MLMM Saturday Mix 3-3-18

“East or west, my nest is best” Dr. Seuss knew what he was talking about, great lessons with a terrific rhyme and humor.

I was born in the east.

At the very least

It was full of seasons

Not the only reason

I loved it there

Grew up without care.


I left for the south

My New England mouth

Was misunderstood

Thought of as rude

Didn’t like their attitude

But I was the rube?


I travelled north

And so forth

Found it a relief

No prejudice grief

That was years ago

Has it changed so?


I’m now in the west

I must agree

With the bird above

It’s my favorite love

You will freeze

And you’ll melt

But when all is spelt

East or west

My nest is best.


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