WordPress Blues

I woke up this mornin’

Had nothing to lose

Opened the iPad

Start the WordPress blues

When it’s early in the mornin’

I read by app on my phone

It seems to recognize me with

A completely different tone

I push the like, it opens

To somethin’ you have written

You know I love you bloggers

Your words just have me smitten

I got the WordPress blues

It’s happenin’ again

Everythin’ disappears

After I push send.

Write a comment, push reply

Takes the info, disappears

It’s killin’ me baby,

Will you dry my tears?

It’s killin me baby, I guess crying ain’t no use

I keep tryin’, they keep comin’,

Those old WordPress blues.


Play them blues, boys!




Word of the Day: Random

A completely random happening, the tiny fisherman fell. Placing the teetering man back in his spot, brings memories of when my children had grandfathers. Beside the art object stands a frame displaying a photograph of him holding my oldest son as an infant. Some may say these are dusty knickknacks, but I choose to look at them, and be reminded of gone-by days.

And then you wonder, in a breezeless room, if the occurrence was a brief greeting.



Country Morning

Branches of light lick the corners of the bed, as dawn brings us the morning sun. The imminent rhythm of early chores, preparing breakfast, coffee percolator popping, and the oven door closing till cranberry muffins are baked.

The inner single fireplace log sounds reluctant cracks as the icy wood meets the flame. No time to mince the splendor of the morning routine. Rise and shine.


Another, Anyone else?

I know you’re sick of me asking, is it me, because it usually is. I can’t seem to coordinate upgrades to WP, email, phone and iPad in order to make everything work well. I have the Reader, but most people I follow here I receive an email with their latest post. I don’t know who is to blame, me, yahoo, or WP. Lately when I try to leave a comment, I have to put in my name, email address, website url and then comment. After all that repetition, I click on “post comment” and get a blank page telling me I can’t post a comment. I’m also sometimes, getting a weird report looking tiny print version of your post, no pictures, just a huge wide report post and I can’t comment on those either. Times like these I look like the guy in the photo⬆️⬆️⬆️.🤯

If you’re not receiving my comments or likes, I am sorry. I appreciate all of you. Thanks for reading.❤️