Dance Disaster

It was the end of the month, and time for the web’s chain of “calls” to tell the dance club to attend Saturday’s event. As club secretary I was to send reminder invitations to every member.

I decided to put last year’s videos on the shelf, instead of sending highlights of the previous year’s vicious tournament. No justice would come from reminding everyone of the lurid cheers as contestant number 22-Julie, and her partner, number 35-Frank, swayed much too seductively while competing in the tango part of the contests. Julie’s costume became too loose, while Frank’s suddenly grew too tight, and the rest is history.

This year I hope not to record such philandering and contestants settle for a simple foxtrot.


MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt 1-24-21

Thinking a sausage mushroom omelet sounded appealing, I decided to get into my cherished antique roadster for a pleasant drive to the local restaurant. Hiding in the bushes by the road was a creature deciding to cross the road at the exact moment my car occupied the path. In an attempt to avoid running him down, I swerved and hit a small tree. The creature scampered away, no one was hurt, but I sadly noticed a broken headlight on my love.


Hiding – Word of the Day Challenge

FOWC with Fandango — Broken

Jojojan 24

Funny how something will trigger a feeling. Right now it is 20F, snowing, and I’m sitting reading blogs and sipping a warm sweet cup of coffee with cream- milk actually, but cream sounds better- and that warm liquid triggers a feeling of contentment. This feeling usually lasts while reading blog posts, and writing them. It’s only after I succumb to the temptation of news reports that it changes.

But even then, the absence of T photos is a relief.


#JusJoJan prompt the 24th – “Trigger”

Wedding Vows

Image: SaedaAv


Her permission given

Her love, his mission

Love sparks in the room

For both bride and groom

Their faces aglow

As the words flow

Promises they make

On this wedding day.