Putting My Feet in the Dirt 10

You’d better put that down!

Why? Everyone knows you can’t get warts from a frog.

Oh, really? Been reading “National Geographic” again?

Well, yes, but you know I only look at it for . . .you know.

Uh huh, bet you got your mom fooled, thinking you’re reading it for a report. No problem, we all do it.

This frog is a beauty. Guess I should put him back in the water.

Yeah. Hey, look over there!

Cool, lets go! Maybe we can find something cool to take home!

The two ten year old boys walked over the bridge to the village. Some vendors were setting up near the pond and others had tent like extensions from their trucks. As they came upon a freestanding tent they stepped in. An old man dressed as a wizard sat at a table and motioned the boys to sit down. “Place your hands on the ball and I’ll tell your future.” The curious boys did what they were told and the wizard made up a story for each boy.

On the way home, their palms started to itch. They both looked down to see something odd. Their palms were covered in wizard warts.

I thought you said you couldn’t get warts from frogs!

As they looked again, the warts were gone. The old wizard always was a trickster.




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