100 Word Wednesday – Decisions

Harry sipping his coffee contemplating the next sentence to write. He often sat here in the mornings, always his back to the street. The position was chosen because Harry only wanted to see what he wanted to see. Keeping his back turned towards the world, outside his safe coffeed haven, might make him think too much.

Harry may fancy himself a writer of importance, but his imagination is limited in this small chosen respite.

If Harry would choose different positions in life, seek out an adventure to expand his horizon, he might be free of his cocoon, with extraordinary results.


100 Word Wednesday: Week 124

Fifty Word Thursday


Hues of blues
Surrounding other moving blues
All swimming together for safety
And companionship in more blue liquid
Diving ever deeper among the green
Hues of green mean respite
Though all surrounds are in constant motion
Where complacency and cessation can never exist
Brown and green’s constant wavering means