#writephoto – Deep – 2017

Pulling out a few oldies for Sue in her absence. Get well soon!

He stared into the cave. It was just as he expected. Deep, dark, lit with a fiery red, oh that was the best part. It was hot and the colors made it seem like it was on fire, but he wasn’t getting burned.

Just as she said; so rewarding to have something fulfilled as promised. He could be happy here, he could find his purpose. He settled in on the stone throne, surveying his part of hell.


Thursday photo prompt – Deep #writephoto

Lessons in Nature

Image from Pixabay


In these times of stress we all need an ally. Nature can provide relief as you observe jade hued ocean waves. You may get excited about new possibilities as you see the constant renewal of the sea, ever moving, never stagnant.





Refuge in Common Sense


As Covid numbers increase with new totals every day, we must all keep a barrier between us and the general public and our families. We need to take refuge in our homes to keep safe. If you must leave your home, take precautions, wear a mask, keep your distance.

As some schools reopen, it’s seems ridiculous. These open, close, reopen directions for businesses and schools are laughable. How can anyone see the numbers increasing and think these non restrictions are a good idea? All you have to do is look at the results of people flaunting restrictions. The president still holding rallies is not the sign of leadership we need. Holding back monies for state governments and small businesses is not a good solution. If you don’t believe me, ask a doctor , nurse, or a first responder.