Daily Prompt:  Cacophony

It’s certainly no symphony

Unrest, hate, misogyny 

This sadistic comedy

Causing too much agony

 Visited on our progeny

Is it a product of biology?

Will this climate eventually

End? A possibility of apostasy?

We need love and apologies 

And much less cacophony.



SYW-October 23, 2017

Howdy Doody y’all!  It’s almost the end of October, I can’t believe how the last three months have flown by!  It’s Monday, time for ceenphotography.com‘s Share Your World questions.  Here are my answers:

1.  My school from 1-6 grades was in a little one room schoolhouse with a potbelly stove in the corner.  There were about four kids in each grade and one teacher who I adored.  I caught a small bus from our driveway and since my dad worked away and my mom didn’t drive, I was there for the day no matter what.  I loved it.  It was easy.  I also liked 7-8 grades in a small school in another town. I started high school while still living in the country far from school, but that changed when I was a sophomore moving into town.  Quite a change because we sold our two hundred acre dairy farm and moved to a three room apartment in town.  We eventually bought a small house in Ascutney, VT.  Some of you may be familiar with the ski resort there.  Except for a masochistic science teacher, I enjoyed my high school years as well.

2.  My favorite animal I “owned” was a German Shepard wolf mix, Smokey.  Wild animal would be the wolf and I also love tigers.

3.  I lived in two large cities, Houston, Texas the largest.  Except for living there during the sixties with riots, etc, I liked it.  It was hot and extremely humid, but you get used to it.  We lived there for six and a half years, our three children were born there, and we moved there again in the nineties.  The one thing I remember most was the unrelenting humidity, oh and bugs–all Texas sized and prevalent.  

Being inspired by my grandkids is my best thing.  Marching band championships for the high school this last week:

And celebrating “gotcha day” adopting Jesse.

Share Your World – October 23, 2017

FFFAW – Got It!

He turned his chest in the direction of the car. His thumb clicked the button in his pocket. “Got it” he thought to himself. “Just a couple more, to make sure”.  

The hidden camera in his oversized necklace clicked twice more. Luckily, the needed portrait of the perpetrator was accomplished without his knowing. “You would think he was a bit nonchalant, looking out the window of the getaway vehicle”, John thought.

It worked out well for John, member of the undercover police, dressed in local garb for this assignment. “Enjoy freedom while it lasts”. Smiling, John returned to the precinct.


Movie Monday – An oldie

You know I love music and dancing and humor.  This movie has it all.  Please try it before you decide, no way, it’s too old….

High Society

Google:  “Jazz artist C.K. Dexter Haven (Bing Crosby) is still hung up on his ex-wife and neighbor, socialite Tracy Samantha Lord (Grace Kelly), however Tracy is engaged to another man (John Lund). Matters are complicated even further when a magazine reporter (Frank Sinatra), in town to cover Tracy’s wedding,…”  Release date: July 17, 1956 (USA)

The video voices aren’t in sync perfectly so feel free to dance while listening to this:🕺🏻💃🏻


#writephoto 10-19-17 – Spur

I guess it’s time to move.  Time to think of other things, get out of the rut I’ve been in for a while, she thought.

 You have places to go, it answered.  You have dreams, why not fulfill them?  It’s not impossible, you know.

I can’t.  I am the horse who refuses to move even if you kick those spurs into my side.  I feel the pain, the urgency with which you want me to react, but I don’t.  Maybe I’m just stubborn and you can yank on the reins, kick me again,  and I won’t react.  

Do you enjoy the pain?  Are you so set in it that it’s becoming your friend?  Always there to relive again and again?  An ally you can sink next to and let the rest of the world go by?

I don’t know.  I only know it hurts. It’s frustrating, I’m conflicted, I want to move forward. . .try me again, I think I’m ready to go forward.  A few steps could be a good thing, right?

Thursday photo prompt – Spur – #writephoto

Weekend Writing Prompt 25 – Fragment

A word is a crack of grammar in a sentence. It is surrounded by a story that disintegrates from a thought to an idea and then written. I use the term to acknowledge it is only a particle of the original concept. Whether a noun, a verb, a pronoun, an adverb, all of these items are only a splinter in the wood of a tree that is a story. The story is only a piece of the book. 


Daily PROMPT:  Expect

What is it I expect out of life?  You mean besides shelter, food, love and happiness?  Freedom to pretty much say and do what I want?  Well I have all of that and yes I am thankful!  My life really is “a bowl of cherries”!

I am a very white (redheaded) woman with a great family, a two time cancer survivor and live in a small nice apartment.  I have clothing, food and amenities such as a cell phone, iPad, and a new sound bar for a television.  I have blankets and bedding and shoes and boots to keep me warm.  At present I have no baking sheets or pans which are sitting in my daughter’s cabinets on loan.  Does “loan” apply after a year?

My refrigerator was just resupplied yesterday and the can cupboard has staples refilled.  I have the essentials in a large accessible bathroom, with tissue, soap, shampoo and linens.  My apartment has a washer and dryer, a stove and dishwasher.  I have wifi and cable tv.  I am truly thankful for all of these treats and conveniences in my life.  I have a scooter to get my mail and take out my trash and recyclables.  I have a cranky wheelchair I use everyday, and the ability to propel myself in it. 

Additionally, I have friends I am in contact with over sixty years.  I have people around the world through this WP medium that I care about.  I have the ability to read and write without reprimand, a true freedom.

I have sunny days and moonlit nights. I have sounds of rain on my windows and the beauty of snow in the winter.  I live in a safe area from weather disasters. I have military, fire and police all living next to me, and a firehouse one half mile away.  I have most of my family two minutes away.  I feel safe as I hear the airbase helicopters above in the night. I have access to public transportation.  I have enough income to support myself.  

I really can’t think of anything else I could ask for. I need nothing.  I expect nothing.  I hope of course for a lot of things!  I hope for health for my family and friends above all. No wars and peace is also a dream, but will probably remain so.  A cure for all cancers and diseases would be exceptional.
I hope and wish, but do not expect that most of the world’s population will ever have what I am thankful and blessed to have.  


MLMM Taleweaver – Birthday Blues

“I have just seen my birthday cake, overloaded with candles, and that horrible purple frosting.  At least it’s not green or blue, those colors stick with your dentures for days!  Another birthday and everyone supposes I want a huge celebration, and singing by strangers in a restaurant I don’t care for.  Why does everyone assume that the older you get the more obnoxious the birthday bash?  I’m sure they think they’re doing something good, but has anyone ever asked?”

“A surprise birthday party!  Everyone feels full of anticipation waiting for the honored guest to walk in…but has anyone ever really asked that guest if he wanted that?  I don’t think so.  I interpret it as a way of telling the surrounding family and friends that you cared enough to set this all up.  After all, calling to invite people, making arrangements at an eating establishment and making sure it is kept a secret, all a lot of work. . .oh my yes, a lot of work.”

The honored guest enters, weary at the thought, “it’s my birthday, again, why don’t they stop counting?  The cake is god awful, overrun with candles melting wax all over the horrendous purple. . .purple? frosting. When will they respect my wishes, it IS my birthday, not theirs.  You think I like wearing some uncomfortable elastic banded paper hat and having those blowout snake whistles blaring?  Has anyone even asked what I might like for my birthday, or if I even want to celebrate it?”

“Sometimes I think these wild celebrations are a way of compensating me in their minds.  They don’t call or visit during the year and think this makes up for that neglect.  If it eases their conscience for another year, so be it.”

The old man walks in the room and puts a fake smile on his face.