Bra Shopping Can Be Fun(ny)

I was reading a blog post by about using a handicapped bathroom. I had to comment, but decided to write it here instead.

Bathrooms are usually accommodating but the real problem for people like me in a chair, are dressing rooms.  

When you have a minute, get in a wheelchair, take a bra and go into a regular sized dressing room. The chair won’t fit in the door, so you’re stuck half way in. If you’re as lucky as I am, you have movement in your arms, but fasten a bra in the front and slide it around to pull up the straps. Getting the original bra you’re wearing off and then trying to get another one on, while banging your arms on the side of the chair and sides of the dressing room doorway is a feat. All the while trying to keep your shirt over your nude top so you’re not visible to all the customers is hilarious. Top it off with no air conditioning so you start to sweat and that makes it more difficult to get things on and off. Slipping a nylon bra around on damp skin is hard! I usually have my daughter nearby in case I need help, but she was elsewhere in the store. I’m not used to undressing in front of strangers, but would have asked an attendant to help if one existed. I finally gave up, hot and embarrassed, I came out of the dressing room area to find my daughter. She asked how did it fit? I said I’m never doing that again! 

Needless to say I was done shopping for the day. I never feel more disabled than in a situation like that. And the bathroom thing? Kids are usually the ones taking the handicapped stalls, but that doesn’t bother me. One good thing about the urostomy, I can wait!😂

Able bodied people taking handicapped parking spaces really sets off my kids. Partly because they have to wheel me inside from the car. Unless a bigger vehicle is used, the regular wheelchair I roll myself is too large.  

One night my grandson and I went to a movie in the mall. When it was over the doors to where we parked were locked. Both having a sense of humor, we laughed as he ran me all the way around the mall parking lot to his car. It was practically deserted and a mall guard drove by us, but never checked us out. Guess we looked like we were okay.

I’m not writing this to admonish anyone who uses a parking space or bathroom that’s marked for the handicapped. I hope you get a laugh out of the bra situation. My grandson thinks it’s hilarious to fly me around in the wheelchair, so no worries there. I’ve said before, life is funny if you let it be.


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  1. The work was actually quite pleasant, in a bizarre manner. Yes, there were idiot customers. Also the sweet ones. The biggest pain, of course. Was management.

    For their only concern was m-o-n-e-y. They would spout rhetoric of retail entertainment and serving the customer. But the only concern was turnover and making every square foot profitable. Of course rationally I understand that. When was retail ever really rational. Like the month before xmas. They stay open 24 hours a day. Serving customers at 2-3 am. Who bring their nine-year olds to go shopping? Stuff like that, made my hair curl.

    Like yourself I’m “retired”. Why the quotation marks? Because we have to work hard at that. They don’t tell you it until after you start. … aren’t bras for men called bros? Cheers Jamie.

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    1. Could be …? I’ve heard it said several times now. Working the toy dept. was the worst for that. Not just infants but children; that Mom did not want to drag along. We were the diversion, for them. Cheers Jamie.

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  2. I think it’s awesome when people see those situations that too many folks speak of in hushed tones, draw them out into the light, and laugh at the funny parts. It’s so much healthier. Re: the above respondent, I had no idea they had parking spaces for parents with children! That’s a new one.

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  3. Luckily for me, I’m not faced by either challenge. Yet I have friends who face the handicapped problem. Maybe too the stall problem? Though they have yet to confide it. It too burns my britches, to see young able-bodied usually girls or women yet not always so; using the handicapped zones.

    Having moved to a city on the B.C. coast. Where, malls and condo units hold sway. Any shopping these days, requires navigating to a mall. Even when using the ordinary buildings. If you do not use the parkade. Be prepared to pay for the privilege of street parking.

    In the malls. I usually park as far away from the doors as I can. In summer, it’s more of a challenge, for that’s where the trees usually grow. So all and sundry will be using the shade. Yet for the rest of the year, it’s fat cat city for parking, out in the boonies.

    Being retired, walking is the best pleasure. It helps me to stave off needing a chair, for mobility. Walking past the spots for handicapped, the spots for parents with children. … when we had my kid, where were the spots then? Or even the handicapped? Usually had to park with us the hoipolloi. Good, they have their own spots now. Crowded by the entrance. Along with most others who seek to park as close as they may to the doors. Gives me wry amusement. I have never actually asked them; why? I always imagine the answer to be, “well, I’m busy”. Or some such glib reply? Yet they spend hours in the malls.

    Excuse me for venting, Ms. Rugby843. But the government just reduced my pension to less than my monthly rent. So, I’m feeling less charitable today. I am very thankful not to not have to face the challenges you’ve so eloquently written about. I’ve never worn a bra or used a wheelchair. Yet I have worked retail. Where i was a dept. mgr. and sold them to ladies. I can usually guess the size, because of that. Good for you! God bless you! Don’t let the buggers grind you down. Cheers Jamie.

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