#writephoto – Shimmer

Although sun bursts through

Frozen ice remains steadfast

Warmth won’t win today



A vine encircling my talons

A weight of stone to hinder

My prowess and my faith are bleak

I’m no longer strong, but weak

Where are my patriots

My followers of truth

Help me I beg of you

Let me fly free and loose


MLMM First Line Friday 12-06-19

A crack like a gunshot pierced the frozen air and the ice broke. Icy panic ran over me like the water below. I dared not move, but looked over my shoulder to a horrible sight. Marie had also stopped short, hearing the crack. But it was the figure behind her that frightened me most of all.

The trip to the frozen north had been our dream vacation. We loved the cold sports, skiing, skating, snow boarding and this was all coming true. We had gotten up early in the small cabin to enjoy the sunrise on the lake. We had landed on the far end of the lake when we arrived, so there was no fear of the ice being fragile.

This particular day was going to be a highlight, being the first to skate with abandon on the beautiful smooth lake. And then it happened, the sudden shock of the crack in the ice. As I turned to see Marie, my anxiety reached indiscernible heights as I saw the bear looming behind her. In what seemed an eternity I turned to reach for her, only to see the bear envelop her. They disappeared under the ice.

As soon as I could move, I reached for my phone to call for help, although I knew it was too late. This happened ten years ago, and I have lived by myself in a warm climate ever since.

Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt 12-06-19

She sort of looks like me

But couldn’t be my twin

We’re all Santa’s help and she is in

Olive is another reindeer that I see

Smaller with odd antlers standing by the tree

I wonder where they found her

Her appearance is all wrong

I see it now, for goodness sake

She’s not a reindeer but a dog!


dVerse Poets – Apostrophe

Why aren’t you gone, when you never were really here.

Why do you plague me, remembering rare moments when we were in love.

The inbetween a fog, blurred by undesirable thoughts of why, what more could I have done, or spoke to you after saying I love you.

I thought those words encompassed all; what more required to keep your heart to mine?

I will never know and live with morbid disappointment.


MTB: O Apostrophe!


It was almost twilight, but the barbecue was still in full swing. The big guy had flown in from D.C. just for the golf and barbecue after. He’d always had a nose for jodhoeing, his specialty actually, and the atmosphere today was ripe for it.

All of his cronies were there, the lawyer, the senator, the secretary, all ready to do what they thought had to be done. More than likely, the big guy was about to put them all in jeopardy again, but the money seemed worth it. Little did they all know he would stay on top and scatter them as scapegoats.

Voicing their concerns as the judicial system loomed, the big guy reassured them with a “only if necessary, it’ll never happen, guys”, a quote they usually put out of their minds while watching bank accounts grow.