The Haunted Wordsmith Challenges 10-10-18

Daily Writing Challenge (DWC)

One of my favorite Halloween/horror characters is the vampire. Vampires have been portrayed as lost souls, blood-sucking monsters, romantic interests, proper ladies and gentleman, and children forever trapped by a curse.

Your challenge for today is to explore the world of vampires and see what you find there.

Three Things Challenge (3TC)

For today’s Three Things Challenge, the words are: aging, life, timeless.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the 3TC…simply consider the three words above and follow where they lead you.

I don’t usually do interviews, but since it is October and ghouls pervade the everyday, I consent. Many names have been given to me over the thousand years of my existence, but I prefer Nosferatu. I do not show any further deterioration since the thirtieth year of my life when I succumbed to my father. Now aging is but a memory. If I had known I would look like this forever, I would have preferred a younger version of myself. The photo above is a rare one, showing my worst self. It does make it more difficult to seduce my victims, but in a darkened alley, it matters not.

Once I have made my selection–usually a young woman with a long neck and timeless beauty, I may take her in the alley or I may follow her home and wait till she sleeps. I may drain her completely or keep her for my own. Sometimes they become vampires that seduce men if I need to quench my thirst at a later time.

I never wanted this life, it does get tedious, being immortal. If only there weren’t so many changes, it’s hard to keep up with the enemy of the decade, wars, styles of clothing. After all I must be discreet and maintain in order to fit in. Of course only a few decades and I have to change venues before someone notices my looks haven’t changed. Therefore I have been all over the world without being suspected of being what I really am. A monster you think. . .was it my choice to be fed upon by my father who made me? I have no choice. When my thirst turns to excruciating pain I have to feed and of course my preference is a young and healthy body. Many others like me were so desperate they fell from diseased bodies. You have to be careful, which is one reason to keep a few living vessels in store. Gruesome, you think, I’m sure, but it is no different than keeping a well stocked cupboard in your kitchen.

I must say you seem rather relaxed at my words where others would be frightened and back away. You are a lovely young lady, and such a beautiful décolletage. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed such. . .beauty, pardon me.


Nosferatu takes out a perfectly folded handkerchief and dabs his lips, careful to swab his drool. The interviewer shifts uneasily in her seat. As he looks away to subdue his desires, the woman jumps onto his body, rips open his neck with her teeth, and drains his weakened body.



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