Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt – Revelation

Admiration for those who achieve it

Brainstorming the answers

Choosing the positive

Declaring their plans

Editing out discouragement

Finding their way

Greeting the new

Heralding the results

Inviting others

Joining the dream

Knowing success

Loving the results

Making the effort

Neutralizing doubt


Positive feelings

Quiet meditation

Reviving faith

Silent prayers

Troubles forgotten

Unifying strength

Verified conviction

Withered fears

Xalted hopes

Yearly renewal



Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – Icy Adventures

Joey traced his finger over designs Jack Frost made on his bedroom window. Wanting to be an artist when he “grew up”, Joey was fascinated by these always fresh, unusual designs. He actually looked forward to wintertime, admiring snowflake intricacies and ice and snow sculptures Mother Nature made.

Walking through snowy fields, twas still cold enough for the melt/freeze cycle to fashion a heavy crust to teeter on. If it was very thick, a nice piece of cardboard was made into a sleigh. A tiring venture to the highest meadow made a thrilling slide back to the valley.

99 words

February 15: Flash Fiction Challenge

Time to Write 2-16-18 – Southern Charm

Charlotte grew up in a southern belle atmosphere. It was the 21st century but her life revolved in a different, earlier one. She valued the traditional to a point, all the societal graces were complete, even to the afternoon teas. As a child she learned proper southern lady manners. Even though her classmates were sporting punkish purple hair and skinny jeans, Charlotte remained without a bit of smudged makeup and her long raven hair was perfectly coiffed. Her clothing was always meticulously ironed and clean, unlike most of her peers.

Charlotte lived in a wealthy traditional home, complete with two parents, a maid, and a manicured garden in which to stroll. Her parents expected her to act with decorum at all times and follow family mannerly traditions. Her bedroom consisted of a four poster complete with canopy and ruffled curtains. Her perfectly applied makeup was accomplished every morning at a dressing table, while the maid brushed and styled her hair. She was able to choose her clothes for the day but her closet was limited by her parents.

You may be thinking that Charlotte was a spoiled child, although unfortunate in modern ways. You would be incorrect. Charlotte was an undisclosed mystery, certainly to her parents. The seemingly happy young lady was “courting” other young ladies at afternoon tea.

Referring to the character set up here:


MLMM First Line Friday 2-16-18

“I don’t care what you do with it, I just want it gone,” Alex said, pointing at the dollhouse.  

This wasn’t the first time he threatened Joseph with throwing out the ancient toy. His son’s obsession with it was a constant reminder of his own traumatic childhood. Joseph sadly picked up the small house and went out to the porch, setting it on the swing beside him.

“I’ll never let you go, don’t worry, I’ll just hide you in the woodshed.” Joseph remained, swinging with the dollhouse, as if he was in a trance. Back and forth, with one hand constantly held on the toy.

He first discovered the old dollhouse in the barn, along with other treasures, broken bikes, old nursery rhyme books, and a baby’s highchair. All thrown aside to be taken to the junk pile. Being a curious, bored child, he was sorting through the items and came upon the house. Quite small, but there were a few remaining pieces inside it and the door still worked. He was instantly fascinated and dusted it off as well as he could and took it to his room.

The inside figures were intriguing and he carefully cleaned them and set them in different rooms. Every afternoon it was his first choice to play with after school and chores were finished. His father would find him playing with it for hours and began to worry. “I should have destroyed that years ago, but somehow I couldn’t”, remembering he threw it out on the junk pile, thinking it was safely away. Memories of his own fascination disturbed him and then finding his own son acting in a similar manner, upset him further.

Joseph stopped swinging and picked up the dollhouse for one last session of play before hiding it it in the shed. As he covered it with an old gunny sack, he patted it softly, promising to return soon.


🗣🗣Senior Cadence 🗣🗣

I don’t know but I’ve been told

People are rude when they get old

They seem to think they know it all

If you ask, you hear their call

They sound off 1 2, sound off 3, 4

Sound off over and over and more.


I don’t know but I would think

This constant noise would really stink

If you know someone like this

Take the lead, you must insist

Sound off 1 2, sound off 3 4

Say I’m not listening anymore


I don’t know but I can muse

That even I may be accused

Of sounding off 1, 2 sounding off 3, 4

So if it’s true I don’t amuse

And you don’t like to read my views

There’s only one thing you can do

Turn my sound off

1, 2…..3,4! 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

Daily Prompt: Rube

Just lazin’ around, watchin’ the tube

It’s a day off from the regular rude

Ride on the bus to a job where the crude

Boss constantly yells, a dastardly dude


If I had my choice, was in the mood

I’d have a nice dinner, something stewed

I’m not picky about my food

I’m just an ordinary dude


I’m not a prude but neither lewd

I’m a hard worker not any old rube

I don’t like to argue or start any feud

I work for a living to support my brood


So, is the interview over, got what you need?

I kept it short, that’s what we agreed

I hope when they look at it and read

They’ll take it as meant, and concede

All different lives in their own way, succeed.

MLMM Tale Weaver 159 – Hope

Bright beauty among the grey pavement is a hopeful sign, an inspiration to all those who step around it, admiring its tenacity. Only a few will tromp on it, refuse to acknowledge its existence as they hurriedly travel to an unwanted destination.

I see this flower as a sign of how the world can be, should strive to be, how we all, no matter what our circumstances would be, if only we stopped a minute or two in our life and just thought.

Think of the flower, the strength it took to achieve growth at all, and a bright, beautiful bloom? That’s how life should be, shouldn’t it? Isn’t there a minute in your day when you can just stop, think of who you want to be, or what want to accomplish, and how you can bloom?