Simply Six Minutes Challenge


“Oh Mickey, you’re so fine

You’re so fine you blow my mind,

Hey Mickey, hey Mickey”

Mickey just loved when Mackey sang this song to him. No other guy in the burrow had such a thoughtful girlfriend, and she had a great singing voice too! It was their anniversary tonight and they just settled back to enjoy each other and a nice meal of pumpkin seeds.


Songwriters: Chapman Michael Donald / Chinn Nicholas BarryMickey lyrics © Universal Music – Mgb Songs


Tuesday Writing Prompt

Devereaux Frazier and Beth Amanda are currently hosting the Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge which was started by our star writer Christine Ray. We hope to offer all of you something that will spark your creativity and willingness to participate.

The prompts are designed to be quick challenges that can be written in 10 to 15minutes, inspire you creatively, are fun, and get everyone interacting. Please post your response to the prompt in the comments below and show your fellow posters some love and support. All members of the Go Dog Go community, including Baristas, are welcome to participate. Feel free to share this post on your own blogs and/or Facebook. Today’s prompt: Write a poem from the viewpoint of a turkey.


Well Tom, the time is drawing close

This year it’s our turn to be the roasts

I admit it’s been fun here, hanging out

Especially when the farmers start to spout

“It’s spring” and love is in the air

But think about it, is it really fair

That only guys are chosen then?

What happens to all those turkey hens?

It’s actually obscene, a brothel in pens!

Well here they come, brandishing those axes

I bet they’re a business expense on their taxes!

It’s been nice while it lasted, see you soon

Dressed as our best in the dining room.


We have it all wrong


We try. We all try to wake up bright and bushy tailed at five in the morning—even though it’s pitch outside and there’s no sunshine bleeding through the drapes to wake us naturally. We still wake at the pre-time-change hour, each cursing the lack of daylight, each checking the frosty temperature at that ungodly hour with the coming cold season here in the northern hemisphere.

In the early evening, activity stops and silence abounds, sometimes broken by a remote changing a channel or a laugh from some comedy routine, but for the most part, all is quiet on the northern front, around five pm. We could of course go to bed earlier than our usual routine, then I suppose waking up in the dark we might be fully awake. My own personal experience is no matter what time I try to go to sleep, I invariably wake between three and five.

We humans have it all wrong. We need to hibernate as animals do. That way when the sun does start to wake us again, we are b and b with them!


(Bright-eyed supposedly comes from the late 1500s, while bushy-tailed is said to have hailed from 1865-1870, though no direct source is clear for either of them. They were seen together for the first time in talking about a squirrel, which did, in fact, have bright eyes and bushy tail.)

(The expression ‘pitch dark’ derived. as a reference to things which were. as dark (or black) as pitch (that is, tar). Pitch is the sticky, resinous, black or dark brown substance that is obtained as a residue from the distillation of wood tar or turpentine.)