MLMM Wordle


“Who are we to judge?” Spoken facetiously by the always judgmental brothers who do not deserve to be hard on marriage. As they remain strife free, travel around the world in their Ferraris or whatever suits them, only stopping to pluck an ingenue here and there for their intermittent pleasure.

I tried not to notice the snigger heard as I introduced my fiancé, a man of impeccable standing. The fizz went out of them as years went by and they realized there is such a thing as a true, loving marriage.




Red, red, red, lays atop my head

Born with that color and brain and personality

I may have been told a few times in banality

Such an influence to be put on a child

No wonder I thought I should be wild

Why not live up to the promise

But life didn’t offer that premise

Resulting in surrounding my place

With the color red in each small space.


Word of the Day: Crunchy

I love the crunchiness of snacks

Give me peanuts, or chips that quack

The crunchy pretzels with that salt

Go well with soda or beer malt

Then of course there’s healthy ones

Celery, carrots, not to be outdone

But for a real life snacker-person

It’s the “salty only” version

Now I’m old and mostly done

Teeth don’t enjoy snacking fun

But I’m okay and easy to please

I’ll have some crackers and some cheese.