Daily Prompt:  Egg

To differ I beg

On the fate of the egg

It didn’t used to be fine

And it was declined

By some in nutrition

Made eggs their mission

Cholesterol laden they say
A sad story for hens that lay
These little orbs of delight
With their white and gold bite
New studies reveal
They have certain appeal
No longer forbidden
Or cholesterol ridden
But a healthy protein which you can partake
And much healthier for you than steak.


13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:  Egg

  1. I remember when I was a kid there were the ‘incredible edible egg’ and ‘got milk’ advertising campaigns. Then eggs were bad and everyone was drinking skim milk. Then eggs were good again and we were back to whole milk. I miss those old-fashioned commercials, like ‘pork, the other white meat’ and ‘beef, it’s what’s for dinner’. But I don’t miss the creepy idea of the government getting involved in what I was eating. It never turns out well. Soylent green anyone? Hahah.

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    1. You’re too young for soylent green. However when my kids were little we saw that and I made a creamy jello one time, cut it in squares and told the kids it was soylent green. We all had a good laugh.

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  2. Reblogged this on Read 4 Fun and commented:
    A poem in praise of the egg!
    Eggs are cool because they take little to no preparation. A delight for the cooking challenged (such as myself). Drop them in boiling water for not too long and I have portable snacks. Think of the pioneers of old who, according to folklore, carried around something called beef jerky, some form of meat that delighted dentists and other tooth repair technicians.
    Cooked or uncooked, eggs have been a staple employed in causes related to social and political dissent. Unfortunate. For this, I follow my parents’ advice, “Don’t throw your food.”
    Not many foods give you the chance to apply DIY measures to improve the food as far as health. Throw away the yellow.
    There are few foods that approach perfection, this might be one.
    Apologies for the following PUNishment but in closing:
    This is no yolk (see above)! Come out of your shell! And I promise to not egg you on with similar rants.

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