The Hunger




FOWC: Copacetic

All is not copacetic

Turning close to pathetic

Falling for your love so porus

Now both of us are in the torus

You kept me spinning, lost my grip

Fell in when first you kissed my lips

We felt the spin, enjoyed the pull

Thought our life was finally full

And then it happened, felt it go

Couldn’t keep your falling from the buoy.



The drip of tears

on smooth rouged cheek

caused me to hold her close,

a desperate soul.

I wanted to be her salvation, her lover, her everything.

I held her tightly, feeling every part of her dissipate against me,

tears assuaged

and we were complete.


MLMM Saturday Mix

There was a heavy thunderstorm, the wind snorted outside, rattling my windowpanes. Midnight and the howling wolf wind caused a chill. I pull up the guard of covers to protect me. Branches of lightning pierce my vision, and I snuggle further, hiding my eyes from their daggers.

Morning light finally comes trickling in the rain wet window, saying the storm is over, it’s a new day.