SoCS – Golly Gee Mr. Wilson!


Dennis the Menace used this phrase when conversing with his neighbor Mr. Wilson.

“Dennis considers “Good Ol’ Mr. Wilson” to be his best friend but… This sitcom defines the “golly gee” wholesomeness of 1950s”



I’m not a person who suffers from avarice and at this time of year it can be a problem. I pity the hollow heart that thinks spending a lot of money, even to the point of going into debt, thinks this is what the holiday season is about.

My greed is warmth, in many fashions, mostly being together at home and hearth with family.


Fandango’s Friday Flashback – FFAW


“Girl, what are you wearing?” Gina was laughing at her friend Gloria. “You think that flower is going to get you a man? Girl, you are crazy! You know all they think about is their next meal, give it up!”

Gloria kept strutting around, hoping to stand out enough on the purple gravel to attract George, her favorite beau. “George likes flowers, and I think he’ll be happy to see the ones I’m wearing.”

“You be careful now!” As Gina left, she saw George jump down, landing right next to Gloria. “Guess she was right, he does love those flowers!”

100 words


Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

A mixed bag his year—some are traveling, some are sick, some waiting for serious test results, and some across the sea, but I am grateful and happy to have three of my grandkids coming over. I am ordering four meals and a pie 🙄😂 so no cleanup, no cooking. My apartment is in disarray with boxes piled. Move-in day is December first and a uhaul will be filled on the 29th and 30th. We will play games, laugh and talk about the latest happenings—it’s family!☺️

Have a great day wherever you are and think “thanks” to the universe🧡