Moore in 1837.

9. Definitely the Grinch movie version with Jim Carey, horrible.

10. Ref #9, the cartoon version of the Grinch by Dr. Seuss and narrated beautifully by Boris Karloff.

Three bloggers for this tag: No worries if you choose not to participate!☺️

🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄If you choose to join in, have a good time with it!❤️

A Christmas Tag


Yup, Bob, I see your point! Those suckers will do the trick. When you first talked about a clear vision of the future, I thought you were talking about global warming, but now I see what you mean.

Joe stared at the giant apparatus and shook his head.

(Two men discussing Trump’s vision for the five billion dollar wall.)

Fandango’s Provocative Question #5

So here’s this week’s provocative question (actually three questions):

“Is there a ‘blogging-you’ who is different from the real-world you? If so, how are the two ‘yous’ different? How has the ‘blogging-you’ evolved since you first started blogging?”


I read your post and the answer you were given, and I don’t agree, but that doesn’t matter. I started blogging to bring awareness to Bladder cancer and Uterine cancer because I’ve had both, survived, obviously, and wanted to answer any questions about them. When I had these experiences I had no one to ask or help. The bladder cancer poses lots of them and only someone who has been to hell and back with it can explain. That’s what I tried to do, honestly and graphically.

More importantly, I approached it with humor, as you must in most horrid situations. Your body is permanently changed, there’s always a threat of recurrence, and the actual physical part was never explained to me. Yes there was a video we watched, but it might as well have been a cartoon with the Road Runner, myself being the RR. I thought, someone needs to explain truthfully what happens and what to expect.

That is why I started. Receiving only one question in three years, it was a bust. So I decided to try other things, stating my thoughts, my childhood experiences, and using prompts to do it. I do a bit of everything–whatever strikes my fancy you might say. I make up words, forget punctuation, and poetic form. I’m not saying I do it well, but it’s fun and I enjoy it. “That’s all she wrote.”

As usual, I’m missing the other part of the you, but what you see is what you get, I’m afraid.

Fandango’s Provocative Question #5

FOWC – Camera

What about that image there

In that framed circle or square

You think it is beyond compare

So certain persons are aware

Selfie with new cut hair

A new outfit to wear

Some bits clothed, some bits bare

To entice them to your lair

You only hope they will care

When the camera you prepare

A perfect image from the air

Carelessly taken from a dare

Showing your special flair

Hoping they will choose to glare

Is their adoration your prayer

Faked perfection is not rare

Filtered photographs, beware

Might not be the perfect share

Or find the prize you wish to snare.

FOWC with Fandango — Camera