Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practioner- Week 12 – 200 words

“Oh my goodness, I think they’re going to crash! Look how close they are! Oh, Frank, our children. I can hardly look….Frank!”  

As their mother, Helen could not contain her fear. Two of her precious children were literally hanging by a thread. A strong thread, but dangling over a deep ravine. The thread was a cable suspended from a rescue helicopter. It was moving from side to side and her oldest boys were depending on the cable to bring them to safety.

That morning Helen and Frank’s sons started out to climb cliffs at a nearby park. They had a minimum of equipment and experience and maximum confidence, a common characteristic of teenage boys. Everything was going good until Jeff relied on a shale rock to hold up his left foot. It gave way and his brother Frank Jr. was yanked off his secured spot as Jeff’s weight tightened his rope. Frank was able to steady himself, having more experience than his younger brother. They also had enough foresight to bring a cellphone. Frank held his brother long enough for the rescuers to arrive.

Helen and Frank Sr. were relieved and thankful to see their boys safely in the copter. 



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