What Day is it Anyway?

A great one for starters! Everything seems to be working, of course I probably jinxed it just saying that. I am full of a tuna sandwich I just made and had a wonderful outside meeting in the sunny blue sky weather today.

My daughter and her daughter came by to show me some items they found while still unpacking old boxes during the move. A couple of sentimental finds and we told stories about them. We laughed and enjoyed seeing each other, even though no hugs yet, and maybe next week I can tour the new home for real. I’ve only seen photos so far, but a nice yard with trees for a hammock is wonderful.



The aeromancy of the autumn foliage on the birch tree reminded him that a long winter was coming. In all his years, the prediction rang true, and soon he would awake after a cold sleep to feel the earnest need for a fire. He would not hesitate to don his shoes, go running deeper into the wood, and seek dry fodder for the smoke filled heat. Fire warnings aside, Bill camped out in all weathers and a chilled morning required warmth.


Word of the Day: Bosom

She was his bosom buddy

Everyone knew ’twas true

Even though the concept

Might be relatively crude

They shared everything together

And it was often viewed

That all of this togetherness

Must be romantically construed.