Three Line Tales 9-19-19

Looking up wondering if I should, even if I could, climb the eerie stairs to find. . .what? He had promised no harm and it would be okay, no danger present, no horrible surprise to find; he. . .promised.

I stared at the odd shaped ascension, my nerves jingling, my hair twitching on my scalp. I couldn’t take my eyes off the railing as I clung to it as I moved upward.

Second stair from the top, I hesitated, for the last step would mean commitment. I lift my foot, step up, and suddenly the horror appeared, screaming my name.



Rory’s Daily Four🍀


I prefer variety but sadly, it’s not my life the last few years.

The stupidest way I hurt myself was in a water park wearing a new Lycra bathing suit. It was so slippery on the tubelike water slide I had no control and when the slide dropped about five feet I injured my tailbone and suffered for weeks afterwards.

Gargling with vinegar would definitely be my choice but have never done it. I have used it though on sliced cucumbers and tomatoes especially.

Anything buggy looking like shrimp.



SoCS 9-21-19

“Rap, rap, rap”. The noise heard down the stairs, the babysitter pulled the children close. Finally she knew she had to check it out. Slowly climbing the stairs, children under the covers in their beds, she was more nervous every step. The raps got louder as she ascended. She slowly opened the door to the attic.

She found a tumbled over box of wrapping paper.

Apologies, this is an old tale told by babysitters in the fifties.🙄🥴😂

If it’s Family. . .

Fandango’s word today I sort of passed by thinking I’d try to fit it in somehow and while getting ice cubes from the freezer for my twice a week treat of Sprite with actual lime or lemon juice added. . .bear with me, I’m getting to it. . .I thought to myself I should have asked my family last night if they wanted some. We drink water with meals, the kids drink milk, but the kids had water last night and I didn’t remember I had Sprite to offer.

Okay I admit right now as regular followers know, I never make a personal long story short.

So. . .I know you’re not supposed to begin a sentence with that, but if you’re still reading you know I always want to. We were eating dinner and talking about pizza. My daughter, 48, says, “I’m just going to make our own pizza from now on. I ordered from ? and there was a hair in it. Then a couple of weeks ago we ordered from Dominos and there was a long hair in that one too. Yuck, no more!”

My always gregarious newly thirteen year old granddaughter pops up perfectly serious look on her face, and says: Right! Then if we find a hair on it, we’ll know it’s family!

I almost forgot this conversation, otherwise I would have put it under the Friday Fun Challenge. But it’s Friday night, I’m watching a new series on Netflix and having my treat of Sprite. Thought about this and started laughing again. It’s important to laugh with your family. The sixteen year old practically choking on his coleslaw was just a bonus. Bad grandma!


Have a great weekend, and laugh!