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My idea of a night out in a restaurant:

Black crisp tuxedos worn by waiters

White starched linen tablecloths

Red wine poured in abundance

Green salad with toasted croutons

Pink centered tender beef steak

Yellow butter melting on a baked potato

Orange candied sliced carrots

Brown and cream dessert

Clear sparkling cubes in water glasses



Word Craft Poetry

Gwen says the 4-11 is a stanza of eleven lines, four syllables each line. The beginning line also repeats as the last line.


Image from Pinterest

Peanuts, he said

For the squirrel

She looked askew

Wondering how

He expected

Her to get close

To even feed

The creatures that

Resembled rats

Don’t, just toss them—

The peanuts, he said.



5 Things Tuesday

I find I am addicted to audible books and certain narrators. Here are five books I’ve liked:

1. “The House in the Cerulean Sea” by TJ Klune

2. “The Dispatcher” by John Scalzi

3. “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah

4. “Tier One” by Andrews and Wilson

5. “And Then She Vanished” by Nick Jones


I have tons more and if it’s a series I read them all til done😄



Simply Six Minutes


You know how it is, just like they say, “opposites attract”. That was Joe and Julie, total opposites that happened to fall in love and ended up on an inherited farm in the countryside. Living there was an adjustment for both of them, but practical Joe knew they could make a living growing wheat on the property. It was a large parcel of land with fertile soil and he liked the physical challenge of the work. Julie on the other hand thought wheat was boring and decided to research any popular trendy products she could cultivate. She found lavender fit the bill perfectly. Once again the opposites found love. Love renewed with each other and love of the land and its yield.



Fandangos Story Starter


saw the biggest bear I’d ever seen! I knew vacationing in a cabin in this dense forest might be a risk, but what the dickens? I had taken all precautions: keep the trash covered, make sure the bells on all the doors and windows were working to alert me if there were any intruders, and keep a nightly fire going outside. But somehow this humongous bear was standing right there looking at me. He wasn’t growling, he wasn’t advancing, he was just staring.

“So dude” he said, “you play poker?”