Tell Me Something Good – 54

Woohoo! Good afternoon people, and do I have good news from the home front! My grandson came to spend the day with me and helped me clean a couple of things:

 1. My laptop

 2. My floors

That may not seem a big deal to anyone else, but it makes my heat sing! Only the heart, you wouldn’t want to hear the real thing, believe me. Opening the blinds this morning I noticed my sparkling clean floors, gorgeous….after snow, mud and slush tracked over them by the wheels lately, those gray trails have disappeared. Yum!

Sunday Photo Fiction


Cleaning is not my strong point

Being alone, keep a pretty neat joint

Now some appliances can be annoying

Like vacuum cords always cloying

Around or under my chair’s wheels

So irritating, you know how it feels

I’ve threatened to throw it through the roof

But into a tree? What a goof!

Daily Prompt: Avid



Everyone remarked her tastes were lavish

She hoped they were above average

Said, “In society you have to have leverage”

Spending for “looks” she didn’t like steerage

The uppity noses of neighbors with peerage

She tried to impress with expenditures growing

All the while her bank account lowering

Husband responded, “your attempts have been avid,

But for acceptance, they’re certainly not valid.”

Daily Prompt:  Harmony

I’m all for knights in suits of armor

Admiring princesses, expressing ardor

Old time romance as pictured in 

The movies with Bogart and Flynn 

Who said fervent words, but so tender

It’s a whole new concept with today’s gender

Moon and croon and meet in the garden

Turns into quick texts of words more hardened

It’s less about love and more about sex

No longer asking for a doorstep peck

But a full on romp and not just in the hay

Where is the romance, is there any today?

Is it just “get it on” without delay?

Guess I’m just too old for this day.

Thinking with too much irony

Should just “go along” in harmony.