The Future

Stand atop the fray

Keep water by your side

Don’t look too closely

Your eyes you’ll want to hide

The future scene we’ll watch

As the world burns down in flame

Above it all we picture it, as if it’s in a frame

Of apathy, indifference we are to blame.

MLMM Tale Weaver #259

As I walk down the aisle of the temple

My thoughts start to burn

It’s here I ask forgiveness

Even though it is not earned

A pretty building housing statues

Colored window scenes

My brain is taking it all in

But my instinct is to scream

Why build these temples large and fancy

Who are you really trying to please

While the poor and hungry are praying on their knees.

Prompt mania

I’ve been trying to cut back on my usual deluge of posts by combining prompts. This one – is it ref’use or refuse’. . .? I guess it’s our choice since there’s no way for Fandango to vet each one of our posts. We need a reference guide. As long as I am in an arbitrary mood, I’ll choose the refuse of the trial going on and refuse to watch.

Undoubtedly, lawyers that have received fame for other notorious trials are counting their money as they step up to the podium. It’s a bit of overkill, isn’t it? I could just ignore the whole situation and say, let them eat cake, a Trumpian thing to do, or have a Big Mac, with extra large fries, please. McDonalds has really missed out, not advertising with a poster of the pres wolfing down a bag of their fare. I’m sure at least fifty percent of the population would be moved to fast food, not sure if it would be toward or away.

Anyone else? Rant

Anyone else thinking what an absolute farce our highest government employees are acting out? And farce is putting a high point on it. Seriously, I cannot open up any news app or newspaper without seeing what would make a comedy routine. Can you imagine if George Carlin was alive? Or the Smothers Brothers still had their show? They’d be making millions with this material!

It isn’t bad enough that blatant nepotism is rampant in the Whitehouse but I really have to laugh at the way they conduct what should be the serious business of running the government “for the people”–those people meaning you and me, the tax payers. I say have to laugh because it’s so ridiculous it’s like laugh or cry and crying does no good either.

The Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc usage? This is the government! This is where huge decisions are made everyday that effect the world and its people–people that go to war and sacrifice themselves for that government. It is serious!

It is not for emails, secret phone calls or social media apps. To me it is just unbelievable. And from “Network” made in 1976: