Putting my feet in the dirt Challenge – Spelunking

I have spelunked a few times, most as a child in stone walls that separated our fields from each other and from the dirt roads. I also went spelunking in Colorado near Central City in a huge old open mine site. Hoping for Herkimer diamond finds in the south on a vacation trip was also fun.

But this morning, I was woken by the phone. It was a young friendly woman at my bank requesting $ to cover my rent check. It seems I may have gone to see the “Greatest Showman” two times too many, and I love the hot popcorn. I sneak in everything else, water, candy bar…I know, please don’t report me! Who can pay over four dollars for water and you need it after that salty popcorn! I digress and only have three minutes left on this (put the timer on for ten minutes, Write without thinking Challenge) see below on the pingback….so the woman on the phone who couldn’t hear me because I turn the sound off at night and as I said I was sleeping when she called, said I had one hour to put money in the bank and had to drive downtown or one of their branches to do it. Mind you I’m not awake, I can’t drive, I have no spare money lying around my apartment and so I’m at a loss! How was your morning? Time’s up. Good luck.

This is my first attempt at this challenge. There were ten or more subjects to pick from. I chose spelunking because I really need to this morning. For gold? I wish! It was nerve wracking, but fun, so try it out!

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