Word of the a Day: Awesome

I slept in, expecting a grocery order brought by my daughter tonight when they come to celebrate my birthday this week. It’s a fun event with plenty of laughs and hugs. This morning I cleaned the freezer and refrigerator, getting rid of some black frozen bananas I was saving to make banana bread, but let’s face it, it was months ago and nothing tastes the same as it used to. 😏

I might order something supposedly tasty in the groceries, but am usually disappointed at the result. This week I ordered black plums and a watermelon.🤞🏻My orders are once a month so veggie bins etc are empty and sparkling!😌

If you are still reading🙄 I also cleaned the floors. I don’t get the same high as I used to years ago when my house was freshly cleaned. Laugh, but we oldsters used to think that was a fine accomplishment. My kids had jobs to do and did them, not always without a bit of grumbling.

The awesome part of today will be seeing my family. With homeschool back in session and soccer and other busyness, COVID, etc, we don’t see each other that often. 😷

Now for the reeeeel fun part of my day, paying bills.😜 But the sun is shining bright, the temp is 49F and warming all week after snow and freezing on Monday and Tuesday. Have a great day!🥰


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