SYW 8-20-18

Fall is in the air this morning and cooler temps most of the week. The lows much lower which is to my liking! I rarely use the A/C in my small apartment, only for visitors. I’m not old enough yet to be bundled up outside in eighty degree weather. I do see their point, however; not eating or exercising enough to keep your body warm, it happens. It’s the proverbial walk in their shoes thing. Hey I just thought–If Trump could spend a few miles in others’ moccasins, maybe he would have an epiphany! Am I expecting too much? It’s Monday, have to be positive! has new questions for us in Share Your World today. Join in!

1. My choice is green olives, definitely. The black ones taste spoiled, imo. However, if on a pizza they blend in, so tolerable. I have a granddaughter who is addicted to the black ones.

2. My favorite room used to be the kitchen when I was still standing, taking pride in cooking or baking for the family. Now it’s the bedroom out of necessity. However, ANY room, since this IS SYW and dreams allowed. . .you know it. . .a one room cabin. Oh, my yes!

3. I can’t think of any fictional family I would want to be a member of. Maybe the Downton Abbey household. . .but who? Hmmm, think I’ll pass on this.

Had company all weekend, and most of it was enjoyable. The problem I find as a constant sitter, is I get tired of looking up or being hovered over. Any other wheelchair bound people agree? I saw a scene in Amazon’s Agatha Christie’s “Ordeal of Innocence” series. A man in a wc refused to join in a party with his wife, stating that “. . .braying over my head while my face is at crotch level is not my idea of fun”. It sounds very rude, but it’s sometimes true in large groups.

I don’t know what I’m looking forward to this week. It certainly is not a continuation of the three phone call battle I had with United Health Care on Saturday. We complain about hard to understand accents, uninformed responders, but my frustration comes when three different people from the same “help” line tell you three different things. I take notes during these calls, ask their name and add the date and time so I have backup. They say you’re being recorded, but does anyone ever check what these supposedly knowledgeable people say? Ok, enough. I said I was going to be positive, dang. Maybe you’ll get a kick out of this:

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  1. My eldest daughter is a clinical advisor for the ambulance service, she regularly has to listen to recordings to grade the others in the call centre. If they say they are recorded they must be, but obviously not all calls who you were talking to.

    They have to listen to some of them for training issues which they definitely have 🤯

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