The Morning After

I loved this photo from Dan over at . If you haven’t checked out his blog, I urge you to do so. He is a multi talented man who shares his life and photos. This photo is from his “One Liner” post today. Thanks for sharing it, Dan!


The party was a true success

Even all invited guests

Would agree and you can see

It was a chilly barbecue eve.

Friends and countrymen alike

Rode in on their motorbikes

All ready for a beefy fest

Pulling Coronas from a chest.

All going well until

A siren sounded shrill

Usually friendly neighbors all

Decided it was time to call

Authorities to prevent a row

But bikers were quiet, eating chow.

It seemed some bikers had parked

Where “cars only zone” was marked

Seeing all the cycles there

Law enforcement was ensnared.

The lesson here is clear, I strive

Don’t judge a group by what they drive

The whole thing over, decided as a ruse

When neighbors joined in to drink the booze.

The morning after showed a happy neighbors’ man

Placing icy bottles in a can

Ready for the recycling van.


Fandango’s Provocative Question #98


Great timing on this one as I just wrote about this to a friend this morning. Here is the gist of it:

I was throwing out newspapers getting ready to take the trash. My daughter and her husband had just dropped off my grocery order and were on their way out, saw two rolled up newspapers and said “you don’t read them?” I said I told them to stop delivery because they are sometimes thrown way away from my door or none come, and then one day there was a pile of them on my door, so I said stop already!  It was a free promotion from the Eagle. 
She replied, “well at least you could do the crosswords like other old ladies.” I was disappointed I’m regulated as an old lady, even though it’s been a family joke for thirty years. I don’t want just that to be how people think of me. And I thought, foolishly, I’m not just an old lady, at least I hope not.
So I didn’t say that because old lady is an affectionate term used in my family. It is a joke between us ever since I worked at Walmart in TX, years ago. There were three of us women in the jewelry department in Walmart.  We were all about the same age, mid 40s.  One day the manager came to us and said, “a customer has a complaint.  He’s up front saying an older larger lady was rude”.  We all just started laughing and the manager was not amused.  We never found out who he was referring to, but the reference stuck.  So T and I still joke about it today.

That was it, and this lockdown makes me at least, turn inside, with plenty of time to consider myself, too much so, and this is a result. Too much thinking by myself is not a good thing. At least I can reflect on the humor in it, which is my way of getting through life in general.