MLMM Wordle #262

Peter was always considered a slippery individual by other men who secretly envied him. He was almost toujours perdix, and most women didn’t bother to see beyond the facade. Without this shadowy element, he appeared charming, and together with his suave good looks, he was always successful.

Every winter season he would take advantage of the ski bunnies who were more than anxious to be seen with him. And the truth to be told, he was a pleasant treasure, within his capabilities. Peter would make his first impression by skimming effortlessly over crisp white snow slopes and then go “in for the kill” when party nights began at the lodge.

There was always an older widow with means about, and Peter would beguile till her early bedtime and then his compensation funded younger company for the rest of the night.


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  1. Okay.. never mind. I should have gone to the link first. I see that she did list the prompts in a list as well as the illustrations, so now you just get points for the cleverness of your little tale.

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