FFfAW – The Meal

He sat there innocently, so charming in his blue plaid cotton shirt. You could actually smell freshness emanating from his being. Wavy blonde hair with just the right lock drifting down on his forehead, almost covering perfectly manicured brows. Bright blue eyes seemingly penetrating my mind, knowing what I was about to say.

He arrived early, ordered my favorite meal, knowing I loved this fare. I savored the salty chips, one at a time, while he was watching me. I ate slowly and deliberately, pausing in front of my lips, glancing up at those blue eyes, before taking a bite.

I cut the meat in small pieces, taking time with each morsel. I could feel the tension building in him, as his grin turned into a sexy pout, though he quickly recovered himself and the winning ever present smile was back. He liked to watch–he never dined with me, but he loved to watch me do anything. Finished, he tightened my wrap around me, steered me into the alley for a passionate kiss. Breathless, my heart pounded with anticipation.

The following morning, newspaper headlines read: “Woman Found Murdered, Body Drained of Blood. Surrounding businesses questioned only remembered she ate alone.”


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