It’s Never Too Late

Old Mrs. Smith decided it was time to get off her rocker–pun intended, and protest the local grocery store. It all began when she was close to running out of her favorite Spam. Mrs. Smith was a thrifty lady and always shopped wisely to retrieve the best deals. When she saw the sale basket of Spam near the meat counter, she hurriedly loaded ten cans into her basket.

As she was shelving the items at home, she looked more closely to the cans of Spam. Apparently most of them expired a year ago. She vowed to talk to the store manager and ask why the Spam she bought the day before had overdue expiry dates. The grocery was hoping to recoup their losses, that the sale price would cover the cost even though it was their mistake handling the product. The store manager placed the cans in a basket for sale and risked thinking most elderly people were unaware or unable to read the label printing.

Mrs. Smith was no wall flower. She had protested civil rights and marched along in the sixties. She contacted her friends and found some of them had also been duped by the sale. The next day people with scooters, walkers and canes, bicycles, and golf carts gathered at the grocer’s parking lot, blocking all other shoppers.


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