MLMM Music Challenge 4-3-20

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This song was popular when my kids were in high school. My daughter and I used to sing it in the car. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler. It’s still one of my best liked songs.


Time to Write 4-3-20


“Can this stuff kill me?” Is my question to Silly Old Sod over at when he wrote his blog post talking about the famous English/Irish treat named black pudding. Being naive to most local treats around the world, I thought maybe a very dark chocolate pudding dessert.

Oh, no, it’s pork sausage and in the post you are able to click on a link to see it, read about it, etc. I hate to say this SOS, but I cannot imagine even trying a bit of this. But now the pub, I would willingly join you. Visiting my son who attended college in Boston, was taken to an Irish pub. It was the night Rose Kennedy died and the place was filled with off the cuff musicians and singers, lamenting her passing. I had a Black and Tan, suggested by my son. It was a sad but most interesting evening I will never forget.


Time To Write: Sentence Starter 52

Fandango’s Friday Flashback 4-3-20

From April 3, 2018 and the A to Z Challenge: C for Choices


Easy, hard, good, bad, we all make choices every day; possibly every few minutes depending on if and where you work, have children, parents, or coworkers that require it.

Even small choices may affect your life permanently. Making choices as a parent or caregiver not only affects you but the recipient of your decision.

It’s almost overwhelming to think of how a small word or phrase can influence the world around you. Sometimes people think it’s not so important, and unnecessary to take a lot of time pondering a choice. An example?

Our infamous leader.

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge


Straightening each little wrinkle in her fresh cotton dress, Jo was preparing herself for her first date at the age of fourteen. She wanted everything to be perfect, as if it wasn’t already. The blue eyed pageboy coiffed blonde was a striking sight for any young man at the high school.

This afternoon she blushed as the “man of her dreams” stepped next to her between classes. She almost too quickly said yes and the dinner date was on. Jo had never eaten pizza before. She took a bite—the entire top of melted cheese glob lay on her chin.


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