Bragging rights?

I think when you become a grandparent, bragging rights just come with it. Being a parent you might be shy about it, but when that grandchild comes along, whoa! It’s full on, full steam ahead. But I digress. . (love that phrase!)

One of my talented granddaughters wants to be an actress. Even with all the warnings of sure-to-come pitfalls she’s going for it. Her first unofficial role will be as Jean in this community college play:

Yup, that’s her, beauty on the left! : )


One Liner Wednesday

When shopping with children, they certainly get bored easily. When my now 22 year old granddaughter was tiny, she was growing impatient with her mother and me trying to make a decision on a clothing item at the counter.

Her now famous, “the bag or not?” is still used by all of us today in any situation when we’re waiting for someone to make up their mind.

One-Liner Wednesday – Words of Wisdom

100 Word Wednesday #93

“Jerry, I’m tired of sitting here–this mask is starting to itch! Tell me again what we’re doing here and why these odd toys around me? The mask was tolerable at first. I thought it was your way of showing me your. . . uh, adventurous side?”

Julie was getting perturbed sitting there in the theatre, just as he posed her. Initially, she thought he was just trying to impress her with his acting skills, but now she wasn’t sure. She tried to turn to face him, but seemed glued in that position.

“No worries, only one more prop”, lighting the flare.

100 Word Wednesday: Week 93

Game on – series 2 – Just Creepy

The spirit of October’s Halloween lives! Check this out!

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!


Game On – S2 Created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

Halloween Edition Only 1 of 2

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The Haunted Wordsmith DWC and 3TC – Trust Me

“I know the holiday colors don’t match, but look at the freshness dates! They’re only four months past, and you know how sugar preserves. It’ll be okay, trust me.”

(“Trust me”, the worst phrase in human history, disproved in every serious situation from presidential palaces to encounters on the street to corporate meetings, courtrooms, and physicians’ offices. I challenge you to disagree. It was this possibly sincere utterance that entered the lives of two young boys on Easter, 1972.)

“Sounds pretty spooky to me, Jack.”

Joe had saved most of his Halloween candy to last till the end of the year. It was the only time his parents allowed such indulgence, both being dentists. They worked hard to keep all sugary substances out of their home and knew most other parents did not. Their efforts helped but when Joe was out of the home, he ate and drank whatever he liked.

Jack was a schemer, future conman, and was always looking for an angle on any situation that would gain a profit. Such “business” sense in a twelve year old was rare. His latest endeavor was planned when he realized Joe had a big hidden stash of Halloween candy. He decided they could wrap the larger pieces with pastel foil and sell them as Easter candy.

Jack had built up quite a large clientele for his dealings as a procurer of things desired by his classmates, but usually forbidden by their parents. He scoured trash bins, knew the best places behind risqué retail establishments to find magazines–a big seller, and cigarette boxes that might have an unsmoked or viable partial item. He drew the line at anything alcoholic since there were rules, even in his twelve year old mind, but most everything else was fair game.

The scheme turned out to be a lot more work than Jack planned. First, coloring the sliver foil in light colors to resemble other Easter candy turned out to be a mash of magic markers that didn’t look like the prepackaged items at all. Nevertheless, his eager clients were disinterested in the outside, only wanting the delicious discounted treats within. Lunch money was often spent on Jack’s wares.

The outcome of the boys endeavor was unexpected. An after lunch break at school found kids who had spent their food money on Jack’s candy, vomiting all over the playground. Most had to go home for the rest of the day. The principal freaked out thinking some epidemic was occurring and dismissed classes for all.

Meanwhile Jack and Joe had coin filled pockets and an afternoon off from school. Life was grand.


FOWC: Prompt and Word of the Day: Exploring

My sister belongs to an ancestry site and keeps me up to date on the latest discovery. I watch Vikings on the History channel and when we found out we were related to Rollo and Ragnar, not even telling you about Longshanks–well our exploring explains a lot about some of our sometimes volatile personalities. Yes, I’ll take that excuse–my ancestors made me do it. Being a redhead wasn’t the only thing to blame, but it was.

Receiving an email today with the latest report delving into our past, my sister was prompted to send me the latest: our 7th great grandmother was accused of being a witch in, you’ve got it, Salem, Massachusetts, in 1683, convicted and jailed. She died in prison waiting to be executed. Family history can either bring you up or take you down.

What does that say about me, as a woman today? I prefer to think I’ve inherited strength, determination, and the ability to withstand whatever is put in front of me, and no, I do not back down. Whether that is good or bad, I guess the persons around me would have to tell you. Everyone has different personality traits. I want to be the best of mine and try to downplay some unpleasant ones. I sent the email on to my kids with the heading “Now you know”. After all, a sense of humor helps in all things.

Exploring – Word of the Day Challenge

FOWC with Fandango — Prompt