3TC – Luncheon

Today’s prompt: busboy, flowerbed, Maryland

A typical Maryland afternoon, humidity pressing down causing my linen bustier to uncomfortably melt into my skin. Lunch on the restaurant veranda she insisted and mother always got her way. The day was warmer than expected and high noon lunch was a ninety degree delight. The patio was buffeted by a flowerbed, where even the petals of my favorite rose drooped in the heat.

My only consolation was the constant wariness of the busboy, who smiled as he took his time cleaning the surrounding tables. However, his beauty and charm made the bustier grow tighter and warmer.




Brew and Spew Cafe

I spy with my little eye

A world so blue, yes it’s true

Sad sights I see of poverty

No compassion or charity

Cruel acts, hateful words

The everyday becomes absurd

A dream begins I cannot put away

A better place but it won’t stay

I fear my vision so gray a cloud

I hide my eyes from it in doubt

The vision cannot be changed

The world refuses to rearrange

Fear and hatred running free

My dream now seems in defeat


MLMM Sunday Whirl 417 – Death Imminent

It was a bizarre sight. His breathing shallow, his weight barely imprinting the mattress. My entry to the room went unnoticed, and the clear image proved my doubts true. Tubes of various sizes joined him to machines of every kind.

I could pray, offer a bid to the almighty to save him with my own sacrifice, but I knew it was too late; my ascending plea would only crash to the ground. His life now too early spent.



Guitar Lover

Plug in and tune out is my motto

I’m not into real life’s grotto

Sure I like the idea of a gift

For me would be a guitar riff

From the likes of Jimmy Page

Hendrix or Clapton were the rage

Present me with this gesture

There’s no need for conjecture

Guitar music is my life goal

I would never ask for more.


If you like this, there is a part 2. Can you pick a favorite?🧐🎸