Putting My Feet in the Dirt

Last day of another favorite challenge, and I want to thank everyone who read my entries even though they were not in order or complete. Today is the last day so here we go:

I have no problem being fluently flippant. I cannot blame it on spasmodic juice, orbiting orangutans, or even being jet lagged and jilted! Actually I wouldn’t mind being jetlagged, it would mean I actually traveled, in a jet!

Friends don’t lie, and a measurement of improbability of them doing so is not small. Even gnarlynarfs, or sucking skeevers have no ability to lie.

Spacing out in shadows doubt is what happened to me five years ago. The application of platinum plutonium didn’t help. Ozone siphoning and other atmospheric disruptions were not the answer I needed.

So, being the bold woman I continue to be, headed down to the “This is…Ceti alpha five” local bar to drown my sorrows. After a few nuka cola axphyixiolas, I was ready to accept my fate. Time blossomed, then shriveled. Whispers of nano nano were heard by the galactic garbled blasters, who are always at the corner table. Other comments I heard from the crowd, such as Jumping jupiter, can’t get stupider made my mood sink further.

I finally stood up to retort, but it went off with a bang and a hiss. I grabbed the nearest glass and threw it right at the corner occupants. Pilfering pandemonium ensued.

Needless to say I’m no longer welcome in that establishment.

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