FOWC : Neighbor

Ok, already did the Mr. Roger’s tune, so I could possibly speak about an insignificant incident that happened last week.

I was in the parking lot, waiting to be picked up. Since the people from FL have occupied both handicapped spaces (which they don’t need by the way since they live across the lot, upstairs, in the next building) do I sound angry? Who me? Dang right!

And as a side note, how long can you sport an out of state license without being unlawful? I complained about them hogging two spaces and the reply was, as long as they have a sticker they are welcome to be there.

Okay, so short story long, I’m in the lot waiting to be picked up in the middle of the lined zone where no one is supposed to park, sitting in the wc.

A man holding an apartment schematic walks by looking up, his wife way behind on her phone. I asked “can I help you find something?” And as some people often dismiss a child or a wc person, just ignored me and kept on looking up. The woman said, “yes, we’re going to see number 208, cause we’d like to live here. Do you live here?”

I responded, “yes, number 102, welcome to the neighborhood” and pointed her in the right direction. Then I noticed it was after 12 so maybe the man was just on his lunch break and in a hurry.

I think that was the correct assumption because after a few minutes they walked by again, together, smiling. She said, “we’re going to be neighbors”, with a big smile.


FOWC with Fandango — Neighbor


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  1. It must be so frustrating! There is a lady in a wheelchair here who I believe has MS but whenever I see her we always have a conversation. Maybe it’s because I’m English I would never ignore anyone nor would I dream of taking up two spaces. Do they have apartments specifically for disabled people over there. Just asking 🙂

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