MLMM Saturday Mix 6-9-18

She was waiting for the mail, always a special treat. Unlike most “modern” correspondents, Lulu enjoyed the art of letter writing and found a few male companions who felt the same. There was quite a variety in her choices, some romantic, some adventurers, although most were just friends. So much can be expressed in handwriting. It is an ancient form of expression that cannot be compared to even a typed note and certainly not conveyed in a text.

One interesting man she corresponded with was from the United States, in the state of North Dakota. He lived far away from the bustle of life and was self sufficient. He had a vegetable garden, cows, chickens and fruit trees. He took pride in learning the culinary arts. Because he relied on the ingredients that were readily available to him, his experimenting was somewhat limited.

Lulu opened the latest missive from the man in North Dakota. In this letter he included his latest endeavor, a recipe for making moose mousse. Lulu couldn’t help but laugh with endearment, reading every word with a smile. She enjoyed the companionship she received through her correspondents, and was entertained by their adventures. The gentleman from North Dakota was no exception.


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