Question Time from Rory

Do you sometimes ‘just’ LIKE posts from those you follow but don’t often read the content, and if so, why do you do this? No

Inspired by Sadje. Have people become lazier concerning cooking do you think, or is it more a case of people not knowing how to cook? Both

Is cooking considered a valuable skill by you? Definitely

What news stories, in your opinion, have so far defined the 2020’s and what do you think they have taught us personally as individuals? Violence, hate, apathy and the Trump influence since 2016 has dominated and outlined these actions and faults.

What would you never swallow even if you could? Any buggy so called edible items

How many hours of sleep do you get a night, and how many hours do you think you need and why? Average of four

How important is it to you to have a clean house or environment to live in and does it have to be pristine? Very important to be neat and clean

Would you give up your Smartphone and break your addiction to it? No, it is a literal life saver for me

What have been five of your best TV shows from the dawn of dot to today? MASH, ER, Walter Kronkite news, Laugh-In, Saving Grace. They were good because they showed life as it was, as it could be, compassionate and real; sort of a span of our lives in segments

Why is life not a bed of roses but a bed of thorns? What makes your life good and or bad? I think life is what you make it and neither statement is true.

Toasted waffles or bread and why? I like both but rarely have either

How do you feel about the ageing process and you? I am 76 but I don’t feel my age really. I am lucky to be in good health after so many years of not being so. I try not to wallow in the aging process except to make fun around it, feeling lucky to be alive.


Greg’s Five Word Challenge


The intrepid astronaut boarded the bus to the launch pad. He looked out at the ocean’s sandy beach, knowing it would be weeks before he would enjoy those carefree days again. Being tertiary in succession to this hoped for position, he could not help but marvel as they approached the huge rocket that would take them on an incredible voyage. NASA had reported the lightning delay was over and clear skies would prevail. He settled into position in the small capsule and the countdown began.

SoCS – Twin Tips

This would be me if I had a house or a tree or a dog—oh! I do have lights! One out of three ain’t bad😂. I toyed with the idea of putting my artificial tree out on my patio with just lights but the wind has been so strong that I would need military sandbags to hold it down. Actually, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea because in order to get military sandbags, it would involve the military and who doesn’t love a man in uniform?

The prompt being twin is appropriate today because I just received another Christmas ornament identical to the first one that I ordered. Obviously it’s a mistake, a duplicate order and I will return it, but the problem is it was delivered by the mailman and put in my mailbox inside the complex. Walmart has charged me seven dollars per ornament as a tip. Twin tips? I don’t think so.

Walmart is great at delivering certain groceries, but if you ever want anything that they can’t deliver from the local store, they charge you a tip for delivery, the least of which is seven dollars—it goes up from there. The mailman doesn’t get it, so who gets it? Walmart of course—nothing like promoting Christmas spirit. And it’s not even my gift to give, I ordered it for someone else who doesn’t have a WM.

Add to that WP is deleting anything I try to write or maybe it’s internet, so I’m writing this in an email and hope to copy and paste to the blog. If I can write as I want here on an email it must be a WP problem🙄.

And it’s only December 3, happy holidays!