MLMM – Wordle – 161

Fanny shook off her jacket and hung it on the back of the chair. Admiring the vase of gladioli at the table, she looked around the restaurant and admired the atmosphyere. She hadn’t been here before and if it wasn’t for the sudden cloudburst and no umbrella, she probably never would. She was not of the posture to sit alone to dine. The few dates she had rarely provided dinner in a nice restaurant so she settled in to dry off, waiting for a break in the downpour.

She wasn’t the only person to use the restaurant for shelter as she saw similar wet individuals rushing in suffering from soaked hair and dribbled mascara. She smiled, realizing she was lucky not having to wear many enhancement on her beautiful dark eyes. However, there were a couple of slovenly looking stragglers, but the restaurant people didn’t seem to mind, so why should she? 

People were finding places to sit and since she was alone at a large table, a man came over and asked if he could join her. His smile seemed to radiate charm, and she was surprised to find it welcoming. She was careful only to smile in return. She was not used to conversing with anyone, especially men. She kept her heart immured and rarely sought affection from anyone. She was used to being alone.

The gentleman started up a hopeful conversation saying, “Its really a downpour out there!”. She nodded in agreement. “Hi, my names Max, Max Applegate”, putting his hand forward in greeting. Fanny reluctantly shook his hand and found it surprisingly soft but strong.  

“I’m Fanny” was all she replied.

“Nice to meet you, Fanny. Are you going to order anything? I think I’ll have lunch. Want to join me?” Fanny didn’t realize until then that she was hungry. When the downpour came, she was on her way to grab a hamburger at McDonalds. It had been a long time that she had eaten in a nice restaurant.

“I guess I could, is it expensive here?” Immediately her cheeks turned pink, thinking she shouldn’t have said that. What would he think?

“Don’t worry about it, it’s my treat.” He motioned for the waiter to bring menus and while Fanny was engrossed in all the choices, Max was curiously watching her. Apparently this woman was fairly unfamiliar with the restaurant. He always like this eatery and frequented it often. They made their choices and then it was quiet. Max started speaking, but Fanny was reserved. He sensed her vulnerability and was carefully choosing his words.

They talked more after their meals were served. Fanny opened up a bit and started to enjoy herself. She couldn’t remember the last time she had dined with a charming man. After the meal, they enjoyed coffees and the rain ceased. Fanny glanced at her watch, realizing they had been there for two hours! What would her supervisor think? She got up quickly and put on her jacket. She thanked Max for the lunch and added she had a lovely time. She wondered how long it had been since she had used the word lovely for anything. Max offered his hand again saying he enjoyed it very much also. He then pulled out his card and put it in her hand. She accepted it while another blush appeared on her cheeks.

Hereafter she would remember this time and be more receptive.

MLMM Photo Challenge – 171

He admired his work.  It didn’t quite work out as he intended, but he could still admire her this way.  They say mermaids are not real, but Frank knew they were wrong. Frank was a lonely middle aged man who had suffered life’s disappointments, but now he had a reason to be proud.

He happened to be sitting on the shore of the bay when he glimpsed a reflection of sunlight bouncing off the waves. He often came to the bay by himself, getting away from the computer, his phone, and aconnection to anyone except the elements.  His gaze shifted and then something drew his eyes back to the same spot.  He couldn’t believe it, he thought it was a floating body.  That wasn’t a completely incredible thought but never seeing one before, he was morbidly curious.  He kept staring, wondering if it would float to shore, when he saw movement.  It startled him and he decided he would try to help this person.  He started swimming out toward the body and the closer he got, he realized it was a woman, obviously alive and needing help.

Frank wasn’t the best swimmer, but his adrenaline kicked in and he reached the woman fairly quickly.  She was in need of help,  but was resisting Frank’s arms. He noticed she was half naked, but his main focus was trying to get her to shore.  After a minute or so of flailing, she seemed to faint, and Frank brought her out of the water.  He looked admiringly at this beautiful body before him. She was still breathing, but seemed unconscious.  Frank looked her over with surprise.  Something had definitely harmed her legs.  Perhaps she was caught in a rope or weeds. He had no idea, but they didn’t look right.  She started choking and his attention was drawn to her face.  Frank lifted her to sit up and she seemed to recover.

Panic and fright filled her eyes and she made a few odd noises.  Frank thought he’d better get help.  This was one of those times he wished he wasn’t such a loner.  He didn’t know if he could carry her to his truck, but that was his only option.  There was a hospital a few miles away and that’s where he decided to take her.  She seemed to go in and out of a faint like state and he was worried she might not survive.  Arriving at the hospital he checked her into the ER.  Having no information to give, he relayed what happened.  They took her in.

