#writephoto – Circle

“This is it!”

“Really? They look shorter than in the series. Think they will still work?”

“We can try. We didn’t come all this way not to try.”

The two middle aged women had been binging on the “Outlander” series and thought finding these stones and using them to find their own personal Scottish hero would be the end to their boring lives.

Saving up for over six months to make the pilgrimage to “the stones”, they were a bit disappointed in their size. However, not to be discouraged after travelling thousands of miles, they sat themselves down in front of the tallest ones. Giving each other a sideways glance, feeling overwhelming anticipation, each woman placed her hands on the stones and closed her eyes.

After a few anxious moments they opened them to see the stones they touched each had an addition. They looked at each other in a surprised, almost terrified expression.

The two stones were now occupied by two wee leprechaun-like figures. The ladies’ terrified looks were caused by the devilish lurid expressions on the little occupants’s faces.



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