Daily Post:  Construct

This might have been me, forty years ago,😂

Starting right off with a confession. I’m not a good cook, in the old days maybe, but now I’m far too impatient. I turn on my now electric burner.  (I prefer gas) to at least medium because I’m used to instant availability after using gas for centuries. Then I use a little butter, or nothing, put in a flour tortilla, slide it around a bit in the melted butter, whip it out and put in another tortilla. Then I add already shredded cheese (said I was impatient) and whatever else I like or have at the time, such as cooked chicken, tomatoes, onions, etc.. Slap on the other tortilla, and cover to melt the cheese. Do I turn the heat down? Of course not. Sitting and waiting is a necessary part of my life, especially the sitting part. But doing it patiently, not so much. 

If I have salsa I like to dip the tortilla in it. If not, my favorite is avocado and fresh tomato chopped together for a dip. I just add a little salt and pepper. Sharpened the knife and began cutting up the condiments. You know what’s coming next…checked on the tortilla, bottom a little overdone, okay, charred. Optimist that I am, turned it over, left it in the pan, and took the pan off the burner; (another dislike of electric burners, you can’t have instant off and on heat). Mixed up the avocado and tomato in a small bowl and flipped the tortilla beside it on the plate. Yes, it was burned on half of one side. So I cut that part off and the melted cheese was okay. Did I mention I hate throwing things away? Salvaged, I had my dinner completed.  

Now if we’re talking constructing something like chicken and dumplings, beef stew, macaroni and cheese, meatballs, stuffed pork chops, or French dip, I’m your woman.  



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