Putting My Feet in the Dirt 7

Hey Judy! This is really fun! Even Punky the pooch likes it. Look at all those fish!

Judy screams with delight as she spots an octopus.

It’s probably time to head back to shore, mom and dad might be worried.

Judy looks around, peering through the porthole, straining to get her bearings. I don’t know, Jim. Which way do we go?

Jim goes to look through the periscope. Nothing. He looks back at Judy. You had one thing. One thing to do: make sure the popsicle periscope was up and working. That’s all I asked of you.

I forgot they would melt in salt water! Sorry, Jim.

Luckily the parents of these two adventure seekers thought ahead. They attached a long line to their children’s submarine.