Three Line Tales #164

“Don’t worry, we’re going to make it”. Paul was trying to make his voice sound reassuring even though his heart was beating faster every second. It was his idea to do this, take this path to run. It was their only chance to survive, and he wanted to be strong for Janet.

The road narrowed and they were in sight ahead of them on the left. Janet clutched Paul’s hand tighter as they drew closer to the spectres. Every hair on the back of her neck stood up.

Both scared, but she had faith in Paul, he was her hero.

Three Line Tales, Week 164


100 Word Wednesday – Papa

Papa, I think I might like it there.

Are you sure? We will be moving next week and you’ll be leaving your school and your friends.

I know. You told me they would take good care of our animals, didn’t you Papa?

Yes, my dear. Our neighbors were happy to have more animals on their farms.

Are there any animals in the city?

I’m sure there are some smaller ones, like squirrels and birds.

I will miss the farm, Papa. The trees, flowers–will you miss it too?

Yes, dear, but we’ll have the most important thing. We’ll have each other.

100 Word Wednesday: Week 113

Monday Reds 3

This is not my vacuum. I have an older version of the red devil, and it lives up to its name! This morning I was bold enough to think, “I can fix this, no problem!” I finally received the new belts in the mail which probably came earlier but I don’t do mail when there’s ice and snow. And I needed to vacuum, really, really, needed to.

Of course my Phillips head screwdriver had taken a walk but I still had my trusty small regular one. After removing five screws, I checked everything out and the belt was in tact! So I looked everywhere, made sure everything was clean and solid, then put it back together.

Moment of truth. It sounded the same as before, loud, and like a car sounds when there’s a leak in the fuel line. I decided to run it anyway and it did pick up a little. I guess I’ll have to use my hand held Dyson, makeshift at best, for the whole living room. It runs for twenty minutes without a recharge. Can you imagine me bent over using it? You have to laugh! Okay, at least smile…

So how’s your Monday?

FOWC with Fandango — Makeshift