I couldn’t sleep

I turned and fluffed the pillow, again.

Of course I was thinking of you.

I wanted to write what I felt

How much I needed you at that moment

Every night the same longing for you

Wishing you were here.



I stretched out my arm to feel

An empty space, cool to the touch

The absence I want you to fill.



Too far, much too far apart

For a midnight rendezvous

We have to imagine, instead

Of being together, holding tight.



I finally slept only to wake and see your morning greeting.

The moment I needed you most you had sent a message.

Connecting minds, not bodies, was the result this night.

Three Line Tales – Where’s my head?

Where’s My Head?

“I know it’s around here somewhere. I was just walking along, minding my own business, and thwack! Some little kid throws a snowball right at my head!”

“What were you wearing? Were you wearing your glasses at the time? Or that ridiculous headband you think you need at the gym, even though you don’t sweat?”  

“Well I like to look good, you know, cool! Besides there’s a new cutie there. Her name is Thumbelina and she’s just my size!” The two kept rummaging around in the box, finally found a perfect head. . .slightly used but more handsome than the original.

Three Line Tales, Week 69

FFFPP – 22 – The Firefighter

The Firefighter
A young man, grown with some adversity on his shoulders, decided early on what he wanted in life. Helping others was his priority and he started out as a lifeguard; teaching swimming to little ones, reassuring them he would hold on to them, making them feel safe. Coaching his favorite sport, soccer, also to tiny teams, further explains his personality. Patience is a key virtue in these endeavors. 

After high school, he entered college and took a teaching job on the side. Not a usual student counselor experience, but dealing with mentally challenged children. Some of who asked the same question of him every day and he was always patient enough to answer. There were children who had to be held tightly to minimize harm to themselves, or others, and they all received the same compassion from this teacher.

I’m sure it’s not surprising to anyone that his ultimate goal resulted in him becoming a firefighter. The type of person who becomes a professional firefighter has a different personality than most. They put others before themselves in all ways. This takes depth of knowledge, and not just physical strength, but mental fortitude.

100 Word Wednesday 

“Can you wait? I’m so excited, I can’t wait!”

“See those guys coming toward us? They might be with the band!” The two girls were going to their first concert without their older brothers. With no adults to curb their behavior, were feeling free and anxious.

The line started to move forward and they shuffled along with it. As the two young men neared they became more excited, thinking they stood out from the crowd, which they did. The two felt faint when the young men closed in.

The men opened their coats showing police badges. “Show us your IDs”.