Came home last night from watching “Justice League” to find my countertop had grown several loaves of bread. Later on I received a text to thank me for making stuffing. My son in law said, “make sure to spread it out well so it dries overnight”…..uh huh….it was ten o’clock and my eyes were tired from something I was allergic to. Cutting up or tearing that much bread?

“You wish” I wrote back, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Then my daughter chimes in, “make sure you do it early.”

What is it with young people these days😂😂😂? It’s not like I have been making Thanksgiving dinner for over fifty years or anything!🙄😳And I excel at stuffing, using sage as my favorite ingredient. My husband’s grandmother,I still miss today, used 🤢oysters🤢 in her stuffing and creamed every vegetable known to man, but I loved her anyway.

It’s 11:21 AM and I haven’t started chopping bread yet….the rebel lives😈


The Secret Keeper – Jack Jumped Over the Candlestick

Jack was high again. It was just matter of fact lately, that after waking and coffee, he’d take the uppers, all a new routine. The new man, ready for anything, no problem too big to handle. Quick and easy was the key to life now.

Life used to be a burden, going in to work every morning, checking on everyone else to make sure they were doing okay. Now Jack breezes through the office corridors, barely greeting anyone, for he needs to reach his office. His own desk has the secret container in the locked drawer, the little plastic bottle of nirvana.

Jack had it all for a few years. Working hard at a job he loved, a feeling of satisfaction and success, a family, a nice home, anything a guy could want. Suddenly he stopped before taking another pill to think for a minute, yes, that was the other me–before.

He popped the second pill of the morning, noticing it was only ten AM. Never mind, I have a lot to do, he thought, as he replaced the bottle in the drawer. He hesitated, but locked the drawer again. I’ll wait till I really need it. Jack signed a few papers, gave a few orders and left for lunch.

He used to be less efficient, before the drugs. He had always worried about how he did his job, if he actually accomplished as much as he should. Added to that was the worry about getting home on time, all the family duties. Most days now it was just a blur. He barely thought of home anymore, his thoughts were all about the bottle in the drawer. Jack was spiraling down hill but didn’t realize it.

When Jack did stop to think, he would push it out of his mind and retreat to the desk drawer. The thought that the pills had colored his mind and now had complete control over his actions never occurred to him. He was enjoying the new carefree life he had tricked himself into believing.

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt 229

Each day is long

I busy myself with trivial things

Keeping my mind occupied

Can’t allow myself to think

Too much thinking and I’ll cry

Office friends don’t seem to notice

Is it the pasted smile?

Inside my heart struggles to beat

Would death be easier?

Would they even notice

If I started to weep?

My facade is cracking.

Daily Prompt: Nest

Safe and warm

In order to rest

Like Dr. Seuss

My nest is best.

If it’s cloudy and cold

Best advice I’m told

That never gets old

“A fireplace is gold”.

Movies and more

Popcorn galore

Marshmallows in cocoa

Or coffee with mocha

Pies made of sweet

Fruit pastry treats

Chestnuts to roast

Champagne toasts

These holiday seasons

Some of the reasons

With kids home from schools

Family happiness rules.

SYW November 20, 2017

Wind here blew my daughter’s power out and some poor souls are moving today! It’s supposed to be 59degrees F but are you kidding? I turned the heat on, lit candles and put on three layers plus a scarf. The ladies are supposed to go out this afternoon but we’ll see if we don’t get blown away first. has once again favored us with her Share Your World post, so jump in, the waters fine (assuming you live in Hawaii).

1. I never cheated in school or games, etc. When little I was petrified I would be caught doing something wrong and it never occurred to me to cheat. My grandkids think it’s funny I don’t cheat in games and I don’t tolerate it. What’s the point? It’s a game!

2. All of it. Trees and flowers especially. Clear lakes, mountains–exceptional beauty. Wonderful.

3. When I travel, I like to meet the real people. I would love to visit rural China to see how the people live, same for New Zealand, Africa, everywhere.

4. Inspiration this week is my oldest granddaughter. Last Christmas break she had her hips operated on, one at a time. This is a picture of her when we baked and decorated cookies. She was in constant pain but never complained. This year she’s back playing basketball and soccer again. I asked if it was painful and she said “not as long as I don’t fall down”. 😳😫😂She’s an aggressive player like the rest of the family, and studying to be a doctor. No keeping her down!