Chili Day

Yes it’s home alone today

Used to be fun back in the day

Decorating done, still have wrapping

Shopping remains and Christmas vamping


Now it’s just what can I afford

I have quite a large hoard

But homemade treats may save my day

Their favorites I cook to give away.


There are many readers in my family

So Barnes and Noble gift cards might be

Something I know they will love

And I won’t need to rely on my stove.


Relaxing, reading, while this chilly day, scents of chili wafting in my house.

The Dollar Doeth

“You’ll die by fire for your sins! Repent now or suffer!” Trying to help his hell and damnation story make a point, the preacher jumped down from his box and ran up close to a nicely suited gentleman passing by the crowd.

“People, I ask you to open your heart to this man, on the grounds he is apparently here to ask forgiveness. Sir, surely you know money is the root of all evil!”

A line of hunger starved peasants started filling in the gaps around the well dressed gentleman, frightning him. The intimidation he felt took him by surprise.

“Stand back” the preacher warned, as the gentleman seemed to choke on his cigar. “We can’t know if this man is a sinner by the look of his clothes! He may be able to fly into heaven, himself!”

With that said, the preacher took the scared man aside, exchanged a few words, and the man stuffed something in the preacher’s pocket. The man left and walked quickly into the nearest establishment.

The preacher ran back up on the box and yelled, “See? Anyone can be saved!”

Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt 12-07-19

You are standing there

Heated words exchanged by us

I am standing here


Separated by our own constructed dams of speaking only expected, automatic reciprocal conversation. Where is the easy response to the early questions, before life became more than just the two of us? What happened to the โ€œmy one and only foreverโ€ we quoted to each other all those times ago?

Those moments have worn away into pretense, and life has become an automatic routine of daily chores. The weakened dam through time is not strong enough to hold back tears of disappointments, expectations, and unrealized dreams.

The separating barricade is life. The first bright glance of promise now dimmed by our own spoken words. The feeling of warmth, safety, permanence is gone. We need to rebuild and try to survive this melancholy flood.

Decorating 101

Jesse is over

We set up the tree

Now the Christmas village

Set up next for me.

I’m having some personal problems with bending

Seems changing bags is unending

But besides the constant trips (3)

Village houses need lights to see.

Of course they’re stuck inside instead of hanging out

Trying to retrieve, replacing bulbs

Makes frustrated words come about

Don’ t worry about J, he’s used to my rants

If only I didn’t have to keep changing pants!

Well the tree looks pretty, put birds underneath

Now white something needed for village snow, hey a sheet!

We’re taking a break having pizza to eat

And a thank you will have to do for a treat.

We decided to chill for a bit

Before tackling the next chore of (crap)

Bah humbug is in the back of my mind

But with Jesse here, its spirit I find.



SoCS 12-07-19

The key to my happiness is family, especially grandchildren. Today I have the privilege of my 16 year old grandson coming over and am loving it! One reason is that he will help me decorate for Christmas, and frankly if he wasn’t coming, I was not going to do it at all. It’s too difficult to do it on my own. We also have fun playing games and watching Marvel movies. I needed this visit.๐Ÿฅฐโ˜ƒ๏ธ๐ŸŽ„โ˜บ๏ธ

Word of the Day: Tasteful – Not

Keeping with the Christmas spirit which I’m having a hard time finding the last few years, I present these “tasteful” ads and pleas, and if you believe that one, I have a bridge. . .

My favorites are the ones starting out with, “you save $1600, $1500, etc, when you buy. . .” Or “starting at…”. If you save that much, how totally marked up is their profit? Jewelry is the worst, and I admit I dislike gaudy diamond rings, sorry if you disagree.

And then there’s the sneaky “up to” phrase with the asterisk….

And the email plea scams:



Egads! Where is the spirit in all of this useless unneeded stuff and scams? And who has this kind of money? I know, Trump.