Carrot Ranch FF – Performance

“Which one should I wear”, holding the multicolored bow tie in one hand and the shimmering blue in the other. Joe was getting dressed for the Christmas concert and wearing the proper tuxedo coat and pants, but couldn’t make up his mind about the tie.

Usually not nervous about the orchestra’s performance–he always practiced well; tonight was a bit different. His new girlfriend would be in the front row observing him.

Joe fumbled with the bow tie and glanced in the mirror, luckily no zits this night. Rushing out, he forgot to change from his sneakers to dress shoes.

5 thoughts on “Carrot Ranch FF – Performance

  1. Your flash portrays that moment we try to perfect and miss the obvious. Funny, but I went to the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra on Saturday and the one thing that caught my eye with the musicians was their glistening shoes!

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