100 Word  Wednesday

The city square, everyone invited

Even families are united
Music shared and listened to
Put some money in their shoe
Street musicians you should know
Their talents they love to show
Entertaining crowds their dream
Earning money’s not their scheme
Playing for you is their pleasure.

Sightseeing couples gaze around 

Children seem to jump and bound
Everyone seems to enjoy
Cameras that they employ
Capturing the city sights
Music’s additional delight
Historic buildings surround the square
Info brochures sit here and there

Adventure awaits, maybe the chance

Find a friend to share a dance
The square could be a meeting manse.

100 Word Wednesday: Week 32

MLMM Stories by 5 – Mermaid

Ziobe was always curious, even being a teenager had not lessened her childhood obsession.  Today she was fortunate to be walking in the nearby trees and heard what she thought was an unusual bird call.  She followed the calling and it seemed to lead her to a very large mirror, propped up in the middle of nowhere.  Ziobe couldn’t resist touching it, even though she knew from the stories of childhood books, it might not be a wise choice.  Regardless of her inner warnings, she put her hand to the glass.

Instantly swept through the glass she was transported to a rocky ocean shore.  The salty breeze wafted through her hair and she felt not only refreshed, but  extremely calm.  She had devoured stories of mermaids, “real” and imaginary for years.  If she could actually be here, feeling the sand, could it also mean mermaids were possible?  She let her doubts free and started looking for signs.

Music drifted to her on the ocean breeze and it seemed to pull her towards the water.  The music was light, a mandolin she thought, and a haunting tune.  She found herself carried along by her imagination.  She saw a figure sitting on smooth weathered boulders.  It was a man, no, it had a tail she thought.  Her mind was playing tricks, surely there wasn’t a merman sitting there!  He turned and the music stopped.  Quickly out of the waves a woman emerged, then suddenly turned upside down to reveal another tail, a mermaid!  Ziobe was thrilled to see them, but it couldn’t possibly be real, but here she was, standing in the sand,  feeling the moisture laden breeze and the prickle of the sand blowing on her legs.

“I see you’re new here” Zerian the merman, offered.   “Do you like the music?  I’ve only been playing a short while.” He slipped into the water and beckoned Ziobe to join him.  The mermaid also popped up again and motioned her into the water.  Ziobe wanted to go in, join them in the ocean.  “It will be wonderful, a new adventure for you.  You’ll be able to swim easily, just as we do.”  Ziobe wanted to surrender, wanted to drift away with them, see the underworld of the ocean.  She stepped closer to the edge of the water.  Her feet were wet, she could feel the pull of the rythmic waves, and the merpeople motioning her to follow.

Would her parents miss her, she wondered, would her teachers even realize she wasn’t there?  Her family was so busy with her siblings Ziobe had always stayed in her room, reading.  She didn’t enjoy the chaos of her family, she preferred the solitary quietness of books.  Ziobe only thought about the rest of the world for a minute and then walked into the waves.  


MLMM Wordle 168 – Sweet Revenge

Fenimore adjusted the sails. Dead-reckoning the compass, map and the stars themselves, he figured the trip would only take hours, maybe a day. The bullet wound was going to heal.  

After committing the murder, Fenimore had tried to walk away, the pain causing an unnatural limp in his gait. He considered himself capable of feigning a limp to get sympathetic looks, but this was real gritty pain. Walking easily as possible with the embedded bullet oozing blood through a torn hole in his trousers, he pressed his hand on the wound.  

He was walking as fast and normally as he could to get to the boat dock. Even though he used a silencer, the victim did not, and he was sure the neighborhood would be looking out to see what happened. Observing Fenimore walking the street at night wouldn’t faze them, for he planned this normal action in advance with nightly strolls.

Everything was planned down to the second. The only malformation was the intended victim having his own gun.  “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men” came to mind, but he offered no smile of recognition. His revenge, although tainted by his wound, was sweet and complete at long last. He wondered how his lover would take the death of her new companion. Fenimore did smile now, thinking of it.


Daily Prompt: Willy nilly

Received an email instructing me to go to the Medicare site because of an important notice.  I put in my user and password only to find I need a new password.  I tried a few and then read the terms on the right of the screen.  I know, I hate reading directions, but after a few failed attempts….. 

The USA government has hardly been amusing lately but I had to laugh at these directions.  I guess you could say your privacy is not being treated with any willy nilly attitudes here!

Seriously, how many government jobs are spent looking at changes in this information, checking all of your previous passwords, and changing every sixty days?  Aren’t there more important things they should be doing besides this?  Like, say, impeaching the president?