MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt Core Beliefs

I thought about this Prompt a lot, and after first thoughts of the basic “golden rule”, love–all the regulars, I think one that pertains to me and my children and their families is perseverance.

Everyone has struggles, some more than others. It can be choosing a path and realizing you took the wrong one, having the strength to make a decision to choose again, and the hope to be successful. Deciding to have children and doing your best certainly takes perseverance. I’ve read blogs here from people striving to be the best parent; it takes strength and courage.

Health problems are explored in this medium, even in my own case. Believe me, it takes gumption to maintain a good attitude and care for yourself even though you’re tired of fighting it, either physical or mental, sometimes both. And these stories are from what I assume to be intelligent, successful people who have fought and won, or not giving up until they achieve their particular idea of success.

What is also on my mind is the other half, the ones with no help, no support of a loved one or even a stranger across the world. I wonder how to really help them in the best way. We need to persevere to find the answers.


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