Love is in da Blog- Summer Love

“Summer Nights'” from the movie “Grease”

To Shave or Not to Shave?

Mustaches on men quite attractive

On ladies they are interactive

Plucking here

Shaving there

Getting rid of all that hair

Nothing quite so distracting

Errant hairs that insist on tacking

Themselves on chins and lips

Using tweezers or scissor snips

Quite a chore, then there’s brows

Looking like hanging tree boughs. . .

All the hair on a person’s face

And only women feel disgrace.


🧏🏻‍♀️Before you ask, no, I am not in favor of bearded women.🤦🏻‍♀️

Sunday Whirl

Playing knights and princesses, the child dropped his spear when he saw the princess was fighting with a young dog. As the two children ran along the lawn’s green expanse, the puppy thought they were inviting him to play.

The princess was pulling at her skirt, protesting, “Get away! It’s mine!” The fine line of lace was being torn away from her costume as the pup started to bite at the edges. His sharp teeth caught in the design. Dragging along behind the princess, he relished the chase. Sadly the knight caught up with him and returned him to his own yard, where he sat envying the players’ fun, with a trace of sadness in his expression.

Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt 2-22-20

Looking at finances

I find it quite dismal

Coffers are empty

Looks abysmal

I should not have touched the spindle

Therefore lighting the kindle

To gamble and act so sinful.


Let it not be said I was not wise

In my youth I never surmised

Or ever contemplate

I would find myself in this state


Budget matters bored me to tears

Causing any efforts to end up in arrears

The reckless and loneliness came about

Started gambling to fill the drought

That money can’t buy, tis true

Especially when bills always come due.