Daily Prompt:  Trance

They brought donuts

I said no nuts
They brought my fave
A plain one I crave
But here they are, I’m in a daze
One old fashioned, one with glaze
One raspberry filled, one maple topped
Will I eat all these? I need to be stopped!
Otherwise my insides will pop.
I might go into a sugar trance
Even get up and start to dance!
Grandsons are the best I think
They’d even bring the kitchen sink
If I asked when they stop by
Always ask me, never shy
Need anything, a trip to the store?
They’re great kids, couldn’t ask for more.


MLMM – First Line Friday

After the accident, unease grew like a mold in the corners of his mind. He didn’t intend to leave the scene, it was just that he had to. He was on his way to the hospital after receiving a frantic message from his wife, “Jesse’s in the hospital!”  

If you’ve ever received a phone call like this, you can appreciate his dilemma. He dropped the office phone, rushed to his vehicle, and sped out of the underground lot onto the street. His eyes were suddenly blinded by sunlight and he never saw the man crossing in front of him. He glanced into his rear view mirror and saw the man rise, so he thought he was unharmed. At least he wanted to think that at the time. His mind forgot about the man and he kept on speeding towards the hospital.

Jesse wasn’t a typical ten year old boy. Jesse was his only child, a son born with learning difficulties and health problems. His survival to the age of ten was a miracle at best. A need to go into the hospital from school meant something horrible had either happened or was about to.  

This is what was spurring him on to leave the accident; also what was causing the unease in his mind now. As he and his wife watched their son struggling to breathe, his mind recalled the man from the accident. 

They barely noticed the police officer enter the room. 


Picture Prompt – 230 – Keyholder

An interesting lock you say

What do you think it keeps at bay?

The birds seem to be sleeping there

Or are they trying to unsecure the lair?

Surely birds have not the strength

To break that chain of length

A curious puzzle to unfurl

And what of the lock’s strong curl

You wonder what is kept within

Or without? Could it have been

A happening that’s locked inside

A wicked secret they wish to hide?

I prefer a much less dire

Reason for locking in–retire

A memory so sad and bleak

It’s locked in, to not wreak 

Sorrow on the holder of the key.

Because my friend, the holder’s me.


Time to Write 

Cast off your shoes, yank off the flannel shirt, roll up those jeans.  It’s time to dip your toes in the salt water.  Feel the harshness of the seaweed tangling around your ankles.  The sand gives out under the soles of your feet.  A larger wave presses into your knees and you lose your balance, but right yourself.  You venture further into the water and care not the denim is now saturated.  Your hands are pushed by the strength of the waves, and your fingers tickled by the drifting  plants.

You are weaving with the movement of the waves.  The push and pull of the ocean is almost a reminder of a lover’s touch.  An erotic memory causes you to blush despite your being alone.  A smile crosses your face as the memory deepens.  This is a memory of him. You let your mind explore the memory, the first meeting, and the times spent developing lasting love.  As the waves caress your body, you remember.  

Time To Write: Set The Scene

MLMM – Unfinished Dreams

Don’t turn away. I know, it’s hard to look at me. At first glance you see a broken doll, but that’s not all there is to me. I just have unfinished dreams. I’ve had an interesting life, as you can see by my face, I’ve been happy beyond measure and you can also see I had pain. The pain is still visible because even though most of it is in the past, recent sadness is lingering. That is why both sides are visible.  

I am only a doll. My feelings are displayed for all to see. Everything is shown in my rips and tears and sharp edges. There are parts that are cute or funny, even considered lovable. If you look closely, you will notice that all of my life experiences are visible. Come closer, take the time to think about what you see. It is all there, life, love, happiness, tragedy, sorrow, and in even closer observation you will see the dreams, some completed, others not yet fulfilled.

I’m not perfect, but each nuance represents a part of my past life. See the look in my eye? Stretch your imagination, see a dream yet to come true?


MLMM Saturday Mix – Garden

The site upon which Madison Square Garden was eventually established was originally occupied by a small passenger depot of the New York and Harlem Railroad. The site was vacated by the railroad in 1871 when it was moved uptown.[1] The site was vacant until 1874 when it was leased to P. T. Barnum who converted it into an open oval arena 270 feet (82 m) long, with seats and benches in banks, which he named the Great Roman Hippodrome[1] where he presented circuses and other performances. The roofless building was also called Barnum’s Monster Classical and Geological Hippodrome and measured 420 feet (130 m) by 200 feet (61 m).

In 1876 the open-air arena was leased to band leader Patrick Gilmore, who renamed it Gilmore’s Garden and presented flower shows, beauty contests, music concerts, temperance and revival meetings, walking marathons[2] and the first Westminster Kennel Club Dog Scalled at the time (1877) the “First Annual N.Y. Bench Show.”[1] Gilmore also presented boxing, but since competitive boxing matches were technically illegal at the time, he called them “exhibitions” or “illustrated lectures.”


1939 Nazis held meeting in the garden.


SoCS – August 19, 2017


     Hey!  We have a new badge for https://lindaghill.com Stream of Consciousness Saturday!  Very cool Linda, thanks for giving us this site.  It’s a good way to just say hello, voice your plans, or celebrate the end of a week. I’m celebrating because my (new) refurbished phone arrived from Amazon.  It is beautiful and in perfect condition.  Wider spaced keyboard for my fumble fingers and sharp focus.  I’m not saying everything was perfect.  I had to take it to a store and have them set it up.  Let’s just say the young woman must have had a hard day, or maybe many bad days.  I was almost panting with the wait and anticipation…..but here is my phone, quite a beauty!.
          I may have to change that wild background, but right now I’m enjoying the colors!  I may have to ask https://paintdigi.wordpress.com for a recommendation!😉  Have a great weekend people!💙💚💜

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Aug. 19/17