Time to Write

“Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry…” Mary sang the tune as they pulled into the old homestead. Finally seeing it for herself, she was enamored of the cabin structure immediately. “It’s just as I dreamed, better than the photograph!”

Mary was full of anticipation. Changing her lifestyle wasn’t going to be easy, but looking at the actual cabin and surrounding area, she knew she had made the right decision. Wandering to the side, she noticed the chicken coop, the horse corral, and the cow barn. All in need of repair of course, but she remained undaunted. Her husband would arrive in three days and their children would help in the meantime. Unloading the truck, she reprised the merry tune and the children chimed in.

Time To Write: A New Place [Creative Writing Prompt]


Daily Prompt:Foreign

Is it chilled where you are

Can you feel my goosebumps

Standing in the breeze

Snowflakes gather on

Needing your arms to warm me.

I never think of you

As a foreign body

You are always with me

Even not able to touch

I still feel you.


MLMM Wordle #188

Walking by the church graveyard, Joe did not see the nightmarish looking animal before it was too late. An unleashed gnarly animal resembling a dog, but Joe couldn’t be sure. It seemed every muscle of the beast was oddly pronounced. Clearly this animal was a victim of negligence, and probably parasite laden.

Joe wanted no part of the ugly creature, and tried to nullify the whole situation by walking slowly, in a nonthreatening manner. He never dared look into its eyes; he’d read somewhere that is an often misrepresented gesture. He held on to his umbrella, ready to brandish it in self defense if necessary.

The old graveyard never seemed ominous before, but this evening, as the church bells pealed nearby, he thought to himself he’d not choose this lane again. As the higher octave bells chimed, he felt, more than visioned, the scary figure slink back behind the stones.

Joe then hurried down the path to his evening prayer session. He thought a moment about praying for the dog-beast-apparition? But only for a moment.


Wyoming State Museum Trip

Some bad photos but wanted you to see some of the history. My dad lived in a sheepherder’s wagon similar to the one in the photo below, probably smaller than this pictured one. This was before he was even a teenager, lived by himself, for weeks. The owner of the herd visited to check on things and asked him to stay but my dad was too lonely, and of course being a child, declined. My dad was born in Wyoming near the Devil’s Tower, pictured below. The sheepherding job was on Montana prairie.

Coal mining is an important industry here in Wyoming, also oil and gas. I know these are now controversial industries, but also, an important part of American history.


FFftPP 12

Frank and Joe ran inside the old building and flopped down in the darkened corner. Both were exhausted from running and the adrenaline was wearing off from their shop lifting. The markets were always busy, and the two boys were starving. They decided to steal bread and fruit from open shelves at the busiest time of day, hoping not to be noticed.

They thought they had accomplished it, when the old marketer they assumed was blind, blew a very loud whistle. Fortunately for the boys, authorities were a block away. By the time they arrived, the boys had melted into the crowd.

Frank and Joe avoided being caught, divided up their spoils and enjoyed a much needed meal. The evidence would never be found.


Daily Prompt: Talisman




1 an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

2 synonyms:

3 lucky charm, charm, fetish, amulet, mascot, totem, juju “this talisman has been in our family for more than twelve generations”


“Yup, it’s a real beauty, yup. How much you think that’d go for, say, five hundred? Maybe more? Yup, a real beauty that one.” Joe smoothed his hand over it a few times before handing it to his companion, Mike. The case was made of durable thick leather, and the initials JFK were embedded in the handle.

“I don’t know. I wonder what it’s doing out here? Maybe a businessman dropped it, but it’s such nice quality, you’d think they’d look for it! I suppose anyone who could afford it in the first place probably just bought a new one.”

The two men worked construction in Dallas, Texas. The building they were working on used to be famous, but historical interest along with the building itself was becoming worn and in need of repair. While digging around the foundation to check on supporting structures, they came upon this item.


MLMM Tale Weaver 164

Sarcastic take on the story:

It was a hot August afternoon. The rest of the family subdued, sitting around the room, quiet. This was important, a time for them to speak, but they were quiet. The usually condescending older woman in the family who always had something to say, was speaking. Her mental attitude was being revealed as she spoke.

A quiet widower with a friendly smile and large family met a wily younger woman a few years after his ailing wife passed away. After a brief courtship he chose her to be his wife. His family was hesitant thinking it was too soon, and in the end, they were proved correct.

He was a man of modest means and she being a widow, had income of her own. She might have thought she was in love, he might have, too, but as many middle aged people find themselves suddenly alone, they needed companionship over all else. Thus the couple married, had no children and what seemed a fairly successful marriage. Over their remaining years, other family relationships were strained due to the woman’s personality.

This day the family was seated in the small local funeral home while the widow, for the second time, was making funeral arrangements. She was making a spectacle of the affair, with outstanding ceremonial tributes, etc, of which the deceased had no part. It was shocking for the rest of the family who knew the man well of course.

The room grew exceedingly warm and the occupants increasingly uncomfortable. The family drifted out of the room, quietly, one at a time, unable to tolerate the woman’s extraordinary plans no longer. This departure went unnoticed by the woman who’s steadily increasing volume overshadowed any other actions. Finally pausing, finished, she saw a bewildered look on the funeral director’s face, followed his gaze, and turned to see she was now alone in the room. Unbothered, she selfishly assumed she was the only one who truly cared for her late husband. The fact was, she was the the only one who didn’t.


Three Line Tales – Ewe’ve Got To Be Kidding

That’s what happened, practically killed that dog, no doubt about it. I wonder if she suffers from postpartum depression? She only had one lamb.

What, in a sheep? You’ve got to be kidding! There’s no such thing, they’re just dumb animals, they don’t have feelings like that. She knows she only lambed once. What can she be thinking?

I don’t know what she’s thinking. But she won’t let anyone near the others. She’s barracaded herself in the pen with all of them, attacks anything that comes near! Maybe come feeding time she’ll settle down. She can’t nurse all of them!