“My car just broke down, the engine is dead, now what can we do?”

“We can call Joe’s Delivery. They deliver all over town and I’ve heard great reviews on Instagram!”

“Cool, you call and I’ll take the dog for a walk.”

After fifteen minutes and an extraordinarily high MasterCard payment the delivery came. Martha opened the door to see a handsome young man dressed in a tux.

“Hello? May I help you?”

“Hi, I’m Joe, and I’m here to deliver. Any special requests?”




Palm Sunday

I rarely look at the calendar itself, just the date. I was surprised today to see it is Palm Sunday here. It reminded me of great church services in Montrose, Colorado with a certain minister. He was very supportive of our family when the grandkids were young and had medical issues. I think there are a few really sincere pastors and he certainly is one.