Doctors/Dentists 😨


Were doctor/dentist appointments a regular part of your childhood?

No. If I needed a doc he came out to our farm. If I saw his car in driveway I hid. My first dentist appt at 12 years old was an omen-horrible, scary and mean.

2. Did you go for well-checks or just when you were ill or in pain?


3. Were you frightened by the medical professionals? If so, were there specific reasons?

Yes there was always a mean attitude and pain involved.

4. Were your parents afraid of medical professionals?


5. Was waiting in the exam room stressful to you?

There were no waiting rooms. I was jumping on my bed at three years old. A definite no-no and had a concussion but was out until I woke up under a huge X-ray machine.

6. Did your early visits result in your being afraid of needles?

Definitely but they don’t bother me now.

7. Does the sight of your own blood bother you?


8. Did you ever have the need to go to an emergency room?

As a child – the concussion only time.

9. Did your early experiences impact your current attitudes about medical care?

After having a baby it was all good and not fearful. My current experience with doctors now is old hat and nothing really bothers me. I’ve had so many incompetent medical and dental doctors since 16 years of age that anytime I find one who actually knows something and helps, it’s a miracle.


Foiled Again!

The hot glow was disquieting since trying to anneal the padlock’s loop was taking much too long. The shallow thin flame seemed to do nothing at all to dislodge it from the heavy padlock base. The thieves’ plans had only a sketch of it drawn from a quick glance. A flashing light was appearing in the distance—foiled again!

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All I want is a sandwich….

Instead of my own flashback this Friday the 13th😳I present Vinny’s hilarious experience at Subway:

Life is a rusty rollercoaster

A couple of weeks ago I went to a place I vowed never to go back to….My first experience there was horrific… A nightmare that left me emotional scarred for life…I still can’t eat a chicken sandwich without having a flashback…….

Many moons ago we were doing a bit of shopping and my wife said, “Shall we go to Subway? It’s nice.” Now I was hungry, y’know when you could eat a scabby horse (sorry to the vegans out there but I was famished) and I thought, yeah, why not. I’ve seen the adverts. Mouth watering sarnies to chomp on. So I walk up and peruse the menu, which I couldn’t make head nor tail of. Suddenly I’m at the counter and a fairly unhappy face greeted me. “Yes can I help?”the young man asked. Apparently his correct title is a Sandwich Artist. I smiled, one of us had to…

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#writephoto Open

For visually challenged writers, the image shows an entranceway in amongst some stone walls to a bright green garden.


Julie was drawn into the doorway by a bright beam of sunshine that never seemed to show on her side of the garden. What iniquity she thought to herself, is that why this door had always been closed? She decided to go through and explore this new area, to behave bravely, not as she was brought up. She was definitely going to speak to her mother, thinking she needed some type of rebate for all the fun times she could have discovered in this sunny part of the property.




Sew on a button?

You’ve got to be kidding!

My eyesight is only fair to middling

Even if I could see the button’s holes

To thread a needle is an impossible goal

My eyes are the first thing to go

Even my mind is now a bit slow

I try to stay “in the know”

But this body aging is a sorry blow.