Sunday Photo Fiction 6-8-18 – Flirty Flamingo

My dear, you’re looking lovely today, so lithe, so slender, so……pink!

Why thank you Charles, I am very happy to see you, too.

Lucinda, may I ask you something?

Shyly, Lucinda blushes, turning a dark rose in color.

Lucinda, would you like to come to my nest? It’s so public here. I have some rare etchings you might like.

Oh, Charles, what are you thinking?

Honestly, Lucinda? I would love to spend the day with you, and I think you would enjoy my special preening techniques.

Lucinda bends low in embarrassment. Will there be snacks?

Oh, definitely, a large variety of carotenoids.

Well then, lead the way, dear Charles.


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