It takes a lot to risk when you are my age. I took a risk in 2015 when I decided to volunteer at the VA hospital. The government vets you, and have your fingerprints, background check, etc. all done and approved before you can be in the hospital. I was on the scooter so I could zip around the outside sidewalks from where the curb to curb bus left me off and navigated the many halls to find the volunteer desk. It was intimidating at first, not knowing my way around. Eventually I knew where most sections were and could guide someone there.

The reward was not only conversing with the military there, or a family member, but meeting other volunteers. In doing so I realized how lucky I was being able to function even needing the wheelchair or scooter to get around. Their sacrifices are real, their needs are many.


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  1. What a wonderful thing to do. Volunteering takes a special kind of person, and volunteering despite your own challenges makes you extra special.


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