That night Frank received a call from the hospital saying she would be released in the morning.  He would need a wheelchair transport.  He knew it, that’s probably why she had so much trouble in the water.  She must have been paralyzed.  He went to sleep that night dreaming of how she would be grateful for him saving her, and maybe they could at least be friends.

He rented a chair and picked her up.  He had no idea what her name was, where she lived, and how she got into such a predicament.  She didn’t really speak, so he took her to his home, helped her inside and when they were settled, he started to ask questions.  She only murmured. To Frank it seemed that she might still be in some sort of traumatized state, so didn’t think too much about it.  He noticed she looked uncomfortable and brought her a drink of water.  She drank it quickly and held it out to be refilled.  After the second time, he saw her pour the third glass of water over her legs.  They seemed to move a little.  He thought maybe she wanted a bath so he carried her in and sat her down in the tub.  He started the water and left her alone.

A half hour later she was still in the tub, so he knocked on the door and went in.  The hospital pajamas were off and she was completely submersed in the tub.  He went over immediately, thinking she might have fallen asleep, even drowned.  He lifted her head and saw the most beautiful bright sea green eyes.  Her hair was curly and beautiful, but the biggest surprise was her naked body was completely covered in iridescent blue and green scales.  He was shocked of course, but her beauty was so magnificent, he just stared.  She smiled and raised her legs.  They were legs, but now joined with fins on the end.

Frank could hardly believe his eyes, could she be a mermaid? He’d read of such mystical creatures but like most sane people, knew it was just a myth, an old sea legend told by bored, retired seamen.  There she was seemingly recuperated, and beautiful. He was in shock, his mind seemed to whirl, he couldn’t comprehend what was going on.  He didn’t know what to do.  She still didn’t speak, even though he started barraging her with questions.  She just smiled. 

He knew he had to hide her.  He didn’t want to take her back to the bay.  He was completely confused as to what he should do. This circumstance called for secrecy and he was thankful he was a true loner.  No one would be coming over checking on him, but he knew he had to move her someplace safe.  He should have taken her back to the bay.  He just didn’t want her to go.  He left her in the tub and decided to make preparations to take her to a safe place.  It didn’t occur to him that he might be holding her captive, or that she might prefer going back to the sea.  

Frank suddenly seemed obsessed with the idea of keeping her to himself.  He built a glass case so he could see her and she could be in water without leaving him.  He moved her into his truck.  She was trapped, but unable to protest since he took her from the tub and her life giving water.  The trip in the truck took longer than he expected and she was getting weaker by the minute. He had the area ready with a place for the wooden glass case.  He prepared it, filling it half full with water.  

He lifted her dry weakened body out of the truck and placed her in the case.  By this time, the beautiful colored scales had almost disappeared.  As he lifted her he couldn’t feel her heart beating.  He thought he might have taken too long getting there.  She wasn’t breathing.  Frank talked to her as he laid her in the case.  He spoke lovingly to her as he gently placed her hair around her neck.  She was still beautiful, he thought to himself.  She’s mine now, just mine.  My mermaid.

Share Your World 

Howdy Pardners! It’s time again for Share Your World on June 26, 2017, here in the old USA. It’s sunny and dry, finally warm days in a row, it must be summer. It’s almost July, so was hoping we would get some summer days.🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

Cee’s questions this week are:
1.  What goal are you working on now?

I have to say my goal is to write better stories on my blog.  I feel like I’m not achieving or growing in my posts.  I don’t have aspirations of being an author, I would just like to write better.

2.  What is one thing you tried and wouldn’t try again?

I’ve already admitted to being a complete failure at sports.  I would not try riding a motored bike of any kind again.

3.  Did you choose your profession or did it choose you?

I wanted to be an Executive Secretary as it was called in those olden days, or Office Manager.  As it was, I did both and loved it.

4.  Have you ever gotten lost?

Once in downtown Denver I was driving with my mother in law in the car.  She was afraid of being downtown.  I was nervous with her being with me and missed a street.  She panicked, but we were fine and got on the right street very soon.

5.  What are you grateful for from last week and what are you looking forward to this week?

As I mentioned earlier, I am thankful my grandson was unhurt in the car accident.  This week I am looking forward to getting a financial matter settled.

Share Your World – June 26, 2017