What day is it Anyway?

It is June 12, and my middle sister’s 85th birthday! Yea! Her favorite is a white cake with 7 minute frosting, so I sent her a pic of one, best I could do since she lives 2000 miles away. She has four sons and I’m sure they will visit her today.

My daughter took me to the hospital for a blood test today, not as scary as I thought it might be. It is a pretext to my five year cancer scan. Everyone stayed their distance, we all wore masks, were asked a few questions, temperature taken and then on to the lab. I had to sign a new form saying I would pay if Medicare wouldn’t because Medicare might deem it an unnecessary test. Yeah, Medicare, my nemesis. They’re the ones saying they won’t cover the urostomy bags (that collect urine when you don’t have a bladder) because they’re not a necessary item. Alrightythen!

We visited a separate clinic for a blood test for my daughter and stayed in the car. We grabbed lunch at a pickup Panera and went to the park to eat. All in all a pleasant day.


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  1. It was Johns birthday yesterday, so glad you’ve been out and about even if it was to the hospital. I bet the lunch was good. Mc Donald’s has just opened and Louise was taking the kids to the drive though, they were so excited 😆

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