FFfAW #191

Yeah, they’ll never find ‘er now!

Ya really think so? I mean the lot is abandoned, something about back taxes on the property…

Yup, that’s why I picked it. Sure helps working in the county assessor office, right, Joe?

Yup, sure does. But what about when they find out the old gal’s missing? Think they’ll remember you looking up her info?

Nah, it’s how the government works. It’s so slow, so much paperwork to go through, we’ll be long gone afore then.

Tahiti, here we come! Right Joe?

Sure, Jack. One more thing though…


I just need you to look closely into the hole to make sure she’s all covered.

Oh, okay, no problem, Joe.

Jack started up the engine one more time for the final push, and he was on his way…alone.



Word of the Day: Freeze or Curses, foiled again!

Just for fun, don’t get your knickers in a knot:

Freeze!” He yelled as I lifted the bottle.

Little did I know he was watching so closely.

If known, I wouldn’t have tried to boggle

The mind of the clerk, who turned out a jerk

Who chose the however proper, elective

To push the button

Only to summon

The very efficiently armed store detective.

“My my” I said quietly as I slowly turned

“Why this accosting I have earned?”

“I said freeze, madam, hands on the counter!”

I put down the bottle, hands were unsteady

I could fake a faint, always at the ready

But I was indeed guilty, tried to abscond

With the expensive perfume of which I was fond.

Freeze – Word of the Day Challenge


You like the mountains

I prefer seas

I’m upper register

You’re minor keys

Our opposite lives not joined as one

For I live in the day when you are undone

Our brief meetings always on the cusp

I fly in the sun and you travel in dusk

Our Ladyhawke life until one small poultice–

The first day of winter, the earth’s solstice

One time of the year our souls can be one

When the dark of night meets the morning sun

A brief encounter when two opposite poles

May join so briefly to renew their souls


Word of the Day: Listless

Yup that’s me, listless, layered clothing, under blanket, reading blogs, hands surrounding a hot cup of anything to keep them warm enough to scribble a comment. It is cold! How cold is it? I refer you to some one liners, reminiscent of Johnny Carson monologues:

It is so cold we ate lunch at the Greasy Spoon just to get heartburn.

It was so cold . . .

the squirrels in the park were throwing themselves at an electric fence!

And Bob Hope:

We slept four in a bed. If it got cold, mom just threw on another brother.

Have a warmer day than mine.


Tragedy After Tragedy in My Hometown

REBLOG: This has to stop!

Peace from Panic

IMG_0051 - Copy_LI

This is my hometown. I live in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Our beautiful, tight-knit community, consistently rated one of the top safest cities in America, experienced heartbreaking loss and extreme devastation this past  week. We are in mourning.

I’ll start at the beginning:

Last Thursday, my husband Alex and I woke to a text from our niece, who’s  deployed in South Korea. I’m thinking of you today, sorry to hear the sad news in Thousand Oaks.

“What?” I said. “What sad news is she talking about?”

Alex checked his phone and we could not believe it.

A mass shooting. HERE. In Thousand Oaks. Last night at Borderline.

Our oldest daughter, Mackenzie, is 26. Our youngest, Talee, is 23. They’ve been to the  Borderline Bar & Grill numerous times. It’s a super popular place for college-aged kids and country music.

Wednesday was “college night,” for those 18 and over. I shuddered when…

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“As well as can be expected”

Reading a post today: Someday by Billy Mac, Superman can’t find a phonebooth, I commented that I hoped he was feeling better, almost adding in jest, the quote above.


What does that even really mean? How do I know what they expect? How do they know what I expect? It’s certainly not anything you want to hear as a patient, or as the loved one of a patient.

I think Billy has a good sense of humor and anytime I think the blogger does, I try to comment in turn. But maybe I’m just over thinking this.

The quote is a weird, even ominous thing to hear, in my opinion. And if you know me at all, I’m just full of opinions and assume the right to express them here on my blog, hence, my opinions. So, Billy, I sincerely hope you are doing well, and much better than anyone expects. ; )


MLMM Bonus Wordle – I

Raising himself as tall as possible over the Inkwood pulpit, the incorrigible preacher invoked his sermon to the congregation with his icily written offering. The interior of the church mostly comprised of iconic imagery, was inconsequential to most of the followers.

It was not their fault, having repeatedly heard the preacher’s threats, the words now inept and no longer impinged on their moral impurity. The drone of his speeches caused no injury to their conscience as they were now immune to his indicative advice.

He was no evangelist, causing an occasional ictus from a purloined parishioner, but speaking to a middle class muddled, and bored audience.