SoCS – 11-17-18

Well here I am, late, but I’ve been busy, delightfully so. Last night was my twenty year old granddaughter’s debut in her first acting role — Jean in “The Dead Man’s Cell Phone”. I was very proud of her. An intimate setting of about sixty person audience at the Laramie County Community College (LCCC) as it’s referred to locally. I had practiced lines with her so knew what was coming, but she did extremely well. Yea!

Today was busy, snowing in 17 degree weather and lunch out and grocery shopping. Roads are slick! Parking lots messy, but it was still fun. Surprise visit from my (now attending college in Casper) grandson, but revised his role of chauffeur…A perfect set of days!


Haunted Wordsmith – Page 97, Line 4

(Papa sits with the) “accordion at his feet” The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

He was extremely tired, having played the heavy instrument for the wedding dances. Every folk dance was watched with delight and almost everyone joined in. The only absent participants were the babies and the wheelchair occupants. Even then, mothers danced with infants in their arms and older children pushed grandparents in their chairs. Between the feasting, drinking and dancing, it was no wonder her Papa was tired. It was a lovely wedding for the player’s granddaughter, in her eighteenth year.


3 2 1 Quote me – Truth

A platitude is simply a truth repeated till people get tired of hearing it.

James Baldwin


He who laughs last. . .just didn’t get the joke.

Caroll Bryant

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I have to thank Fandango, who tagged me for this Challenge. I have been trying to slow down my blogging but maybe I’ll find some humor in this?

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge – Lost Faith

Passing by again, trying not to be obvious with my peering, I still lacked the strength to enter. It had been six months, it should be time enough, but it isn’t. It may never be. I may never be able to enter this building again.

In my lifetime of forty years I have attended this church every Sunday. Early on with my parents of course and then as an adult, doing what I thought was required of me, for my well being, for my soul.

Six months ago that all changed. I no longer think my soul or anyone else’s for that matter, will be saved here, inside these brick walls. Truthfully, I think it’s the opposite, and that is why I can’t bring myself to enter.

Attending church on that fateful Sunday, I arrived late. The weather was rainy with thunder and lightning about the area. Slipping on the wet grass, I fell and soaked my dress. Tidying myself in the foyer, I arrived to sit in the very last seat in the last pew. I peeked over the person in front to see my parents, as always, in the first row.

Suddenly a huge clap of thunder reverberated through the pews. It was so loud my seat seemed to vibrate with the continuing rumble. I heard a scream and as parishioners turned and sat up to see what happened, I recognized it as my mother’s voice.

My father had a heart attack just before the thunder clap and as my mother saw that he was dead, the thunder sounded. I don’t know if it was the shock of seeing my father collapsed in death or the sudden thunder that followed. It was then she screamed her final breath and joined my father. Two always faithful seekers of the truth died that day and so did my love of the church.

Word of the Day: Sequester

You might call it a luxury

Maybe a pain

Here on my bed

Where I remain

A benefit of being an empty nester

I get to sleep in and be sequestered.

It’s really not all it’s cracked up to be

Sometimes I’d rather go out to dance

But since that’s impossible and no chance

I’ll just stay sequestered just to. . . be.

MLMM Photo Challenge – Fairy’s Promise

Come here my child

Sit down with me

I’ll tell you tales of the mystery

How sprites and fairies do exist

We are not just a bookish myth

When the woods are quiet and dark

If you look carefully you might see a spark

Just a wee bit of light, it comes from me

At night my wings light up you see

When you are all snuggled in your bed

There’s no need our presence to dread

Well fly and sit on your window sill

Keep you from harm and any ill

When next you read your fairytales

Think of what I said on this forest trail

No need to be frightened from the tales in a book

Remember the words from me you took

We watch over little ones like you

Until the sun rises on forest dew.

Word of the Day: Soliloquy


Now that I have your full attention

And you’ve all asked me to mention

My qualities, talents and strengths

I really shouldn’t go to such lengths

But since you asked

I’m up for the task

If it’s a query requiring someone smart

Believe me, I tell you, straight from my heart

If you want to know anything, leave it to me

I’m well versed in everything, you will see

Simply no one else would be better than me!”

Soliloquy – Word of the Day Challenge