FOWC: Cacophony

Snoring, coughing, wakening alarm, coffee maker last chugs, toaster popping, car horns, beeping blaring alarms, backup bells from utility vehicles, loading, unloading, train whistles, phone chimes, teenage car radio karaoke, tires screeching to a stop.

Quiet breathing, covers folded, stepping into sunlight, silent hmmm smelling coffee, smoothing butter on toast, slicing grapefruit, soft shower rain, sliding into the front seat, sheltered reflection in rolled up windows.

We all need choices, cacophony or silence.


FOWC with Fandango β€” Cacophony



Plans are changed

This road leads nowhere

Typical path of my life


Hopefully we sleep, rest, wake up to a warm sunny day, coffee or tea, good news heard from the radio or letter or phone call. Our life plan, a nice morning leading to a productive day with good health, job, retirement, and friends and family. We all wish this to be our life and if we have only small portions of each, we are lucky and usually satisfied. It is the unplanned twists and turns along the way that make our lives interesting, exciting, and rewarding.


100 words

Stuntmen and Women

I like action movies and stunts are my favorite. From old westerns with horses to new flying superheroes, crashing cars and martial arts, I love it all. The stunt women in “Wonder Woman” were amazing.

I came upon this article about Chris Brewster who has doubled for Captain America and Daredevil. The video shows a fight in a hallway–violent so be warned. The excerpt is from the article I read in “Variety”.

For entire article:

‘Daredevil’ Stunt Double Chris Brewster on Bringing ‘Impossible’ Fight Scenes to Life



FFF#22 – Modern Times

There must be something wrong, Joe. There’s no workers here.

It’s not wrong, Mike. It’s these new drones. Much cheaper than actual people picking the cotton or even running cotton pickers or using chemicals. We can easily see when the cotton is ready to harvest, remotely. Then the drones dispense arms and bags simultaneously and load the cotton. They fly till they are fully loaded and then directly deposit it, all hands free so to speak!


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #22