dVerse Poets – Quadrille


Children of Today

Seeds of doubt, seeds of hate,

Overshadowing seeds of hope and discovery

Planted in toddlers to persuade them

Of beliefs visited upon you by previous generations

Their innocence betrayed for your desired future

The open minds thirsting for knowledge-

Blank canvasses for your paint



19 thoughts on “dVerse Poets – Quadrille

  1. This line spoke to me today,
    “Of beliefs visited upon you by previous generations”
    I have been reflecting on the connections between my grandparents, parents, and myself. I am wondering more about what is passed on and what wasn’t. Your poem brought that to mind.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Black canvases still make for beautiful art. There’s certainly a reason to continue to allow children to love and appreciate art, even if they don’t quite “get it” yet. Nicely chiseled, well-formed, elegantly produced – judging from the other responses, I think you’ve produced something worth discussing.

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  3. Your quadrille resonates with me, Cheryl; my grandson is three and picks up things so quickly. It’s so important to keep children protected from seeds of doubt and seeds of hate.

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