Sunday Photo Fiction – 2/17/19

I’m tired but I will not stop

Giving up is not in my nature

I was born of strong parents

It must have been a millennium ago

I feel it

I feel my back paining, straining

Pick up the axe another time, I tell it

You aren’t finished yet!


MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt #44

The scene was set, a steaming bowl of a foreign concoction, more spice than taste, but they ate what was put in front of them. The papers had been signed, and here they were sitting at a meal hosted by the owner of the orphanage.

As the sun set in the early evening, shots were fired, glass was broken and they feared for their lives. A simple adoption trip ended up in terror as the occupants of a certain gang arrived, intent on stealing the orphanage funds.

Ties were cut to the outside world as they huddled in fear in the owner’s rooms. The experience was not at all what they envisioned, and neither was the small child they came to take home. Promises made were now broken, but there was no turning back.

This was an enlightening, although frightening experience, but the child blossomed in the US as it grew, now a successful adult.

MLMM First Line Friday

The falcon launched into the air to swiftly become a sharp speck against the sky. It was his nature, flying high, soaring up and then darting lower to surprise an unsuspecting meal. So swift his flight, the prey was unaware till it was too late to run far or fast enough.

The hawk family is well equipped for such actions and the falcon has been around humans and trained by them for sport since 1700BC. This is still named Falconry.

Only a shadow

Feathers spread, soar silently

The deadly hunter


Sunday excitement! or: arthritic fingers and wheelchairs

My Sunday morning consisted of a mundane venture. I didn’t use ad venture because I think that applies to an actual venture that’s either fun, something to look forward to, a learning experience, or exciting in some way. Most of my days are not like that.

Waking up at 2-4 AM because some poor souls near me go to work at that time, starts it out. I usually lay there trying to put off the cold trip (it’s 8 degrees) to the bathroom until I can’t, then hurry in and out, and back under warm covers. Of course I don’t get back to sleep.

If that’s not excitement enough for you, consider the day’s activity. This morning I probably woke up the rest of my neighbors when whacking two frozen chicken breasts apart on the counter to thaw quicker for baking later. Luckily it only took three attempts and no chicken flew into the living room. It happens.

I decided to thaw them in a baking pan to save steps. Fighting with foil that no matter how carefully I try to cover every inch of a pan, it always ends up ripping somewhere. This morning I took off a long strip to make sure the whole pan was covered, thus, no washing or cleanup involved. Ripped, of course it did. Foiled again – sorry, couldn’t resist.

Then I picked out carrots, onions, celery, and sweet potato to join the chicken. Sitting and having one non feeling foot on the flip lid trash can device to hold it open — in order to peel carrots directly into it, takes dexterity. Of course a couple of protesting peelings fly off and require a different form of acrobatics–holding onto the chair and careening under the cupboard to retrieve them for trash. Most wheelchair brakes are not that reliable, so holding on with one hand while bending over is necessary.

I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not tall enough to peel them into the sink and I can’t stand, hold onto the sink, a carrot, and a peeler at the same time. The last time I tried holding onto the sink with my elbows to do this, I started sliding off to the right, so, no, not doing it again. I want to be brave and independent, but I’m not stupid.

Same routine for potatoes. Onions are easy. I leave them whole.

Then I start coffee and all ingredients are either up or down in cupboards or drawers, so spilling is not unsual. Thank heavens for my little handheld Dyson.

Paper filters always curl in at the precise moment I spoon ground coffee into them and again when placing it in the pot’s filter holder. The pot is on the shelf, so requires standing to plug in and turn on. If all that is done, I can relax.

I must be allergic to some cologne because a small spritz this morning decided to react with my sneezing constantly. Of course this sneezing only started as I was rolling with one hand and holding a full cup of coffee in the other.

I could clean, that would make a dream day complete, or could vacuum, but the belt broke this week and there’s no local place to get a new one. Amazon it is. I will do laundry. Now that’s very exciting.


My Dream

If I was in charge of the world

I would fly every flag unfurled

And let it breathe a fresh new air

With all the rules becoming fair

Everyone a decent meal

Everyone a love to feel

Everyone a roof overhead

Happiness for all, not dread

Of each day a new defeat

Instead, we’d have a world unbeat

By tyrants and ruling bullies

All would enjoy life fully.

I can dream, can’t I?

MLMM Saturday Mix

Our three words, using onomatopoeia are:

• rustle

• thud

• hoot


A thud was heard

From the other room

At midnight

My eyes started to zoom

Then a rustle as I stepped out of bed

Adjusting my eyes to darkness ahead

In front of the fireplace covered in ash

A ruffled owl that suffered a crash

I felt sorry he was covered in soot

He just turned and gave me a hoot

I walked over and opened the door

Hoping he would go out and soar

He eyed me wisely and ruffled his feathers

Leaving me puzzled, muttering blethers


National Emergency Rant

I am so disgusted with this! Another example of Trump’s tantrums. Sure other presidents have declared emergencies, but those were emergencies. This whole wall debacle is not an emergency at all. He has made up “facts” calling anyone who is not White Protestant not worth his time. This is supposed to be the United States, which he has continually tried to divide and degrade in the world’s eyes.

Look at the acts he has committed, the disasters he’s ignored, his childish tweets, his mysogony, his use of our hard earned tax funds for his personal agenda, and now to use Department of Defense funds taking from our military abroad and veterans here at home?

How bad does it have to get before we take action? I am so disappointed that legal action is not taken against this man. I refuse to call him Mr. President, he makes a mockery of the title.

Putting My Feet in the Dirt 15

Loose laces and tight triumphs


It was a tournament for the best soccer teams of the southwest area and all the girls were gathered from nearby states in Arizona. Mary was the smallest girl on the Arsenal team, a mighty warrior and knew her skills well. While others were gawking or slowly running, she would skittle around and drive the ball to goal.

The last day of the tournament her team was running second to the top and she was more determined than ever to make them number one. As the game progressed she was feeling less excited and more tired. She blocked a player who accidentally on purpose, stepped on Mary’s loose shoelace, and Mary fell hard on the grass.

Undaunted, rising up quickly, she pushed forward and made the winning goal in a tight triumph by her smaller team.


February 2019 Writing Prompts