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Leading a boring life almost every day, I think I would like Sean Connery to be my costar in life. . .uh, I mean in a movie. The movie would be a saga of him as a knight who could transform himself into a fiery dragon if needed. Being the handsome, Dudley DoWright of the era–faithful, loyal and true in the days of knighthood fantasy would be exciting. I’m not talking about the real day to day life of knights in those days dodging pots of sewage on the street and heaven knows I would not want to be stuffed into the heavy dresses and tight corsets of a woman’s clothing of that era.

I am merely writing of the fantasy of a knight in shining armor. The white steed where he sweeps me off my feet and plops me in front of him on the saddle, whisking us both away to some furry rug in front of some warm crackling stone fireplace in some castle that is in perfect condition but has inside plumbing! Hey, it’s a fantasy!

As soon as we arrive on the property, grass turns green even in winter, wild colorful flowers instantly bloom and forest animals all greet us. Blue birds on the white birch tree branches sing a welcoming song as my knight lifts me off the horse and we retire to the inner part of the castle. A feast of the day is spread on a small table next to the fireplace and the night is ours alone.

Dream on. . .


Talking Heads

I listened to the songs and liked them but when I finally saw a video of him dancing around in that big suit, it was a riot! I dare you to sit still listening to this:

MLMM Tale Weaver #193

“Can you see it? Can you see the new baby fairy? Can you tell if it’s a boy or girl? Oh, I hope, hope hope it’s a girl! I hope they name her Rosinda!”

“Rosinda! That’s your name, Rosy! Why would they do that?”

“Because I just looooove babies, especially girl babies and. . .I want to be remembered.”

Rosinda backed away from the window where all the single fairies had gathered to see the birth of the very newest of their kind. She helped Fantya with the white garland they draped around the window as a gift of good luck and long life. Each fairy wanted to see but Rosinda was the first one. All of her short life she wanted to be recognized, loved for herself, not just as one in a group of beautiful fairies.

Fantya let her help and tried to console her with words of praise. “Why, Rosinda, don’t you know everyone loves you? You have special talents some of us do not. Besides, Rosy, everyone, including you, has unique qualities.”

Rosinda backed away from the group and decided to go back to her flowers. She kept a hidden smile all to herself thinking she really was loved.

Putting My Feet in the Dirt 18

It happened at midnight

The frightening sight

And it took all my might

To try not to look at the devilish delight.

It wasn’t just the horrid blight

Of the dark in the middle of the night

I was mesmerized by the site

My computer screen all alight

The colors were way too bright

They were amazing even in spite

Of the laptop’s age–twenty years, quite

The devil appeared in all his right

Through the wild colors, there was no slight

In spectacle as I looked with fright

It was like I was cast in a spell of benight

But that wasn’t the worst this night

Before, I thought my room was airtight

But was suddenly surrounded by aplite

Unable to move myself from my plight

I couldn’t escape the devil’s might

And succumbed to his evil bedights

I never woke up from this, despite

All my efforts, I went down in the fight.


October Writing Prompts

Bragging rights?

I think when you become a grandparent, bragging rights just come with it. Being a parent you might be shy about it, but when that grandchild comes along, whoa! It’s full on, full steam ahead. But I digress. . (love that phrase!)

One of my talented granddaughters wants to be an actress. Even with all the warnings of sure-to-come pitfalls she’s going for it. Her first unofficial role will be as Jean in this community college play:

Yup, that’s her, beauty on the left! : )

One Liner Wednesday

When shopping with children, they certainly get bored easily. When my now 22 year old granddaughter was tiny, she was growing impatient with her mother and me trying to make a decision on a clothing item at the counter.

Her now famous, “the bag or not?” is still used by all of us today in any situation when we’re waiting for someone to make up their mind.

One-Liner Wednesday – Words of Wisdom

100 Word Wednesday #93

“Jerry, I’m tired of sitting here–this mask is starting to itch! Tell me again what we’re doing here and why these odd toys around me? The mask was tolerable at first. I thought it was your way of showing me your. . . uh, adventurous side?”

Julie was getting perturbed sitting there in the theatre, just as he posed her. Initially, she thought he was just trying to impress her with his acting skills, but now she wasn’t sure. She tried to turn to face him, but seemed glued in that position.

“No worries, only one more prop”, lighting the flare.

100 Word Wednesday: Week 93

Game on – series 2 – Just Creepy

The spirit of October’s Halloween lives! Check this out!

A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!


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