Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt 38

They were told not to cross

You never know what might be there

Kids don’t heed their warnings well

And who were they, not their boss

Slipped under the fence, not aware

The danger was a hidden well.


Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – Nancy said it best

“These boots were made for walkin'” she sang as she left their home. She loved all types of boots but today donned her thigh high black leather ones. They were perfect for taking care of business, and people tended to get out of her way when they saw her coming.

Her reputation for getting what she wanted when she wanted it was well known. She ignored the whispers on the street as she passed. Determination in her walk to the local bar, she hummed the tune loud enough for bystanders to hear.

“Guess Joe’s in trouble again” they whispered.

January 18: Flash Fiction Challenge

MLMM Tale Weaver – Who’s Fault is it Anyway?

“It’s all your fault! It’s okay here and then when it goes by you, it’s a huge jammshup!”

“What? What are you saying, the clog is my fault?”

“Yes, it’s a real jammshup! Everything moves along until it tries to slide by you and then it stops, a real jammshup!”

“Okay, first of all there’s nothing here by me that would cause it to stop, and second, there’s no such word as jammshup!”

“Oh yesh there ish.”


MLMM Wordle 183 – Mistaken Image

At the mirror she observed her complexion without mercy. Not to be fettered with reality, her mind was dark, and the gravity of her situation was more than obvious to her. The harrowing childhood she led early on, the abrasive attitude of her parents, all continued into her adult life.

She tried to not feed the flames, was trying to be the child they wanted. Now as she studied herself carefully, she realized all the reluctant obedience had accomplished nothing but bad memories. She looked again, sadly, with even more judgment. “I’ll never be pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough”.

JusJoJan 19 Darkness

Darkness isn’t really humorous, but I saw an ad for a relatively dark tv series on the POP network, starring Anthony LaPaglia, ” Without a Trace”. It just struck me funny the way he just says, in a diminishing flat tone: “so we don’t know where she is, we don’t know what she looks like and we don’t know where she disappeared”. Now if you’ve seen the ad, does it strike you funny the way he says it, or is it just me? Never mind, I know it’s always just me 🙄


FFfAW 1-16-18 – Fools’ Gold

“Yep! There it is, just like he said. Hard enough to believe he was real, being so tiny and all, but, there it is!”

Joe Blow was remarking to his friend Beaver Cleaver that though they were very educated men, they could believe in leprechauns. They came across the little guy in the forest while looking for mushrooms and not just any mushrooms. They found what they were looking for and decided to have a little picnic. They were just finishing up, when they spotted him. The tiny green man was singing and dancing around a tree trunk and caught Joe’s eye.

Joe and Beaver had eaten quite a few of their roasted favorites and the idea of seeing a small green elflike creature dancing, seemed perfectly natural. They listened to his song about what he finds at the end of a rainbow. Naturally they were anxious to see this “pot of gold” for themselves.

They followed his trail and saw the rainbow’s end. As they grew closer to the site, the effect of the mushrooms dissipated and they had clearer heads. The rainbow ended at a telephone repair shack and the pot of gold – a pail of brass fittings.

200 words