I was sad, disappointed, and disillusioned. I was at the end of my rope. I didn’t realize how my feelings had permeated my skin and the air around me until I walked back up to my apartment. At the top of the stairs, looking down, everything I touched had turned blue.


Swan Lake

Victoria floated across the stage as the new star of the ballet company. Her envious companion swans were poised behind her. Victoria became the ingenue despite their actions, jealousy, and starting vicious rumors about her and the leading man. As she danced by them, giving a smirk unseen by the audience, she thought, “you tried to ruin me, but I succeeded anyway.”



Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Fairy

To live as a fairy would be such delight

Hiding in the sunshine, coming out at night

Sitting on a petal or riding on a leaf

Fairy life is an adventure, but all too brief

Visible to children whose view is not construed

Such innocence is why only they can view

The slightest movement of a fairy’s wings

Because in a child’s mind, imagination sings.



What do you See? 8-10-20

Underneath the glitter and the paint, all a ruse to hide what is or ain’t, you’ll never see the real, the one who stays hidden, all the reasons and of travels that were ridden, none of what matters to you or anyone, revealed out loud or ever felt in unison, under all the colors, all of all remains unseen.