Jujojan 15

I’ve got my finger on the button

You know I want to push it

Even though you’re glaring at me

As you hide behind the bush

We built this together, it almost resembles art

But you’re afraid to launch it

Cause it might fall apart

But here we go, hold your ears

The rocket soars, the clouds it pierces

We’ve waited long to be the seers

Of our efforts amid our cheers.


#JusJoJan prompt the 15th – “Button”

Fandango’s Friday Flashback

Share Your World 2018

Let’s just say the frost is not only on the wrinkled up dry pumpkin (I’m not talking about me) – the garden pumpkins! Anyway it is a balmy 12 degrees with snow coming. It is Martin Luther King Jr day here and the federal offices, banks, and even some businesses are closed. Good, it’s about time we showed some respect. Monday and time for ceenphotography.com‘s Share Your World. Join in the fun by answering her questions, let us know more about you!

My answers are:

1. I’m looking forward to Friday which includes a trip to Denver, being with my daughter and granddaughters. The youngest will enjoy two classes at the Downtown Acquarium, while the rest of us will browse and chat. Apparently it is huge, so I’m sure we’ll spend the whole day.

2. My favorite comfort snack food, omg, there are so many and I rarely have any of them anymore. I guess it’s a toss up between grilled cheese and french fries.

3. My first paying job was cleaning a large house for an eccentric old lady. She would watch my every move. Lots of delicate items and chandeliers, velvet carpets, etc. She had an ancient Hoover and saw to it the cord stayed perfectly straight while I vacuumed lint off the velvet floored laundry room. Now why anyone had velvet carpet there? Who knows, but it was work! I’m not one who likes being observed while working, no matter the task. I earned $2.50 for the four hours work in 1963.

My appreciation this week is towards my oldest grandson. He graduated from Fire school, EMT and is a firefighter. He’s been on the ambulance for a time. Now he’s decided to try out for the state police. Of course his mom and I try to discourage this. We have visions of him pulling someone over and being shot. Also, he’s so active I can’t imagine sitting in a car all day. He’s very outgoing, a natural with people and I think he would miss the interaction. But I’m just a grandma, what do I know? Besides he’ll make up his own mind anyway. Kids!



Fandango’s Flashback Friday — January 15

#writephoto Blood Oath

A perfect night for feasting, don’t you think, my dear? Valentine’s telepathic message was immediately received by Valencia, his lover and fellow vampire.

But the moon is full, Val, isn’t that dangerous?

Never, for you and I will fly swiftly, and the lovers will be out in the park.

Ah, I see, and engaged, so to speak?


But Val, I need more than two humans this night, I’m feeling weak.

You will be fine my dear, the park is full of involved teenagers, not to worry. Between their ardor and their music, we won’t be noticed at all, at least not until it’s too late.

You bring such happy memories, Val, of our first night together, when you made me your own.





In present day troubled times words can falter

Words such as “keep the faith” resonate so dear

The phrases used back when come again, altered

Even endless faith stretched limits in this year

Isolated, quarantined trends make you think

We turn to favorite foods and special drinks

“This too shall pass” is an old tiresome quote

Interesting to look back to what we wrote.


My first attempt at a Rispetto, not easy!


50 Word Thursday


A chilled landscape breath and

Puffing white from my lungs

Surveying the field where soon spring green will arise from slumber

And once again we may lay upon the downy softness of grass

Smelling new and fresh and sweet

Remind me now, how long must we wait for this renewal