Photo Fiction – 99 – 

I was not frightened at first when they contacted me. I wrongly assumed they were from my own government. . .a secret hidden department investigating UFO hoaxes since the 1940s– god, was I mistaken. Now I’m paying for it with my life.

Being a task member of defunct USAF Project Blue Book, I was familiar with data concerning unidentified flying objects. I put in time there and after it closed down, I resumed my typical professorial duties at Harvard. I wasn’t surprised at being contacted again, but ready to retire and reluctant to begin a new investigation.

All that changed when my wife suffered a fatal accident, and my retirement ideas were swept to the side. I needed a different outlook and purpose. The new task force sounded like a better choice than sitting at home alone. Shortly after her accident I was approached by task force members again and assumed it would be a salvation from my sorrow. It started out well, but it gradually seemed to be just an information gathering job, with me doing the brunt of the work. Compiling all the historical data from years of research by the original group took hours of mind numbing work.

It happened today, after submitting the final piece of information on every search of records of UFO involvement that the deadly truth was revealed to me. I had joined the rest of the task force for coffee and a wrap up of our meetings. After a few social comments I felt strange, and fell asleep. When I woke up I was hanging on a tethered line from an odd shaped airplane, hundreds of meters above the city. I thought I was dreaming, but suddenly the rope was yanked out of my hands and I was falling to my death.

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  1. Betrayal! It is believed that Shahjahan had cut off the hands of the sculptors who built the Taj Mahal. so that it is never replicated. People who hold sensitive information, often become targets of the power mafia.

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