31 Days October – Candy

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TMAT Prompt – Song of Life

“I’ve been so many places in my life and time” – “A Song For You” by Donny Hathaway said perfectly. I’ve made a lot of bad rhymes, here on the blog and metaphorically. But that is life, if you really live it, take chances, go where you’re afraid to go, do what sometimes does not come naturally.

Growing up I had dreams, not necessarily livable ones, or even practical, but all children should have dreams. I was one of the lucky ones and had many. Life happens, and you have to remember you can’t control all of it, so settle back and try to enjoy the ride.

The biggest change I’ve had in life was losing my husband, coping afterwards.




Still Photographs in a Moving Picture

Your Army jokes and laughter, your ever-smile

Diminished later, but still there

Images of you holding babies, grand babies

Smartly dressed in a uniform

Laundromat encounters

Funny as I picture you carrying me over your shoulder up those three flights of stairs

Three tiered tenement apartment, no privacy

The first time you said you were falling in love with me,

how I’d longed to say those words too

The parting, then realization

The coming together again

Many years of changes, places, growing, learning

A life you can not replace.


89 words



I asked her to follow me into the mine. I knew she was shy, sort of a dry, cats-person, with a subtle style of life. She was a free spirit when in her own safe environment, a small cottage with dimmed light and the constant company of cats. This life had caused her lungs to be damaged and being a doctor, I thought I could help her.

She motioned her finger for me to step ahead of her into the darkened space so if I stopped suddenly, we wouldn’t collide. The abandoned salt mine was perfect for a first date that would last a lifetime. This treatment I suggested seemed to ease her breath and we forged ahead, going deeper into the chasm. We ended up at the chapel that had been constructed there and stopped to take it all in. At that time I proposed and she accepted.

First noticing this quiet beauty as a patient at my clinic, I had grown so fond of her I dismissed her to be treated by a colleague so I could ask her for a meeting. From there, we had grown close but I knew her health could be improved. Going to the salt mine seemed to help and she finally accepted the treatments which helped her breathe easily. Moving out of her home into my sparse apartment was also helpful change, and of course, just one of her cats joined us.

Wieliczka salt mine in Poland


31 Days of October – No Treat

I think there’s no carpet in the bedroom above mine

Otherwise I wouldn’t hear the large dogs when they dine

Of course I don’t have X-ray vision

But this is what I’ve been thinking.

The dog owner works various shifts

The only loud activity he misses

Is the daytime hours between five and five

Any others he and the dogs go live.

Moving furniture at midnight or later

Playing ball with the dogs is a real irritator

Daytime is fine, it’s very quiet

It’s after eleven at night there’s a riot.

You’d think any person would realize the noise

Made when you and your dogs play with big toys

They must be large bones or things made of metal

Either or makes my ears not settle

Into a comforting era of sleep

At two in the morning I’m still counting sheep.