Fandango’s Friday Flashback — Jujojan 1-23-2017-Compromise

I used to be a person who would not compromise. There are only a few things now that I won’t. Personal values may sway a bit but when it comes down to the end, I stand strong. I think inherit beliefs and values stick with you forever.



Fandango’s Flashback Friday — January 22

Picture Prompt – 164 – Destination?

Do you see them?  Could this be our destination?  What magnificence they hold, what feeling would you have floating there, surrounded by a sea of stars? Such beauty can’t be measured or taken lightly.  To be able to lay back on the soft ground, cool breeze drifting over your body–the tiny piece of human flesh that holds you here for a moment. It’s only the blink of an eye that you’re here this earthly plane.

But this, this wonderment surrounding us all, will be here long after we’ve discarded these shells.  Will another dimension greet us with a closeup of these stars?  Do you know?  Can you know?