Tale Weaver #210

“The circle of an empty day is brutal and at night it tightens around your neck like a noose.”

A while ago we could fill our empty days with humor, secret fantasies, sayings of love, passionate embraces, soft kisses, whispered innuendos, witty jokes. Now all of that is gone, like a vase holding a dead and withered bouquet, now looked upon with sadness. Nothing makes you feel this loss like the darkness of a lonely night.



100 Word Wednesday – A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love cannot be compared

To any other you might see there

There’s a special bond, not even of our making

That binds us together, given and taken

The same holds true as later we age

Grandparents’ love is a different stage

Responsibilities of life have changed

Love comes with experience and sage

The bond with grandchildren even more enhanced

Feelings of love are now advanced

With wisdom, advice if carefully given

Openness with love never hidden

A true gift, the love of family

Shared by all of us equally

A constant welcome Valentine

Never just a day in time.


100 Word Wednesday: Week 108

Word of the Day: Smitten

Where is it written

You have to be smitten

To spend the night

For a “delight”

Women are chastised, men are not

Have you ever given that a thought?

Equality has the need to exist

She said aloud shaking her fist

Alas, these “rules” will never take place

It is the sad lot of the human race.



Three Line Tales #159 “Help me!”

I thought I had my feet firmly planted on the ground

Until I saw you walk by and my heart made that sound

A trill, a thrill, making me catch my breath

It just suddenly stopped, I felt near death

But then you turned, looked back at me

And all the fear began to flee

Instead my heart started to beat again

Beating a rhythm back to my brain

I hesitated as I heard the song

And then I started to sing along…

Three Line Tales, Week 159