Time to Write – Gift

When Donnie was ten years old, he was looking forward to Christmas in a big way. He had been asking his parents for the Tin Can Alley play rifle and target set forever. He even wrote Santa Claus asking for only this one toy.

Donnie’s parents finally getting to bed around midnight, making sure all the preparations were made for and from Santa’s visit, were not surprised to hear the giggles and chatter as the children tried to muffle their responses at four in the morning.

It was always this way, the anticipation couldn’t hold them any longer and they crept out of their bedrooms to see what Santa left. He always left one gift they asked him for and filled their stockings.

The parents wearily climbed out of bed just as Donnie opened his gift from Santa, the Tin Can Alley game. His eyes were big with surprise and a huge “oh!” from his mouth. He was beyond excited as his wish came true.