MLMM Photo Challenge 204 – Nightmare

I woke up feeling dazed, finding myself in her bed. My head is pounding. How did I get here? I feel something in my right hand, a stick, a wand? It feels smooth, it’s not familiar. I step out on the cold floor and hear voices. This is not my room, it’s her room. What am I doing here? Outside her bedroom door there are stairs. I descend them as if I’m floating. The stairs lead to the kitchen where the voices are louder. They’re coming from a device like an old radio. The noise is making my head hurt more.

I try to stop the radio sounds. I turn the knobs but it doesn’t quiet, when lights stream into the darkness. I yank the radio cord from the outlet. A car pulls up outside. Two car doors slam and I hear talking, her voice is one of them. I feel frightened. How did I get here, what am I doing? I want to hide from them, but where? Why am I inside her home and she’s not with me…they are coming in!

I step back into a darkened corner. She walks in but doesn’t see me. I’m embarrassed to be here; why am I? I don’t see the other person and she crosses the room and walks up the stairs. Should I follow? Would I scare her? I still feel the object in my hand, I still don’t know what it is. Suddenly I’m at her opened bedroom door. She seems oblivious to my presence. She slips off her clothes and gets into bed. The lights are off, but moonlight shows her form under the covers. Should I approach? I step forward to speak to her.

Then I see there are two forms. I see her next to someone else. As I step closer, I find my hand is raised with the object. For some reason I can’t control my arm, I feel like I’m going to strike him with the thing in my hand. I try to stop, but it seems I have no control.

Just before the object connects, I clearly see the other person next to her is me.


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