Some days you’re in the zone

Poems or stories well shown

Easy come the words that day

Written while you smile away

But then a day when nothing fits

Words contemplated give you fits

It’s just another day you think

Lots of paper with no brain ink.



Mouse Hunt

Dan over at today reminded me of this comedy we saw years ago. One of the photos shown was The American Thread Company, hence this film. It’s a slapstick delight with Nathan Lane (you gotta love him in anything) and Lee Hunt.




MLMM Tale Weaver #237

Life should imitate nature”


Isolation from the “norm”

A present goal in society

No matter the beauty

Without or within

Fear is ever present

Consider violets

Different colors and shapes

Some consider them weeds

I only see unique beauty

Employ concordance

Embrace differences.


100 Word Wednesday

Nostalgia reigned as we gathered for the concert. Most of us were wearing our ragged shirts from their first concert we attended as a group of college students in the seventies. It was wonderful seeing everyone again and the music brought back memories of our younger carefree days.

A lot had changed in our lives, some lovers of that time married, ended up disillusioned in divorce, others grew weary of the college life and dropped out. The military had claimed the life of one of our group. We met, drank, laughed, shed a tear of loss, but celebrated being together.


100 words