I said to them….

“Boys, Christmas is over”. But just because the tree’s put away, they’re not leaving. Cool!



MLMM Wordle #218

“I don’t want you to assume any hypocritical theory about this brief parting” he said with a slight frown. He observed her sitting quietly beside him on the platform. “I’m going to miss you terribly!” The professor tried to build the framework of a logical excuse to dislodge any doubt of the real reason for leaving.

His lover, rising to stand above him, chose to swap her doomsday theory of his never returning, to reasons why she would be better off without him. “It’s alright, George”, she offered. “At least I won’t have to listen to your Schrödinger’s cat theories any longer. Bon voyage!” The train engine roared impatiently as she smiled and walked away.


Word of the Day: Plan

It was not in the plan. Of course it never is, waking up too early with stuff on your mind. You know that type of stuff you finally let go the night before so you could get to sleep?

Not my plan, anyway. But then there’s that annoying text that beeps you awake, “have you called yet?” The text refers to a call I should have made days ago. I replied, “no, they’re two hours later and I want to be awake when I call.”

It’s now two hours later my time, I made the call, glad I did, but it was not without consequences. That’s why I didn’t make it days ago. I was waiting till the pain would ease, but of course it didn’t. Now it has, a bit. Crying after the call ceased for a while, until I started writing this.

It’s one of life’s miseries, trying to accept someone else leaving this plane, hopefully to rise to a better one. We all have to do it, but that will be easier than having someone you love do it.

Plan – Word of the Day Challenge

Going Artistic

REBLOG: Haircuts on our children, we’ve all tried it! 🙄😳😂

A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

The sheep are back in the farm at the back of our house. As a result our mad dog has parked himself at the fence, getting very excited and wagging his tail. He’s been doing this for 3 hours and showing no signs of getting bored.

If it keeps him happy…

Meanwhile inside it’s the dreaded artistic adventure.

Dad can you cut my hair”

Trying to convince him that a trip to the hairdressers would result in a much better final product than the usual dad disaster.

No no no. I’m not going to have a stranger cut my hair. I’d rather take a risk on one of your shockers…”

So we started. I could feel my hands shaking. My IBS gripping my insides.

Dad did you know you stick your tongue out when your cutting my hair”.

I do it every time I panic. I also…

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FFFAW #200 – Left Out Again

Watching from a distance, Johnny was excited to see their reaction. He could hardly contain his glee. He was finally going to get his revenge. One swift kick of the ball was all it would take.

Anticipation was making him sweat. Quit pussy-footing around, he thought. Yes, that’s it, gather closer so you’ll all be in on it. . .yes, get in there! Joe raised his foot behind him, ready to blast that ball once and for all. Suddenly Jack pushed him aside and kicked the ball.

Poof! Sticky nonremovable glitter covered everything within twenty feet! Johnny fell over laughing.


Movie Monday

A virtual valentine of actors in “Wonder Boys”.

A professor, suffering from writer’s block, tries to deal with the pressures of his complex love life and his troubled students’ assorted problems. Despite the encouragement of one of his admiring female pupils, the professor is obsessed with his current work. He finds release in his friendship with a lonely but gifted student, but the news of his lover’s pregnancy further complicates his already difficult life.

FOWC: Inane

I love prompts like this inane

Very easy on the brain

Nothing to lose or even gain

As long as it’s kept on the plain

Not deviating from the main.

Reading this may cause a pain

Maybe I should just explain:

Followers, readers I never feign

And my writing suffers deign

Tomorrow I’m sure to write again

I rarely vary from this grain

You may read it with disdain

Yet, still reading–are you insane?

Thank you all for reading my scribbles..it’s fun for me! 🙄😎

FOWC with Fandango — Inane