I used to be a person who would not compromise.  There are only a few things now that I won’t.  Personal values may sway a bit but when it comes down to the end, I stand strong.  I think inherit beliefs and values stick with you forever.  
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Picture Prompt-44

They aren’t coming back.  I should have known.  A loving family with a mom, dad, a sister and brother for me.  What is it they say –too good to be true?  I should have known, just like all the others, a few days and then I’m back here.  It’s not always my fault.  This time I should have just stayed quiet, not answering their questions with the truth.  

No one believes the truth.  They think things like that couldn’t possibly happen to a girl my age.  A lot of things did, and whenever they ask, I don’t lie.  I tell them of my past.

A girl so young shouldn’t  have a past. Her life could have been loving, with a nice school, birthday parties, and friends.The girl looked out to see a fourth hope driving off.  She was getting so discouraged.  No one was going to believe her, or take her into their family when they knew what she’d been through. I have to tell no one, not again.  They just think I’m lying. I’ll just keep everything to myself.  The nightmares won’t let me forget, but I can try to hide the rest.

A few weeks later, another prospective family came.  They looked friendly.  She decided she would do or say anything to get out of the facility.  The matron walked beside her to meet them.  


Visual Prompt-1977

A wedding photo?  I think not.

It’s just part of a plot.  

The older woman not to blame

She’s happy to take his name.

He on the other hand is crafty and young

But on this day his hopes are hung

On marrying, then leave the old lady

A scoundrel is he?  Well maybe.

You see his family’s fortune was taken

By the first husband of this maiden.

I admit it was hardly her fault

But try to stop him? She did not.

All she knew was he had money to spend

Where it came from she didn’t intend

To question, just enjoy.

Now she was loved by a different boy

Young and handsome, oh what joy!

After the wedding  vows were spoken

He knew his wife’s heart would be broken

But all he wanted was revenge

And all her money he would scavenge

A  broken heart did not concern him

Even though her future’s dim

Not his problem when he absconds

With the money, stocks, and bonds.



She was always in the mirror

Wished her beauty was much clearer

Then dreams of love from the Prince

He wouldn’t need to be convinced

To notice her, but she was plain

With such a spectacular brain.

She needed to be transcendent

Dress in something with an essence

Do her hair a special way.

Would he see and turn away?

She didn’t know that he had spied

And looked on her as future bride.

Appearances can be deceived

But her knowledge he perceived

No need to shirk his princely duty

Brains were his idea of beauty.

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – Jan. 20th/17

Daily Prompt:  Privacy

I admit to wearing leggings and socks

Otherwise my knees tend to knock

I don’t wear gowns with too much lace
To sleep, no makeup on my face
My goal is warmth so legs will rest
Keeping me up, they do their best.
I never shut the bedroom door
Unless my company has to snore
So privacy is not on my list
Got claustrophobia, get the gist?
So even if someone took a peek
They wouldn’t find what they seek

At bedtime I am fully clothed

But then, I am not betrothed.

Younger days when being married

Nightclothes over years were varied.

Soft and sexy is how it started 

After kids those gowns departed.

Privacy with kids is hardly abled

So sexy attire was often tabled.

Now I can dress for myself

But still have some things on the shelf.

Ok, I give up on spacing!  It never looks here like it shows in the preview.   What’s up with that?