Rory’s Morning Dawdler

I am an 8.5 on the happiness scale.

I’ve always thought this way, too. But if you reply really? Or something similar, no they don’t want to know.

I like meat but I rarely eat it. For one, it’s expensive, and I feel perfectly happy eating a pasta dish without it. If I go out sometimes a quick hamburger fits the day. When I go out to eat in a restaurant, I like to order anything I can’t easily cook for myself.

My whole family are fast eaters which is not good. I think it’s because when my kids were little we were so busy with activities, etc that it became a habit. Now if dining out and not a drive thru, I try to relax and enjoy. At today’s prices, we need to!😄


Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Where Are You?


“Darn it, Hera, why aren’t you improving my relationship with my husband? I already asked Zeus, but he’s acting like he has the weight of the world on his back! Aphrodite is ignoring my texts, and Artemis is messing up our plans to have children. I asked Hermes to put in a distress call for us, but he is ignoring my calls too! I guess I’ll have to bow again to Athena because she always has good advice, and Eros, hoping to find a way to let my husband know we can and will be happy again. I know the gods will never forsake us!