3TC June 15, 2019


The young rabbi wasn’t sure if he would conduct the wedding ceremony correctly, but he hoped to shine. Everything went well until the reception. The first dance was a waltz and the bride and groom looked so happy as they sashayed around the floor. The cake, the flowers, the guests–all seemed to be going well until the groom’s exwife made an appearance.

She was not invited and strode in like a tornado wearing a risqué red dress, causing some of the elderly ladies to abruptly find their seats.

The DJ assessed the situation and hoping to diffuse the unfortunate incident, chose “Wrecking Ball” and turned it up loud. As a result the crowd erupted in laughter and the lady in red disappeared.



FOWC with Fandango — Sashay

Shine – Word of the Day Challenge


SoCS June 15, 2019

Yesterday was an all social day….we dropped off the two library volunteers, purchased a new vacuum…finally…had lunch and then back home for a rest.

My grandaughter picked me up and we saw “John Wick Parabellum”. I liked the first two–I know they are violent, but I liked the story and the character. To understand #3, you need to see the first ones. I was disappointed, and extreme violence grew tiresome. There were some funny typical JW lines and I enjoy Keanu Reeves; Halle Berry is always good. If you see it, let me know what you think.

I don’t want to jinx it, we’ve had a few warmer days, but not as warm as summer should be–typical Wyoming.

I have to add I am “sick and tired” of seeing the Gut Doctor ad all over my posts…are you too? It is gross!


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 15/19

What is Happening?

Thought I’d call Apple this morning early to get help since four chat sessions it just sat there with no response. But hey, guess what?

It’s cloudy so no Internet! Laugh, go ahead….but I am not. Without Internet even if I got hold of a responsible person on the phone, I couldn’t fix the iPad with no Internet service.

Okay, I’m feeling a little put upon lately, I admit it….Maybe I should buy a “Make America Great Again” hat and wear it….yup, that will fix everything right up!



MLMM Tale Weaver 227

A love at first sight wedding a horrible thought? Where’s the romance in that?

My mom and my niece, the flower girl, in shades of pink dresses my mom made.


My own wedding was a “planned ahead when everything fell through and ended up last minute” type of wedding. My husband to be didn’t mind it at all, saying as long as it was the two of us, nothing else mattered. His mother who seemed okay in March when we planned it, fell terribly ill a few days after. The wedding was scheduled for July 23, invitations printed but thankfully not sent. We had a couple of days notice so crossed out the 2 and had the wedding on July 3 instead.

All of you thinking that was not “kosher” are probably right, but my fiancé’s mother was dying and there was no thought of what was considered proper, just a need to be done with the ceremony. The 3rd of July that year was the hottest day on record for years, hot and humid. Luckily the invited guests were able to make it, and I had already purchased a dress. My mother and my aunt made a beautiful cake, busily trying to keep it from melting in the process. No air conditioning in those days so I stayed in my bathing suit till I had to dress in a lengthy, long sleeved lace gown.
A small church, reception in a cool basement and all the necessities done, such as cutting the cake, throwing the bouquet, necessities only. I remember it as a good day with high hopes to see my new motherinlaw. We did make it to see her but she passed away a few days later.
I am amazed at all the hoopla that occurs in weddings these days. So much money and effort and stress on everyone when it’s not about that. It’s about two people who love each other. Anything else is as useful as cake icing. (Of course that is just my opinion.)