SoCS 9-22-18

Friday, Saturday, all the same to me. I do have a change in my environment however. I’m solving the rent increase by getting rid of my Dish DVR service. It took over an hour to replace the newer version box with an older one I retrieved out of the bottom of the closet. The apartment complex charges a mandatory $75 a month included in your rent, so we dug out the original box from four years ago and set it up.

You’d think unplugging, plugging in would be easy, right? I used the SIM card from the newer device and it didn’t work either. I put the original back in, no help. Ended up on the phone for an hour with a patient Dish employee who was extremely helpful

Luckily my grandson was here to help me move my heavy wooden bureau to reach all the plugs. It went off and on and the person on the phone finally ordered a new one. It seems both my four year old box and the three year old DVR box are both obsolete now. Which brings up another matter, just how old does something have to be to be obsolete these days? Days, months, weeks?

It isn’t much of a sacrifice, only means if I want to watch tv, I’ll have to endure commercials. Unlike most people, I rarely take that opportunity to get a snack or drink, since it involves more than just casually walking into another room. I am relieved though and realize that fact through getting better sleep because the problem of the rent increase is solved.

I didn’t forget the Prompt and I believe flowers are due to all three of us for a hard day’s work.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 22/18


MLMM Tale Weaver #189 – Warning

Yes I’m still here. Watch your step, I may lose another bit at any time, wouldn’t want you to get hurt. Yes I know you want to peek in that hole. That’s all right, just be careful not to get your feet too close to the bottom of it. Sometimes the things within take the peeking as an intrusion and suck you in. You won’t be inside for long, but you’ll never be the same when you come out. I wouldn’t advise getting too close.

No, do not open the door. My condition should be a warning. I have struggled to remain a barrier between what’s in and what’s out. The hinges and straps are well rusted and worn, but they still do the job, mostly.

You see, the things inside can’t venture out even through openings like the bottom one. They’ve been cursed by the ancient tree creatures above. If you look above the stones you can see the tree, but just glance, you wouldn’t want to end up being a thing.

The tree tries to grow around the stone so it can cover me, but so far I am still here, keeping unwary visitors from opening the door. Remember, just a quick peek, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.

3TC 9-21-18

Well that was a bust, right, Shirley?

I don’t know, I guess so, but maybe he didn’t expect we wanted to share.

Look, an affair can be between two people, but in an after hours club you should expect anything, right?

He was handsome, except for that outfit.

That should have been a clue, ill fitting clothes.

We will have to remember that next time.

Actually I prefer the unused, new to the scene type. They’re such a challenge.

The two women sauntered out of the club’s back rooms and onto the street to hail a cab.

Three Line Tales #138

Well here I am. Man, this place isn’t exactly Better Homes and Gardens material, is it? Talk about bleak! Of course I am the latest brightest thing, and very proud to be here, well–somewhere at least. That showroom with all of us turned on, blaring the same program over and over, that was a real drag.

Think I’m being selfish, wanting to be here all by myself? Dang right, brother! Now I’m here alone, I can shine, and show what I’m capable of! I have three channels to delight you!

Believe me, this room could use a little delight.

Three Line Tales, Week 138

MLMM Photo Challenge #230

Person 1. Well this is the best camping trip ever!

Person 2. I agree, who would think we’d ever see such beauty?

Person 3. Beauty? It’s beautiful, sure, but can’t you feel that? It’s heat!

Person 1. But the moon isn’t hot, it’s cold.

Person 2. And it’s not this golden yellow either.

Person 3. Are you sure it’s the moon?

Person 1. What else could it be?

Person 2. Right, it’s clearly nighttime so it has to be the moon!

Person 3. I don’t know what it is but it’s not just the moon.

The three campers were enjoying the night sky when this unusual orb appeared. Unfortunately for the three observers, the phenomena known in ancient legends as “the solution” was occurring. Prehistoric etchings had confirmed this event in caves but it was not meant to be survived in more recent times. The “solution” involved the combining of the sun and moon to destroy all present life on earth to provide a new beginning once again.

