MLMM – Photo 168

Helen was almost there.  Looking back over her shoulder confirmed they weren’t after her yet and the home’s  lights were still bright. Her boots seemed suficient at first, but hurrying so, she had been unable to get her warmer coat and hat.  “No time.  No worrying about what you forgot will help you now”, her mind kept going over and over it.  They found her out and now she’s on the run.  Making it to the lighthouse would ensure her safety.  She could rely on the old gentleman.

Every part of her was freezing.  She didn’t plan on them finding out she was secretly taping their conversations.  Taking photos only seemed like typical tourist behavior.  The plan to take and record information about this family seemed like a great way to finance her career.  Having been approached by her professor to perform this seemingly easy task, she naively did not realize real danger would be involved.  A couple of weeks in a new land, sightseeing and observing these people seemed harmless to this student.  She had trusted the professor and now here she was, running for her life.

The professor put her in touch with the lighthouse keeper, who was also involved in this scheme.  She warmed to him immediately, thinking these two older men were more like grandparents than participants of intrigue.  They had set her up in the hostel belonging to the family and she was asked to get as much information about them as possible.  She was excited by the idea, both being able to visit the area, but also thinking it would be an awesome adventure.

Now she was in the middle of it.  The cold was taking a toll, but she kept on.  She thought she would be safe as soon as she reached the lighthouse.  She had forgotten her computer files which could easily have been stuffed in her pockets, but she did have her cell phone.  No reception here, but it did have the needed recordings, and photos.  She had downloaded most information to the computer.  Being ignorant of the family’s suspicions, she mistakenly left it in her room for the day.  

Coming home from an outing she felt frightened by the family’s strange behavior.  She made an excuse to leave the house that night to go into the village.  Instead she was running to the lighthouse.  It was only a short distance now.  She checked over her shoulder again.  The lights in the house were off.  Were they chasing her?  She started to panic when she heard a voice calling her from the lighthouse. 

“Helen, hurry!”  He could tell by her running in the night that she was fleeing, and had already signaled for the boat to pick her up.  He could see her coming from the tower.  Her demeanor meant she was in trouble.  He grabbed her hand and helped her into the boat.  “You’ll be okay, you’ll be safe with Joe.” The minute he spied her running, he contacted another agent to retrieve her belongings from the hostel. Joe revved up the boat’s engine and they were safely away.

She had the adventure of a lifetime but decided the life of a spy was not her cup of tea.


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