dVerse Poets Quadrille

If you are a regular at our pub, you know the drill. For those new to Q, write a verse of exact 44 words (excluding the title) using pepper or any form of the word like peppering, peppered or peppermint.

Get your red, hot, chili peppers here
No need for trepidation fear
There’s green and red and yellow too,
But honestly, the tiniest ones rule!
They’re native from the Philippines, sir
Eighty thousand Scoville heat units per
Acidic drinks help cool the spicy churr.


MLMM Wordle

A quirky sign of resistance was seen in the lowly paper clip. Without the benefit of a bright ribbon of solidarity, which might be seen as a threat, the creativity of cooler minds prevailed. Eventually seen as harmless forgetfulness, the paper clip was a hidden symbolic union. Was it an art school professor who thought of this?

Wordle #324

Six Sentence Story


John Wayne, actor, in his numerous “cowboy” roles, was famous for being as close to the hard boiled man he usually portrayed. Once in a while he played a vulnerable male figure, such as in “The Quiet Man” but on the whole he was never afraid to throw a punch or raise a gun or call someone a yellow belly.

Other “heroic” figures in the media of that era were less forceful, such as Hop-along Cassidy, The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid, or Roy Rogers. Roy was probably the most sincere as he led a life similar to the cinematic character he played.

These characters were born out of hard times in the general public, with high unemployment, post war troubles and economic decline. Every American needed a hero and often chose the western icons.

Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

MLMM Saturday Mix

Joe calculated it would be about a four hour plane ride to get to his kids’ favorite destination, Disney world. The upside of this trip would be to show his support for the company since the pyramid of keyhole legislation brought down on the company under the governor of Florida. Joe thinks the governor should take heed—a warning of the amount of revenue the people of Florida will lose if these ridiculous actions keep up.

Lucky Dip – Saturday Mix, 27 May 2023

What a Shame

The usually gregarious senator suddenly started to sink in his chair, and eventually a complete collapse to the floor. The newsfeed on the tv monitor had just announced the alliance between the two houses of congress which he had been furiously trying to dissolve. His anxious secretary ran to fetch a cup of tea, but the senator had to be taken to the hospital. A governor, a Mr. DeSantis, was found in the bed beside him at the ER.



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Fandango’s Flashback Friday

MLMM Wordle #213 – 12-14-18

Joe was having a good day, being his usual effusive self, congratulating the other winners of the wrestling match. His friendly impact on his team members was never interrupted by their coach who was proud of Joe, and his input helped to regulatethe team as a whole. Enthusiasm for the sport nuanced any negative attitudes and Joe was a worthy captain. Being a firm believer in positivity, Joe seemed to have an almost magicalinfluence on the team, dominating their actions to always try their best.

Also believing in the power of palmistry, Joe regularly visited a chiromancer to keep his future bright as she had promised it would be. Joe may have thought his future was predetermined, but the coach and others around him knew the truth. Joe was just one of the special ones.