Fandango’s Story Starter

This week’s Story Starter teaser is: Dan’s new next door neighbors were so loud and noisy that he could neither work nor sleep, so he decided that he needed to take action.

At exactly midnight, Dan began pounding on the neighbor’s door. He was so angry and frustrated by the blatant action of this uncaring neighbor, he was almost frothing at the mouth. It took a while but finally a pajama clad man looking like he just woke up opened the door. Can I help you he offered and Dan just stared at him incredulous that this man had obviously been sleeping. Dan replied, of course you can! Start by stopping that awful noise coming from your house every night! My family hasn’t been able to sleep since you came here! The man turned and shut the door in Dan’s face. Dan pounded again, this time no answer. Dan was puzzled so decided to break down and call the police. When they finally came, all was quiet next door. When they left it started again. Dan figured he had two choices. Get his father’s shotgun out of storage and riddle the neighbor’s home with bullets, or move. They called a moving company the next morning.

dVerse Poets Poetics

I chose one of the listed words, cool.

The Quality of Cool

Cool is looking into the small mirror over the sink and seeing what could and would be.

Cool starts with medium length hair, greased to a perfect dovetail in the back. After that is checked, a liberal amount of Aqua Velva is splashed everywhere.

Cool is donning a pair of skin tight Levi jeans, rolled up on the cuffs to show a clean white pair of gym socks. The socks then shoved into a pair of penny loafers, shiny black.

Cool is retrieving a semi squashed pack of Camels from behind the toilet and placing them carefully into the rolled up sleeve of a white cotton t-shirt. A folded matchbox packet placed in a pocket and once again check the mirror.

Cool is the expensive black leather jacket saved for after running a paper route for the last three years. It’s now draped over an upholstered chair to keep its shape, then protectively pulled over the t-shirt and checked the zippers.

Cool is the nonchalant stride down the hallway or street, pausing to glance in a shop window.

Coolest of all would be the ultimate dream of walking out of home and sliding onto the back of a Harley-Davidson Hummer or into a Chevrolet Corvette.

Coolness can be shown by these outward ornaments, but true cool is looking into a mirror and knowing deep down you are the best without them.


Poetics: Quality Poems

Exit Strategy

I just finished reading another book by Steve Hamilton. I admit I found Steve Hamilton through one of my favorite narrators, Ray Porter. The first in a three book series, is “ The Second Life of Nick Mason”. The sequel I’m starting today is the title above, “Exit Strategy”.

Goodreads: “From New York Times-bestselling, two-time Edgar-award-winning author Steve Hamilton comes an unforgettable new hero, a man who will walk out of prison and into a harrowing double life that is anything but free.

Nick Mason has already spent five years inside a maximum security prison when an offer comes that will grant his release twenty years early. He accepts—but the deal comes with a terrible price.”

FFFC – It’s Out of the Bag

“That’s a bit harsh Jane.”
“Harsh? It’s right there in black and white!”
“Actually Marge, it’s in full technicolor!”
Their boss walks in and observes them looking at a screen. “Girls, you need to demonstrate a little decorum! I can hear you down the hall!”
“It’s not us”, Jane replied. “It’s your husband who needs to establish decorum!”


Your Daily Word Prompt – #Demonstrate- #YDWordPrompt June 5, 2023



WDYS 189

He held his hand up to feel the water. It had been such a long time, he started weeping. So many days in this prison cage, he couldn’t remember the last time he felt fresh water. Then as if it was only a dream, it stopped. Did he imagine it? He raised his hand in the darkness and felt his face. His palm was dry, tears were the only moisture here.

MLMM Wordle

“Of course I can operate a helicopter! The chief of our section aspired to make sure all recruits would achieve multiple skills on his watch.” Joe looked at him suspiciously, eyeing the ominous bank of clouds before them. The faraway landscape held only mountainous terrain and he was beginning to regret joining the navy. As most young men who wanted to shine in a uniformed occupation, he thought he could cruise through training, generate interest in social circles with his appearance, and stunning a certain envelope of young women. Letting his breath out in gasps, Joe jumped out of the awkward flying machine as soon as it touched down.

Wordle #325

SYW 6-5-23

  1. Do you like to sunbathers on the beach or by a pool? I’m a redhead, not for me☺️
  2. Have you ever used a fake tan or a sun bed? I worked in a suntan salon and tried it out briefly.
  3. Have you joined or wanted to join a gym? I did and enjoyed it except for everyone running around in the nude, that’s is not me.
  4. Good health permitting, would you prefer to go hiking or take a walk in the woods? I would love either❤️
  5. Gratitude: I am grateful my sister is home from the hospital and her family is setting up things to accommodate her at home. And always, the FAM☺️

Share Your World 5th June 2023


Joe was a no nonsense type of guy, believing if you want to do something, do it right! There was nothing covert in Joe’s advice, he just wanted things done in a precise manner. Joe was a woodworker and chose the finest he could afford for his monstrous collection of wood, some pieces bought from estate sales. He would take the item home and create something new out of the previously treasured wood. There was not even a slim chance Joe’s creations would be duplicated, because every dovetail, every seam and juncture was exact, created with perfection.


Your Daily Word Prompt – #Dovetail- #YDWordPrompt June 4, 2023

monstrous three words today are: PRECISE EXACT DUPLICATE

RDP Sunday: covert