Putting My Feet in the Dirt 21

A constant companion from the time she was born. . .how fortunate and blessed I am. A perfect example of sweetness, in personality and beauty, charming and delightful to be around.

The years have gone by so quickly, it’s almost a blur. Watching, enjoying, seeing her grow into a lovely young lady has been an absolute pleasure, a gift I never expected.

After troubling times, this gift was presented to our family. I truly believe rewards in life are not in an afterlife, but right in the here and now. This child was a gift at a needed time and has lived up to and gone beyond being that gift to all of us.

I am amazed at how she has developed in mind and body with great strength and compassion. Her friends and our family all consider her as this special delight.

People who have great influence on your life, especially in positive ways, need to be reminded of that, and told how much you appreciate the fact they are or have been.

I cannot imagine how anyone could survive the loss of such a person, and left only to have a remembrance of her.


September Writing Prompts

Putting My Feet in the Dirt 20

“Well what should I make?”

To his family’s chagrin

“I know, peppered steak!”

Family took it all in

Then the family scowled

Even the dog let out a howl!

Jimmy was not a good cook

That’s why he got those looks

Every time he decided to cook

They’d offer up a cook book

Jimmy would just push it aside

Used only his talent of course, with pride

The problem was, he didn’t have any

For cooking at least, or others, many

But that never stopped him, heavens no

He busied himself at the charcoal’s glow

Cut off the fat, of that knowledge no lack

Then peppered that steak till it was black

“Black as oil” he said as he greased

The BBQ rack so it would release

His delicious blackened steak

Then on the side a sauce did make

Using onions and peppers, red and hot

Stirred it all up and on the steak plopped

The family prepared with bread and water

Mashed potatoes, anything that oughta

Remedy the heat of the expected feast

Imagining Jimmy a red horned beast.


The Secret Keeper #159

“What is your name? Are you listening, do you hear me?” The soldier shook the young man’s shoulders trying to determine if he was alive or dead. The way he just laid there staring, the soldier was certain he had something to do with the disaster. “Tell me, what is your name, what were you doing here?”

Peter just laid there, he couldn’t speak. His throat and lips were parched by the smoke.He didn’t mean to start it, not really. Should he confess right now to this man shaking him, tell him it was he who started the fire?

The National Guard had been called in to rescue homes and people, set up barrier trenches to stop the spread, but the pine forest was already destroyed. Beautiful homes and cabins in the wooded area were all gone. There were no casualties yet, but not everyone had been found.

Starting the fire seemed like just an ordinary act to Peter. He had always had a fascination for the flames and this camping trip allowed him to build a fire in the open and enjoy it. He couldn’t afford a living space with a fireplace, so on the weekends he would go anywhere partially secluded to feed his desire to see fire and flames.

Most times he was perfectly safe in doing so but this night had been different. After lighting the fire he grew impatient for the spectacle and threw on some gasoline he had in the truck for emergencies. A sudden gust of wind and the flames travelled to the trees. Peter didn’t expect such an explosion when the gasoline flames flowed back to the can. It knocked him back and that’s where he was when the soldiers found him.

The soldiers took a look around and waited for the firefighters to confirm that was the origin of the fire. Peter was taken into custody and later assigned to a mental hospital for observation.

Weekly Writing Prompt #159

MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt

The teenager looked into his girlfriend’s eye and said, “I will love you forever. You are so beautiful.” The girl looks back and believes every word. She wants to believe it.

The young college graduate turned to his now roommate and said, “I will love you forever. You are so beautiful.” The young woman feels loved.

The thirty year old man, harried from work, came in the door, sees his wife struggling and said, “I will love you forever. You are so beautiful.” The harried mother just looks back at him.

The sixty year old man was tired, returned from a thankless job, said, “I will love you forever. You are so beautiful.” The woman resting in bed, smiles quietly.

The seventy year old man adjusts his wife’s pillows and says, “I will love you forever. You are so beautiful.” The woman cannot manage even a smile, but takes his hand.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this man’s truth never faltered in his vision of his wife.