The military helicopter was hovering over the Statue of Liberty and everyone was snapping pictures at a wild pace. There were digital cameras, cell phones, polaroids held by tweens, and a few oldsters using a Brownie. This excursion was the last of its kind before the quarantine.

The historical site was one of two remaining in the United States this day. Apparently during the worst of the Coronavirus in 2021, armed citizens of all ethnic groups had torn down every statue, plaque, memorial and reference to the country’s history. The only reason Miss Liberty remained was the previous destruction of all vehicles used on water to ensure no US citizen traveled beyond the contiguous borders.

The other remaining site was the heavily armed and walled-off White House where the diseased body of the last president remains instate.

One Daily Word Prompt – Caution

Going to the grocery, or a movie or restaurant, or even a doctor’s appointment would be a pleasant experience for me since I’m mostly a homebody. Now I don’t want any of those experiences and prefer to stay home. My gregarious self has taken caution seriously. When an average trip out in public may cause someone to point a gun at me for just walking down the street–no thanks. I might be wearing the wrong color, have a weird hairdo, or say something provoking, like “hi, how are you?”.