FFFPP – 36 – Oh, Uber!

You would expect it in a big city, all the hurried traffic. Trying to get a taxi in such a fast paced environment is a chore. Of course there’s Uber now, so more transportation is available, but hailing a cab is my daily pain in the neck.

Today my meeting is across town and I’m supposed to be there early to meet the new vendor. Of course I’m running late, spilled coffee on my good suit and it is going downhill from there. I changed into my shabby chic sweater and jeans and hoped my boss wouldn’t be at the meet.

Where are the taxis? I fumble around for my cell and find a number to call Uber. A friendly sounding woman answers. She took my address and promised the car would pick me up in ten minutes.  

A car pulls up and a rather tall, buxom woman got out and came over to me. “Are you the guy waiting for Uber? ” She opened the front passenger door and practically shoved me inside. Eyeing me from the driver’s seat, she put her hand on my thigh, saying, “I’ll take you anytime. . .uh. . .I mean anywhere you want to go, honey.”



Daily Prompt:  Mighty

Did your grandparents use the word “mighty” to describe anything big or huge or extremely important? Just wondering…

It’s going to be one of those days, I can already tell. Someone near me had a knock on their door and since I’m expecting packages today I was up and at ’em! Not my door, but once awake, you’re up.

The old teakettle complained again this morning. It likes to whistle. When I take it off, fill my cup, and put it back again, it whistles slow, but still complaining, even though the burner under it is off. Annoying, so I pick it up and set it on a cold burner and moving and setting it there it, complains louder and doesn’t give up as the steam settles to quiet it.

See? I told you it’s one of those days. By the way, the sky is mighty pretty today, flawless blue!


100 Word Wednesday – Death Mask

She finally finished it. The mask design creation to be worn on this special night. A skull was the perfect choice. A death mask, but not her death. . .Marisa had it all sorted out. While the mask dried she would finish the rest of her costume.  

An invitation to the masked ball was the perfect scene for her to complete her revengeful duty to her father. The baron was such a dastardly fellow, an assassination would hardly be surprising to his minions.

The costume donned, the mask at her side, Marisa stepped from the carriage, telling the driver to wait.

100 Word Wednesday: Week 37

Tell Me a Tale – Autumn

My favorite time of year is Autumn. The smell in the air of crisp Macintosh apples, drying leaves, and a hint of a cool breeze all make me feel complete. I think there’s also a bit of nostalgia considering I loved to return to school in this season. My favorite holidays were right around the corner, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the most favorite of all, Christmas.  
Carving pumpkins, collecting multihued leaves or creating wreaths from dried grapevines, all held a prominent place. Crunching through the leaves on a walk through the woods, or watching the red winged blackbirds resting on swampy cattails, represent the many pleasant times of autumn.


You’re not going to like this…

I express my feelings here often, but not too much about politics…

In light of the eight year old football team “taking a knee” during the National Anthem and not standing with their hands over their hearts as (I feel we all should) I have to say I’m almost as disgusted about this as I was about why they were doing it–the St. Louis “not guilty” verdict. 

 This country is diverse and we should take pride in that.  Respecting our flag is part of it.  The flag represents thousands of lives lost to protect the freedom to take that knee.  It also represents the thousands in hospitals still suffering, and the ones deployed continually, ALSO putting themselves on the line, away from their families, to keep that flag flying!  Protest?  Yes, to your local officials about unfair verdicts, local congressmen to support change, write letters, emails, phone calls, but do it in a respectful manner, not at an eight year old football game.

Teaching, supporting, accepting this disrespect, to me is disheartening and makes me ashamed of that behavior.


Daily Prompt : Crumb

This is a rant about a CRUMB of decency.  I was reading Danny’s post over at dreambigdreamoften.co and it took me back to when my children were in elementary school.  Our street was full of small children who walked two blocks to school.  There was a house a few doors up who had three large dogs.  They were allowed to run free unless their owners knew the dogcatching truck was coming.  For some reason, they knew when the authorities were coming and suddenly packed their dogs in a vehicle and left.  The neighbors surmised it had something to do with a police car that was seen frequenting the premises at lunchtime.  For an hour or so the police car would disappear into the garage of this house.  

Joggers were popular then and not immune to bites by the three dogs who loved to chase and threaten children, bikes, and full grown men.  I kept a broom by my front door to ward off the dogs till children were safely on their way to school.  Looking back now I suppose it was rather strange to see a woman warding off dogs in the street, but hey, I was a protective mother.

As in most times of my life when I stood up for what I thought was right, I was alone.  I called the dog catcher only to see the offending dogs loaded up and disappear.  Crossing the street one day with my kids in tow, the offending neighbor was sitting on their step.  I was surprised at a warning threat she called out to me about how my kids should be careful when out of their house.  I was livid to think my children were threatened.

I decided to lodge a formal complaint and I ended up going to court, and lost.  Being the only person who was willing to stand up and complain, it was thrown out.  Of course I thought the whole thing was rigged because of the police visiting the neighbor I was complaining about.  The worst part of it was learning that no matter how much people complain in private, they rarely put themselves out in public to change anything.  I guess it’s just human nature?  To me it was a great disappointment.

This was before cell phones, easily taken video, etc.  I felt defeated and cheated and learned a hard lesson.  You have to rely on yourself.  If you want to voice an outrage, be strong enough to do it by yourself, and do it.