Fandango’s Flashback Friday

Prompt-44-Water – 3-24-2017

A lot of people have a “thing”about water. In Colorado we had good tasting water, we never really questioned if it was good for us. In Houston the water was so chlorinated you couldn’t drink it right out of the tap. Our son in law worked finding areas to set up mini windmills in different areas of Texas. He also could set up these water mills that provided filtered water very cheap, and maintained these mills as well.  We learned about some of the extensive filtration system. We started using the water and it  tasted good.

Here in Wyoming, where I live, the water to most people isn’t good. Being the cantankerous person I am, I refuse to spend money on bottled water. If I go out and buy tea or juice drinks so popular now, I save the glass bottle, put it in the dishwasher and fill it with tap water and refrigerate it. It tastes great and recycles the bottles.

Growing up in Vermont, of course we had great water. I remember watching my dad do water witching. That’s another story.
Side note. Did anyone see CBS morning news on Friday? They had a segment on my home state Vermont, and how we used to make maple syrup. If anyone taped it, or ahem, recorded it? Please leave a comment below. Thanks.

Have a good weekend!

Deja Vu

There seems to be an over zealous reblogger who is filling the Reader with blog posts not written by themselves. I would prefer seeing the vivid posts by persons I choose to follow instead. I don’t want to upset or cause defeat to anyone, but where are the regular bloggers most of us follow? If you choose to visit this (blogger)’s site there is nothing there.

3TC – Another Frustration

Lord have mercy! A simple, fundamental write which should be done without difficulty, is now a chore. The easiest part of my day used to be having coffee while reading and writing blogs. It used to be the most fun part of my day and extremely enjoyable. Now I have to search other’s blogs to find prompts because they are no longer coming in my email and even the Reader is full of someone who only puts on REBLOG posts and not my oldies but goodies. Is anyone else finding this? I rarely reblog and finding the Reader full of them is irritating, and most are not someone I follow. Or have you all dropped or blocked me? 😱 Your three words today are: SIMPLE EASIEST DIFFICULTY

Word Craft Poetry

💐 This week, using the painting as your inspiration, please write either a syllabic poetry form or a freestyle poem, including a syllabic form (both on the same post). 💐

art in my skewed view

dotted paints spread all around

his scene created

though critics may stare fondly

I prefer art more defined