Trick or Treat

I donned my mermaid costume

Set up my crystal ball

Halloween’s a-comin’ (Golden Girls ref)

And I want to see it all

All the kids in costumes, maybe skeletons or ghosts

And love the homemade ones hidden under coats

It always snowed on Halloween

That fate made all kids cry

No one would see their costumes

When bundled to the eyes

Every treat was inspected

When tampering suspected–but

This year no funny clowns or angels seen afoot

No scary goblins or bloody masks for which to root

Lockdown surely necessary, and I agree

Our kids are all older but I worry for the wee

They love the fun of dressing up

Being what they wish this day

Maybe if they wait, next year IT will be gone away.

Carve those pumpkins, eat some sugar, dance along

Turn up “Thriller” – Michael Jackson’s famous song.

That’s my advice,

Please think twice–

Stay home, stay safe.

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