Our own minds, the decisions we make, how we arrive at certain conclusions, is difficult enough. Trying to make sense out of someone else’s decisions that we don’t necessarily agree with is mind boggling.

For the most part I would say my fellow followers—say that three times fast—and I agree on most subjects. That’s why we read other’s blogs and try to understand their point of view—kismet🥳. That’s the easy part. The hard part is trying to comprehend some radicals these days. And right there, choosing “radical” to describe “them” has already made my mind up…🙄😳😂


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  1. Indeed. They might call you a radical, too.

    It’s a big danger, though, when one side can’t comprehend why the otherv says what it says. Because it implies that there’s not much room for dialogue.

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    1. It’s hard, Pete, to have a dialogue with those who seem to live on a different planet, seem to speak in a different language, and stick their fingers in their ears and shout to drown out whatever it is you’re trying to say.

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    2. heehee, that’s true. But it’s strange, you are almost at the stage of looking at a two-state solution. Next door neighbours who, by the way, hate each other’s guts.
      None of it attractive.

      Why was secession opposed in the 1860s? Was it just because the south was so wealthy?

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