SoCS 9-25-21

Far be it for me. . .” starts out any conversation by anyone who thinks they know better than you what you should say, read, watch, wear, do, etc. Most times probably said by an elder, thinking they are possibly a wiser, more experienced person who really has no malicious intent. Key word near to my heart is possibly. It may be possible said person does know better but should they visit their opinions on you?

Ah yes, here on my blog I do say what I think and I’m definitely older but no wiser. More experienced in some things yes, but did I learn anything? Sometimes. I think I’m a creature of habit, doomed to repeat mistakes even though I shouldn’t. But hey, life is short, about the time you think you have it figured out, something changes. Keep your running shoes near!

Fandango’s Friday Flashback 9-24-17

Sunday Photo Fiction

Here lie the last remnants of summer, now curled, stepped on, harshly raked, eventually bagged, and then referred to as rubbish. Once a green, soft bud, unfurling it’s beauty to a warming sun, it has now ended its life purpose. It once spread among its peers to offer you shade in a hot season, going on to delight you in autumn with new bright colors for your pleasure. Now it seems its time is done. 

Every deciduous tree and plant should be appreciated and admired for the comfort and beauty they provide. These leaves have worked hard. The evidence is visible on their cracked, torn and weathered appearance. Shall we thank them by bagging them and sending them to the rubbish bin?

Possibly we could extend their usefulness. We could gather them and gently place them around other plants or gardens to provide warmth and protection during colder times. This furthers their purpose, using their last bit of strength to continue a protective role.

I appreciate nature and it’s beauty, and marvel in how trying to manage it ourselves becomes futile. The more we try to improve something, the less useful it becomes.


MLMM Tale Weaver – Fear


I’ve had a lot of fear causing experiences and now I really don’t have any for myself. “It is what it is” is my philosophy. I try to just “go with the flow” as much as possible, especially during this health crisis. It does not help to panic or face each day in fear.

My granddaughter is in the hospital today getting one of two hip operations – a second to finish next week. She is 25 and just completed a final test on everything she learned in medical school the last seven and a half years. I so admire her and she seems to have no fear – at least on the outside. This is number five of hip ops for her and a braver woman I don’t know.

So fear can take a hike unless it’s for my children or theirs.


Three Guesses

It is without accreditation, the needless emphatic effort—a constant humdrum of words. I would suggest he finally close up shop and retreat to his golf course. I am tired of his rhetoric and image everywhere, along with his lemming followers. Another day of stupidity, false accusations, power moves that only benefit himself under the ruse that he loves this country—ENOUGH!

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Connector

Some people think they’re special

Have a connection with the beyond

Most don’t believe the connector or her magic wand

A crystal ball may cloud with images you see

I think it all a ruse using electricity

Always be aware, and look under the table

Don’t believe everything, else you’ll be unstable.

Myths and legends all want attention— from my opinion nook

I don’t believe anything until after many second looks.