C’mon, Joey, it’s just over the hill.

That’s some hill, Mike, look how long the path is! I don’t think I’ll last that long.

No worries, Joey, I’ll push you if you can’t make it; besides think of the fun we’ll have!

Both of the Jones boys had waited all spring for the fair to arrive in June. Today was opening day and they had saved their allowance for just this adventure. In the distance they could see the peak of some of the carnival tents set up.

This is going to be great, Joey!


MLMM Wordle #142

Mary adjusted her mauve corset. It always pinched her left shoulder blade, but it was a Lady’s lot. The guard at the door kept cadence as he “escorted” her to the dining room. The infare for her brother’s new bride showed a course of Freya’s favorite foods with gravlax, salmon, meatballs, including a lingonberry dessert.

As the orchestra started playing, her brother entered the room. Mary resented the gimmick of everyone bowing to the new bride, but followed suit as a necessary compliment. It wouldn’t do to cause any sputtering gossip from the older women in attendance, and Mary curtsied politely, never revealing her true feelings. From now on Mary would no longer be in the powerful position sitting at her brother’s side. The Scandinavian usurper had arrived.

Monday Movie

A story this week about an American hero, General Chuck Yeager, in the movie, “The Right Stuff”. He is still my hero, and you can keep up with his honest tweets on a Twitter if you like. He’s never rude even when asked very stupid questions from the public. The astronauts got the attention but it never would have been possible without this daring airman. His autobiography is “Yeager”.



MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt


Everyone stared. The year was 1960 and as two new students walked in to the lunchroom; it grew quiet. A fifteen minute lunch period in a busy high school was always moving, loud and busy, but at this moment, stunned silence lay heavy in the large room.

A small town in New England, with not a white majority student population, but entirely white. When the twin brown skinned girls came into the crowded room, they sat in the corner by themselves. A hush came over all and I cannot imagine the trepidation the two young women felt–I’m sure it was similar to a fish out of water.

I often think back to that day and wonder where they are today.


FOWC: Shake, Happy and Sad

My favorite homemade shake I made when kids were small:

2 cups milk

1/4 cup chocolate sauce

1 cup vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

Put in blender and whirr!


Shakes not so nice to remember were the ones I made each day using a commercial envelope and whole milk. These were for my husband’s gastric tube while he was being treated for esophageal cancer. A warning for all: you do not have to be a smoker, chewer, or drinker of alcohol to get this disease. A warning sign is acid reflux, and stomach upset, constant taking of Rolaids for example. It is a sneaky disease with only ten percent cure rate, so please, check this out:


FOWC with Fandango — Shake