Jeff Goldblum, Actor

The first time I noticed Jeff Goldblum was in the movie “The Big Chill”.  I liked this movie and it has a great soundtrack.  Music in the background or used openly in movies is important to me.  Jeff has played many different roles, including “The Fly”, a gory remake of the 1958 classic.  He is a multi talented actor, musician and artist.  I always like the “oddball” characters in popular movies, usually the more intelligent of the cast.  Mr. Goldblum is an expert at this type of role.  He’s usually the smartest one in the group, speaking in that unique, soft, smooth, almost mumbling continuous voice and no one really understands him. You can find out more about this interesting man on YouTube, or his FB site:


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  1. You should watch some of his interviews on Conan! As much as I love him as an actor, especially his real oddball character in Portlandia, I love him as a person when he speaks. He gets so passionate and so enthused and it seems like he really loves words and enjoys them coming out of his mouth and he thrills in expression and augh, if only I could speak with half that passion. It’s like he savors every word and just loves talking.

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