MLMM Photo Challenge 211

“Ooh, Barry, you’re so warm and cuddly! I could just fall in love with your soft brown fur.”

“Anything you want, sweetie.”

“Do you like my dress? I wore it especially for you, it even matches the snow!”

“You know it, baby.”

“Ooh, Barry, hold me tighter, it’s cold out here! Maybe we should go in the cave and warm up.”

“Sure, baby, but it’s only a rental, so I have to be back by nine.”


MLMM Wordle 193

He crawled up out of the rathole, anxious to rinse his body in the rain. The stench of it was beginning to cling and offend even his insipid senses. He decided to journey to the grass nearby, just to spruce himself up a bit and decompress from the last few days of debauchery. He was only an insect, with few friends, and lets face it, his lifespan was entirely too short.

He tried to steer himself carefully, avoiding the quick footfalls or swats that all creatures like him had to endure. It was becoming less and less easy accomplishing this feat. His age was making his body deteriorate fast these days–one reason he spent his nights in the rathole.

Larry lived life to the fullest every night since his conversation with Joe ten days ago. Joe always thought he was an expert on everything and never spared Larry any gruesome details on their lives as moths. Learning the sad fact their lifespan was only a few months, he was determined to meet, mate, and party as much as he could.

Joe advised against this, always pointing out the downside of such activity. “The more you expose yourself, the more chance you’ll find yourself in a museum, impaled on a hatpin!”

Larry didn’t take Joe’s advice, and loved the nightlife. He didn’t have to be suave or romantic, his female companions only lived a few days, so why get involved? He was devil-may-care Larry, the lepidoptera.

AtoZ Challenge – U

An Unusual letter, certainly over-Used by people across the pond. : )

No offense, after all, we Americans just borrowed your English language and tweaked it a bit!

Wracked my small brain to find anything Useful to put here. My first thought was a comedic actor in some series somewhere that would often exclaim “Unbelievable!” but I couldn’t remember who it was to find him.

So this is it people, no outstanding Use of U.

Daily Prompt: Vague

There’s nothing vague about the struggles and pain of war torn countries and their inhabitants. What is vague is our response, as privileged Americans. We talk a big game but actually very few organizations or wealthy businesses do much to help with recovery, such as medical supplies or personnel to rebuild or service these victims. Earth day came and went, but war, desolation, starvation, pollution, and homelessness keep on thriving. Children growing up never feeling safe or having a full stomach, or a warm bed, never knowing if they’ll wake up to another day….what must that be like? This was so sad in the movie “Hair”, but I thought of it today. Ffwd to point 1:30 minute to start.

Putting My Feet in the Dirt 31

Went to the movies yesterday, saw “A Quiet Place”. The ads make it look scary but it’s almost a milder version of “Aliens” which I thought was really scary. It was 1986 and cgi wasn’t as perfected as it is now. Monsters created in the series “Lost in Space” seem silly now, but when you heard “danger, danger, Will Robinson”, you knew Robbie the Robot would save the day. One of the scariest movies I ever saw was “The Twilight Zone”. (Dan Ackroyd: “Want to see something really scary?”)


“This tribute to the beloved supernatural TV show has four episodes. In the first, racist Bill Connor (Vic Morrow) is transformed into a Jew in World War II. Next, Mr. Bloom (Scatman Crothers) comes to a retirement home to teach the residents that they are only as young as they feel. In the third, teacher Helen Foley (Kathleen Quinlan) meets Antony (Jeremy Licht), a boy who is not what he seems. Finally, panicky plane passenger John Valentine (John Lithgow) sees gremlins attacking his flight.

Directors: Steven Spielberg, John Landis, Joe Dante, George Miller

A Month Of April Prompts In One Day