5 Things Tuesday


1. Cranberry orange muffins – I like a sweet-tart combination

2. Any cupcakes from a bakery with lots of frosting but I prefer a layer cake to cupcakes.

3. Any muffins with fruit—blueberry, strawberry, except bananas.

4. Hostess cupcakes—now don’t throw anything😄 My story is when I was a child I saved my ten cents each week for the Hostess bakery truck that came to our farm. I loved these cupcakes. My mom was a cook and a baker extraordinaire but these were a special treat.

5. Applesauce spice cupcakes with cracked caramel icing.



6 thoughts on “5 Things Tuesday

  1. I don’t remember if I preferred bought goodies to those made by my mum. I can still recall the flavour and aroma of my mum’s cooking and baking.
    I can relate to your Hostess preference however because of my kids. They have always preferred things in packages and restaurant meals.

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