MLMM Tale Weaver 162

A lonely boy loved balloons, all types, and every color. He rarely had one however, because his parents thought they were dangerous. Apparently there was a likely possibility of the balloon being sucked back into a child’s mouth, causing them to choke. Joey didn’t want to hear that, he just wanted to play with them. Joey had a good imagination and could think of all kinds of ways to play with balloons.

A favorite birthday party game at a friend’s was a popping contest. A balloon was placed on each chair and the boy who could just sit on it and pop it first, would win. The whole idea was fun for him and he also liked the popping noise. Everyone laughed and for him it was a happy occasion. Joey’s mom of course, didn’t allow balloons in their home, so he especially enjoyed playing at his friend’s home.

Joey’s friend Mike invited him to the local carnival. After much convincing, Joey’s mom consented, as long as his friend’s parents were with the boys at all times. Joey and Mike came upon a brightly decorated game with an arch covered with large balloons. Joey, especially, wanted to try his luck. As a prize, he only wanted a bag of balloons, not a stuffed animal or magic wand. The man refused, saying the balloons were not a prize, just a decoration to entice people to his booth. Joey, realizing his own parents weren’t around, started raising his voice, saying he was not given a prize. Mike’s parents were embarrassed, but said nothing. They thought his parents were too strict and wanted to appease him.

Finally, the barker hesitantly handed over a small bag, not wanting to discourage the other waiting customers. When Joey got home, he hid the bag under his mattress. The first night he decided to take one out, blow it up and play, was his last.

Thinking everyone was asleep and it was safe to take one of the balloons out, he blew it up and was suddenly surrounded by light. Not even tying the balloon to hold the air, it remained full and started to float. Joey jumped up and grabbed the balloon. He found himself adhered to the orb. He couldn’t break free and the balloon swept him out of the window, up and away into the clouds. The last thing Joey saw was the fading carnival lights.

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  1. That was all a bit grim for Joey…..but you are right, not all items of magic have to be good items. Thanks for adding your thoughts to this week’s tale weaver.

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