Wheelchair War

A weapon you say?

When pushed in a chair

With no control

Hang on tight

Or you might be air-

Borne like a rocket

If hands in a pocket

Instead of gripping

To the sides if

Forward you’re tipping.

They think it’s all fun

Fill your lap with stuff

Then start to run

Till I say “Enough!”

I’m holding the bags

Hands not gripped

So out of the chair 

I could have slipped.

It’s all in fun is their input

If I fly out from the catapult.

JK, They are very careful with me…….๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ˜‚


14 thoughts on “Wheelchair War

    1. I would hate that, I won’t go on the dodgem cars at the fun fair because if I’m not driving I don’t feel in control ๐Ÿ™ˆ

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    1. This is definitely payback, karma, whatever you want to name it. My friend had her foot operated on and was temporarily in a chair. I used to think it was funny to drive her around wildly. So I’m due!

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  1. Hilarious! When I get to that state no shame no game lol. I was one of those kids taking your handicapped bathrooms only when my son was little to take the cart in the stall so I could pee and change his diaper, now we use a single stall.

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    1. No shame now, I believe after having child there’s no more shame. Lol! One fall trip my husband n I took the youth to a Wisconsin Dells Resort. Girls in one room, guys in another. One of the girls on a missions trip decided to moon us, so that fall we were in the kitchenette area and I mooned her back! You get me I get u back!

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