No Longer Fixable

Image: DeviantArt


Why I try to mend this heart

There it is all apart

Pins and needles can’t repair

The heart you see just laying there.

It’s still attached, just to me

Because you left, chose to flee

I try hard not to give up

Hoping you’ll once again fill my cup

I think this time it’s finally over

When you said you’re but a rover.

I don’t think this fix will set

I’ll leave it here, hope to forget.


6 thoughts on “No Longer Fixable

  1. Great pic! And poem.

    From the day you chose to leave
    I wear my heart upon my sleeve
    All around the neighbourhood
    Pretending it is looking good
    I have no place for it inside
    Have nowhere for it to hide
    I bare my soul for all to see
    Pleading for some sympathy

    So take my heart, it’s yours to steal
    It’s genuine. It’s bloody real.
    It does not function all alone
    It needs to find a happy home
    Perhaps these days it’s not the same
    From being left out in the rain
    I’m thinking for protection that
    I should keep it in my hat.

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