Daily Picture Prompt – 5

She bowed her head and prayed. The horror of gunfire was ringing in her head. She ran when she first heard it and now she seems frozen to this spot. It wasn’t a good place to hide but her feet wouldn’t move and her legs were shaking, feeling like jelly.

The shots kept sounding. “Oh, God, help us!” Why aren’t the police coming yet, the firemen, someone to save us! If her dad was here, he would come. He would bring that old shotgun of grampa’s and protect her. He had always protected her, until he couldn’t save himself.  

Two students ran by in a panic. They tried to grab her, but she wouldn’t move. Something was holding her to this spot. “Come on! We’re going to the car and getting help! Come on!” She wanted to join them, but was too terrified to move.  

Suddenly a man came close and put his arms around her. She saw him, but couldn’t really feel him. She tried to lift her head. Again she was unable to move.

The young man came running out, holding a rifle with both hands. He glanced around looking for another victim. He passed her by and ran into the street. It was if he didn’t see her at all! He fell to his knees and the police came out of nowhere and knocked him on the ground. The crisis was over, for her. 

She lifted her head and unclasped her hands. She was so grateful to this stranger who saved her. She no longer saw or felt any presence. He was gone. She could no longer stand, and the weight of what happened made her slump to the ground. She looked everywhere and the man wasn’t there.

Daily Picture Prompt 5

Hold the Mayo

I’ll be right upfront, this is a restaurant rant.

Ever go to a *drive thru and ask them to hold the mayo?  The only sandwich I like with mayonnaise is a BLT.  And then I prefer Miracle Whip.I learned to tolerate mayo when I cooked at a small office building deli.  I made egg salad and tuna with mayo. But a hamburger?  Growing up we had hamburgers at home, not in a restaurant.  It was meat, mustard, and maybe a pickle.  When I married and went to a foreign land, Texas, a burger came “all the way” – restaurant lingo for, meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mustard, ketchup, mayo and the kitchen sink.  A brief venture working at a Dairy Queen made me an “all the way” expert.  And don’t forget that little DQ signature curl on the ice cream cone, it had to be perfect.  You’re also taught you must always turn a Blizzard upside down when presenting it to the customer.

Another brief stint as a waitress in a brand new small restaurant was when I realized I was not cut out for this type of work. I had a catering business with a good friend for a very short time.  That’s when my back pain took priority and we had to quit, but I knew something of food service. At this new restaurant I naively thought the owner would be well versed in what it takes to run a startup business.  Thinking it would be fun to wait tables for a new adventure, I was wrong, very, very, wrong.  We had about four popular items on the menu.  My first table had sixteen hungry people.  Right then, my instincts should have kicked in, but no.  I took the orders and finally went to the kitchen, finding everyone (2) there in a chaotic mess.  I’ve since learned this is the usual in restaurant kitchens.  After four trips back to my large table, advising them we were “out” of what they ordered, I felt like a failure.  Needless to say, so was the restaurant.

These experiences make you realize that working with food takes guts!  Waiters and waitresses need to be respected and tipped!  I’m not talking about ten percent on a cup of coffee.  These people don’t make minimum wage.  They take home a share of tips at the end of the night.  I emphasize share.  If your waiter is amazing and his coworker isn’t, they all get the same share at the end.  Minimum wage is important.  When I see bread go from 25cents to 325 cents, something has to give. 

As in most jobs, especially outside an office atmosphere, you have to walk in their shoes before criticizing.  Working in your home or outside, is hard.  If it wasn’t, it would be called vacation.

Okay another language alert if you watch this!  Think the quality of my posts may be going downhill.?….


Modern Technology

(Language Alert)

I’m laying in bed, it’s too cold outside

I survey my room, and see *Ironside

You know, the chair,

Just waiting there.

It’s not such a bad thing

Very useful, frustrating

Metal and canvas

For an unfeeling ass.

The wheels rotate wildly

And putting it mildly

They always get stuck

Some way, so you’re –

The WiFi’s been going in and out

Irritating, you just want to shout

Manager says it’s not what WE think

You’ll have to contact Century Link.

I get out my ever trusty cell phone

That I have to have, cause I live alone

Call information for someone locally known

Got connected to a guy in Sierra Leone.

The shower here has a wand that is handy

Flip the switch on the faucet, just dandy

Except the water that’s supposed to flow

Stays in the faucet which is way too low.

This may sound old fashioned 

Cause my coffee’s been rationed

But I think it would certainly be great

If everything worked with no expiration date.

I know the video quality is bad, but the music kills me.  Look at those cars!  Love it! 


How To Get Away With Christmas (Reblog)

I love this woman!  She has a very serious sense of humor😳🙄😂


1christmas89Christmas is a time of cheer…right?

Yet during the
holiday season
we’re bombarded
with images of
social wealth.

Everything from: Family dinners, parties, drinks with friends, hugging, skating in pairs, walking together looking at lights, Secret Santa and gift exchanges, spontaneous snowballs fights, eating roasted chestnuts, and of course, people running into the arms of loved ones at airports…

But what if those things aren’t in your life?
The social media holiday barrage, Christmas FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), anticipointment, Facebook, Instagram, TV, Google+, Twitter, MySpace (kidding, just wanted to see if you were paying attention) – all bursting with shiny images of happy people enjoying the holidays together. It can be overwhelming yet it’s only a day, like any other.


So if you find yourself less-than-surrounded by family and friends during the holidays,try to:

1. Marathon your way through the season, which apparently now begins in…

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Daily Prompt:  Treasure

I have to say that WP’s a treasure

Writing here is such a pleasure

I’ve learned the rules, taken advice

I guess I’ll write and not think twice

About doing the edit, and reread

Push okay and publish the deed.

I feel it’s okay to be outspoken

And your trust will stay unbroken

Writing for me is therapeutic

Sometimes just a silly antic

Like this offering I submit

Definitely lacking in language wit.