Prompt 38- Motion

First thought at seeing this Prompt, was the motion of riding horses. I liked the sort of rocking, easy movement of the horses gait, but going down a hill always scared me a little. I felt like I was going to fall forward over the horse’s head. Maybe I needed stronger thighs! Zig-zagging my way down mostly prevented this.

A not so pleasant motion is the one you get riding in a small plane and trying to read. I was going over the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Montrose, Colorado. There were six passengers. I don’t have a fear of flying, so I was relaxing reading a book. At least I was trying to. During the turbulence, my arms holding my reading material kept jumping up and down. It was actually amusing. I finally gave up and enjoyed the scenery when we came down in altitude. It was an eventful 45 minute trip.