Daily Prompt:  Instinct

I can and do, get myself into trouble with the process of going with my instinct. We all have it, of course as humans we are not as attuned to it as regular animals. This is an example.

We were driving down the highway and on the left side was an apartment complex. Windows were viewing the highway. As we passed by, I noticed a pick up truck on the right side of the highway, parked up on the grassy bank. Unusually parked, he was perpendicular to the highway and headed towards the road. There was a man in the driver’s seat intently watching the apartment building.

I’m not often a suspicious person, but the whole scene gave me the creeps. Part of it may have been the fact that the day before, an elderly man had been shot just outside his apartment in this area.  

Call it suspicious, or instinct, wrong or right? I was almost ready to call the police to have this guy checked out. Of course he was parked illegally and on this busy highway I can’t imagine him bolting across all four lanes horizontally to reach the apartments. But guns are prevalent here. It would not be surprising to find a weapon in anyone’s vehicle here.

Was it my instinct or not? Ever been in a situation where someone comes close by and it gives you an eerie feeling you can’t explain? I believe it’s instinct.



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  1. mumsthewordblog1

    A great post on instinct. Such a powerful sentence, “Guns are prevalent here” I can”t imagine what it’s like living in an area like this. It must be very scary. (I live in Melbourne, Australia)

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