Fandango’s Flashback Friday – Sunday Photo Fiction 4-30-17

“Okay, Al, it’s like I said earlier, I can’t make it move, I’m too light!”

“You know, Henry? You’re just one of those nagging naysayers. . .l can’t do it, I don’t get it, what if I fail, I’m too tired, I’m not (smart, cool, big, little) enough. Don’t you ever get tired of that defeated attitude? Geez, let me try.”

Al flew over and jumped on the space bar, as heavily as he could, but it refused to move. “I’ve got it, we’ll get Thor, Hulk, and Teeny to help.” Al flew over to the near barn that was home to the farm animals, as well as the three above mentioned horseflies.

Henry was still jumping up and down on the space bar, trying to disprove Al’s theory. He wasn’t a wimpy guy, he was just small. He looked up to see the three huge friends descend upon the space bar next to him.

“Okay, everybody, on three!”