3TC – How Hard Can it Be?

Helen’s career was not making any headway and she decided to say farewell to being an independent secretary from home. On a whim she decided to try out at a Las Vegas club dancer’s audition. Being devoid of any real talent, she did have a strong will, not to mention a strong neck. Therefore she adopted a heady attitude for the audition thinking how hard could it be, and she heard the money was really good. The debacle started when her huge headdress began to tip and she ended up sprawled in the producer’s lap. No need to wait for a call back.


https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2023/06/01/three-things-challenge-m346/Your three words today are:


RDP Thursday – DEBACLE



Conversation – sidlak

You talking

Me just listening

Some religion, politics

Sharing the often veiled opinions

Leaves no black or blue with only words.


Sidlak poetry (sid/lak) is a structured poetry consisting of 5 lines with 3-5-7-9 syllables AND A COLOR. The last line must be a COLOR that describes the whole poem or the feelings of the writer.


W3 Prompt #57: Wea’ve Written Weekly

I chose:

Old promises kept as he held her tight

Causing such an unusual sight

Who knew she could actually fly

Taking her blues ridden body high

She had prayed to drift over the ordinary spaces

She was suddenly caught up and held ever so slight

She wanted to leave the now saddened places

An angel of a man holding her, caused no fright

She was gladdened by the feel of a sudden swoop

Had her prayers been answered?

She dared to assume

Flying high to adventures beyond her thinking

Her melancholy mind no longer sinking

She reached up to cling to the savior there

Realizing there really was someone who cared.


W3 Prompt #57: Wea’ve Written Weekly

Couldn’t Resist ❤️

I had spilled a latte on my old iPad and it took two days for it to repair itself and work. This afternoon I was elated to see it was okay because it has many photos from when I first purchased it ages ago. I came upon this one of my now seventeen year old granddaughter and it shows her determination even though she’s always the smallest player in sports. Btw, this year she received the “Female Athlete of the Year” award at her high school.❤️👍🏻☺️


Simply Six Minutes

Trying to get a toddler to try something new after being bombarded with bland mutilated peas, or enough pasty bananas to cause a lifetime hatred, is a challenge for any parent. Julie decided to up her daughter’s menu by adding some real fruit with guess what—texture! What a concept! Today it was passion fruit and her daughter’s expression was nondescript, but at least Julie tried. If a baby likes individual snacks they can pick up themselves such as Cheerios, then why not try peas or cooked diced carrots instead of mushy vegetables? Only a few teeth needed, ask a grampa.

100 words


Fandango’s Story Starter

This week’s Story Starter teaser is: Ross opened the fortune cookie that was delivered with his Chinese take-out and was shocked when he read the message inside telling him that his life was in danger and that he needed to leave the city immediately.

It’s not like he hadn’t wanted to leave the city anyways, but this might be the last straw. Ross shoved the tiny warning into his pants pocket and started in on his lunch. He liked the weather here—today, sunny, warm breeze, and savored the spicy Chinese noodles. Then he began thinking that San Diego also had this kind of weather, and no bad memories. After lunch he called his boss and asked if that offer for a transfer to San Diego was still good.


Fandango’s Story Starter #99

dVerse Poets Quadrille

If you are a regular at our pub, you know the drill. For those new to Q, write a verse of exact 44 words (excluding the title) using pepper or any form of the word like peppering, peppered or peppermint.

Get your red, hot, chili peppers here
No need for trepidation fear
There’s green and red and yellow too,
But honestly, the tiniest ones rule!
They’re native from the Philippines, sir
Eighty thousand Scoville heat units per
Acidic drinks help cool the spicy churr.


MLMM Wordle

A quirky sign of resistance was seen in the lowly paper clip. Without the benefit of a bright ribbon of solidarity, which might be seen as a threat, the creativity of cooler minds prevailed. Eventually seen as harmless forgetfulness, the paper clip was a hidden symbolic union. Was it an art school professor who thought of this?

Wordle #324