Daily Prompt: Imagination

Just sitting here finishing my grilled cheese

Read Danny’s post, and thinking, jeez!

Is he trying to push his luck?

Wants to be lightning struck?

Actually I really agree

But that’s just for him and me

You all can think what you like

But I admit I’m afraid of the lightning strike

It’s one of those things like Murphy’s law

Or a jinx if you will, happens to all

Just when you think everything’s fine

Sit back, relax, maybe drink some wine

Whack! Here it comes, the “I told you so”

You shouldn’t have thought it would easily go

Letting your guard down, sitting back

Causing fate to step in and it has a knack

For tripping you up, letting you know

There’s no way you’re in total control

Now the Prompt of course is imagination

And it’s times like the above causing consternation

That your mind can make things hopefully viewed

And you find, it’s okay, and what is valued

That life is sometimes hard we can all agree

But your brain and mind will be helpful to thee

Let you see what is, but also what can be

That’s how I see it, do you think like me?



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