Grand Mesa, Colorado – the stuff of dreams

A gorgeous place. Went there for dinner in September for my birthday a few years ago. The raindrops froze on the tree branches, stars gleaming, beautiful!


JuJoJa 18+3

The first winter together was affable

With no snow, hardly laughable

The fireplace being empty and cold

The companionship was not as bold

It seems the power of their surroundings

First attraction, got lost and confounding

Thoughts turned on the lovers two

Looked closer to see just who

The other person really was

Being together’s true cause

The short fling had its flaws

They decided to take a pause.

Candles, fires, romantic dreams

Are only temporary seams

Sewing together lasting love

Is not as easy as it seems.


FOWC with Fandango — Affable

Power – Word of the Day Challenge

Writing Prompts

MLMM First Line Friday

“Well I think it’s funny!”

Amanda eyed her husband with a curious look. “Have you been sitting here all afternoon? I thought we were to meet at eight before he came on.”

“Well sure, I met up with Joe for a couple drinks before he went on at six. . .you know, just to loosen him up before his first set. It’s pretty nerve wracking trying to make a comeback in this business. And it wasn’t his fault his life turned into a crap shoot.”

Jack was right, it wasn’t Joe’s fault. He lost his regular day job while trying to make it as a comedian, probably the toughest gig in show business, but he was good in his day. Now, ten years later, he had lost his wife, kids were away, and he thought maybe he could try again. It was a dream of course, making people laugh. It started out well and then as his life experienced a turn for the worst, the jokes came less easy. Now his act was mostly about how ironic life can be, losing the upbeat persona he was famous for.

Joe and Jack were old friends and they supported each other any way needed. Jack’s wife wasn’t lenient with his time and of course nightclubs and their atmosphere didn’t appeal to her either. She didn’t want her husband going back to the college years he and Joe shared.

“Relax, have a drink, Amie, we’ll just stay for the second set. And try to at least smile, would you? Joe needs our support right now.” Amanda ordered a double.

MLMM Tale Weaver #206

It seems everyone wants to be in control. They may say, “I’ll just let it go, that’s okay, or yes, I need your help,” etc. , but at the core is the wish to be in control. And no matter how you perceive their intentions or their actions, others in the group, afraid to speak up initially, secretly want to lead.

They may not always have control, especially in some onerous situation, where the popular decision, however necessary, was not made. They may be chosen the leader or chairman and think great, now I will have the control I always wanted, but then there’s always one–the “give them an inch and they take a mile” type. Of course they wanted to be in control all along, but didn’t have the gumption to say yes. Instead they attend the discussions, listen and often secretly undermine the decisions made.

This isn’t news. Everyone who deals with others in business, in offices, volunteer organizations, sport teams, or church groups; anywhere one person is chosen to lead, this arises. It is lonely at the top.

FOWC with Fandango — Onerous

#JusJoJan 2019 Daily Prompt – Jan. 17th

Three Line Tales #155 – Best Laid Plans

It was a futile attempt. After border rules changed, the old truck needing repairs, and the lack of positive reinforcement by his family, the man was ready to give up. He drove the truck as far as he could before it died.

John’s youthful plans to live in his wife’s home in Mexico, raise their family and return to his home in Montana, failed. Thirty years of holding dual citizenship, he was now denied legal entrance back into the US.

After camping overnight beside the truck, they gathered their belongings and began a long walk back to their Mexican abode.

Three Line Tales, Week 155

The Secret Keeper #17

Her inner fears wanted to decline but her legs seemed to stand her up and she had no choice. He was certainly handsome, debonair, and dressed princely, but she knew her dancing skills were not the best.

Her cheeks took on a pinkish hue as she took his hand and they walked out on the floor. She thought, yes, dreams can come true. . .I’m dancing as I never thought I could!

Swirling around on the floor, the second waltz took on a faster rhythm and she was almost mesmerized at her sudden ability to keep up.

Then of course, the inevitable happened. He swished her out beside him. Losing her grip on his shoulder, she tripped over the hem of the ball gown she had borrowed.

Trying to save herself, she fumbled and fell. The poor girl not only embarrassed herself and her partner but ended up breaking her arm as she tried to catch herself among the dress fabric.

Like most things of dreams, the moment was lost.


Weekly Writing Prompt #176

Haunted Wordsmith 3TC

Cheese grater, nerves, static


As much as I want it to remain static

My nerves don’t follow that particular tactic

My emotions sooner or later

Work my brain like a cheese grater

The main part tries to stay on track

When life’s worries I have no lack

And my nerve endings start to melt

In a cheesy mess, positive outlook fell

It’s like a roller coaster these days

I really need to change my ways

I need to stop brooding where I can’t help

Such good intentions, but I still want to “Yelp”.

The Haunted Wordsmith -Tell the Story Challenge

Teresa challenged me and here’s the rest of the story from Teresa:

Here is the picture I, Fandango, and Sandmanjazz were given and my own story below it:

It was only a dream. Inspiring as it had always been as a child, I hadn’t often visited it as an adult. But tonight was different. I was so sad over losing my friend, I could hardly sleep. I stretched out on my softest covers and tried to forget the day and relax. I thought about our friendship and our childhood play times together.

We shared a dream of ballooning above the earth, on an endless journey, seeing the world from such a lofty place. And as I let myself remember, the dream returned to me.

Then I saw him. There he was, sitting on a piece of a welcoming moon, drifting without cares, without sadness or pain of suffering. I knew he was where we had dreamed, as children. He was telling me his dream had come true.


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