100 Word Wednesday

Photo Credit: Sandra June

The old building was listing. Many a celebration of homecoming joy or the sadness of goodbyes were seen inside these walls. The more recent tagged graffiti seems to be a mark of good times outside the walls. The anchors are oddly positioned as if they could keep you for only a short time in these confines, as it is with most locations of this genre. The structure had numerous favorite memories of witnessing shy young ladies dancing with fresh-faced recruited sailors, headed for victory on ships docked nearby. Many remembered hopes, tears, laughter, and wishes remain within these walls.

100 Word Wednesday: Week 16

Picture Prompt- 129

It looked like a good place to spend a few needed vacation days.  A beautiful scenic village with thousands of tourists to blend into.  What a find!  When Peter suggested meeting here, I had no concept it would be this perfect.  Peter wasn’t a bad sort, but he once again dragged me into a “situation”.  “Come visit, we’ll have a great time skiing.  We’ll stay in the lodge and see beautiful women. . . .it’s on me!”  Well who could resist that invitation?  Not me of course.  Little did I know I was to be involved in what was a “harmless” ruse.

Peter greeted me eagerly, and I was so enamored by the surroundings, I fell into his mood instantly.  Two single guys, free to live the high life for a few days.  I unpacked quickly, anxious to get down to the bar and see what was happening.  As we strode in, I was not disappointed to see a few beautiful snow bunnies at the tables.  We cozied up to the bar and ordered drinks, then turned to survey the prey.  Greeted by smiles from one of the group of four, we made our way to join them.  The evening went well.  After dinner we parted ways and agreed to meet the next morning to ski.

Not wanting to leave the warmth of the coverlet, I peeked out to realize I had overslept.  I hoped the group hadn’t left for the slopes yet and quickly donned my skiing attire.  It still fit! Running every day had kept me in shape.  I hurried to the stairs to find the group waiting, and noticed the woman Peter took an interest in was missing.

“So, Pete, where’s Julie?  I thought you two were skiing together today.”  Peter looked rather embarrassed and mumbled a few words.  I didn’t bother to ask again, thinking I probably shouldn’t persue it.  The rest of the group seemed anxious to leave for the lift, so the conversation was forgotten.  

After a tiring day on the slopes, the group met again in the bar for drinks.  Again, Julie was missing.  Peter didn’t seem too jolly as they compared their skiing prowess earlier in the day.  After dinner they again said goodnight to meet the next morning.  Peter and I lingered a bit in the lounge and I couldn’t resist asking what happened.  “It looked like you and Julie hit it off, what happened, did her boyfriend show up?”  Laughing at what I thought was a joke on my old friend, noticed Peter wasn’t amused.

“As a matter of fact, yes.”  I was surprised, but not shocked.  It wasn’t the first time my friend found himself in this position.  Not being married, Peter liked to play the field and “attached” women were not off limits.  “She was all for getting together and then as we were heading up to my room, she got a call.  It was Mike, her boyfriend.  What I didn’t tell you, well I guess I should have, but Julie and I planned this trip a while back.  I’m sorry, Jack, but I was using you as a cover.”

Disappointed but not wounded, I was having a good time, a needed vacation paid for by Pete, so let it go.  “So, what happened, did she leave right away?”

Actually, no.  She spoke a few words, then hung up.  She stayed with me most of the night, then I guess guilt took over and she left.  Her boyfriend is very jealous, was checking up on her.  She’s done with me, I guess.” Jack could tell his friend was hurt by this, but basically, he brought it on himself.  “I won’t be seeing her again.”

We both started to feel the weariness of the activities of the day, drinks, and disappointment, and headed up the stairs to bed.


A to Z Challenge – V for Vacillate

The word for me today is vacillate.  I was woken early, still dark outside and tried to go back to sleep.  No luck. Then I did it, looked on the phone for the forecast of weather.  Trump’s wall building pops up, then a blurb about our Wyoming government employee (representing?) us saying a complete (what I would call an old boy joke) to a group of high school students, embarrassing all citizens of this state, then as I thought I can’t stand this, I’m helpless to change anything, what’s this (United? States) coming to feeling washes over me and I just want to put the covers over my head and not come out, ever.

I check the email and get: picture of a black t-shirt with “depressed as f—” written on it.  I had to laugh.  So well timed.  And it’s only 23degrees Fahrenheit, but the sun is coming out.  I can not get back to sleep, so check FB for any new pictures of the kids.  I find a Twitter excerpt my oldest put on about baseball and have to share it, since my last post was about baseball being boring.  This is definitely not boring.

Sorry, you have to click it because I have no idea how to copy and paste a gif.  I’m getting out of bed for coffee……


Share Your World April 25, 2017

Hello!  I’m coming in late this week, but I have enjoyed reading the other shares.  I hope you all take the time to try ceenphotography’s SYW challenge.  She has interesting questions to let us learn about our fellow bloggers.  Here are my answers this week:

  1. The best and easiest way to quench my thirst is water.  I like to add citrus or cucumber if I have it.  I do love coffee and iced tea, but water does the trick.

    2.   Never in my life have I eaten shrimp, crickets, chocolate covered ants, or any other “buggy looking” food. 

    3.  If I could have any gift, it would be world peace.  That’s a dream of course.  A wonderful gift would be good health and safety for my kids and their kids.

    4.  When I can’t sleep it’s usually because I can’t quiet my thoughts, or my legs.  They seem to wake up when I’m ready to sleep. I usually do a puzzle until they relax.  If it’s my thoughts keeping me awake, I just sit up and write, seems to help.

I am grateful we had nice weather on Sunday so my son in law and kids could referee soccer.  It was snowing and icy rain during the week.  In fact it’s turning cold again tonight and snow expected in a couple of days, just in time for sports this weekend. Spring forgot to show up in Wyoming!

I am looking forward to spending time with my daughter this week.  We rarely have time for just the two of us, so it’s special.