30 Day Song Challenge #12

A song from your preteen years:

“Happy Trails to You” by Roy and Dale Rogers


30 Day Song Challenge – Day 1


FFfAW – Distance

I see the lights in the distance, your home. I’ve traveled far to see them, but I dare not approach further. Even though I am nearer than I’ve ever been, I lack strength to close the gap. I thought I could. I spent many nights longing for this moment, to see where you live, meet you in person.

So close, such longing to hold you in my arms, but I lack the courage. Once I felt you there, experienced the relief of finally feeling you close to me, I don’t think I could let you go.

98 words


MLMM Photo Challenge 242

Okay, who put Jack Daniels ahead of everyone else? Just because he has two names instead of one doesn’t mean we are less important! Look! There’s all of us and only one of him!

Oh, pipe down, you don’t see old Heineken complaining, do you? And he’s all by himself. We have friends, but he’s probably lonely.

Well he is only beer.

What’s that supposed to mean?

I’m just sayin’, we are loved by all, adults and kids alike, and he and Jack. . .you know. . .limited.

Thought I’d never see the day when you’d spout that racist crap, 7-up!


12-10-18 – Rory’s Name Three

C’mon, you can do it! ; ) Right up front I apologize for some of my answers. : 0


Fall in love, Hug a firefighter, Write a thank you note to ER people who helped you.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe….Uh…what was the question?

Well manicured lawn, soylent green, construction paper.

Impeccably manicured pinkies, imaginative mini pies, indiscreet men’s privates.

Penguins, rails, dodos-I can relate.

Answering these questions, getting my mail, ordering a gift online.

Foul foods: okra-slimy, too old cheese, cottage cheese-too bumpy.

Grandkids, stars, sun.

Those tiny balls you get from a quarter vending machine, sports playing grandaughter, babies in bouncers.

Cardboard, razors, credit cards.

Family, health, love in my life.

Zebra, zonkey, zebu.

England, Iceland, New Zealand

Going on a huge slide in a water park —yes, I’m quite the well rounded adventurer.

I’m pretty much an open book already.

Hang gliding, travelling to Great Britain, learning Spanish.

Too much cell phone use for everything, (as I sit here using mine to write this), isolating, apathy.



Word of the Day: Capitulate

Now as we sit by the rivulet

He’s wanting me to capitulate

He edges over a little bit

Accommodating and situate

His arm reaches trying to position it

Missed my shoulder then it hit

My nose, which knocked me off my sit

Bloody flow causing a fit

He fainted at the sight of it

A night romantic so clear moonlit

Doubt he’ll want to reschedule it.

Capitulate – Word of the Day Challenge

FOWC: Free

Well there’s free and then there’s free. That’s how I look at it. We all would choose freedom if we had a choice, right? When I married young, too young and had a family of three little kids, some days I would lock myself in the bathroom and just wish to be free. I can see you looking at me like I am crazy. I had a beautiful home, a nice husband working, and three children who couldn’t be any better behaved. So why did I want to be free of all that?

Maybe I’ll get into that another time, maybe, if you’re still listening. . .

Then fifty years later I am free. I have no husband and no kids at home. Free. I have three older sisters and three of us have “freedom” from married life–we’re widows. We all handle it and think of it differently. We all have different circumstances as far as health, family and finances are concerned. So our freedoms are relative.

Freedom does have its perks. I’ll lighten this up with a quote from my sister’s email tonight. The two of us are the only people we know that love dark chocolate covered cherries. This is the kind of late night mail you get when you can relate to each other being free and alone, not by choice:


💕”Oh, I just ate two dark  chocolate cherries.  One for me and one for you! See? I can rationalize anything!”💞


FOWC with Fandango — Free