Daily Post Prompt: Chaotic

Dating someone from a complete different background can be exciting, awkward, surprising, or a disaster. The casual picnic, dinner at a nice restaurant, or seeing the latest movie, all pretty safe and normal. Sightseeing, museums, all acceptable places to get to know someone. Walking and talking about everything is a winner if you are truly interested. Going dancing is also fun, but in a country atmosphere, dances usually include some square dancing. I bet your imagination right now is picturing cowboys and cowgirls swirling around with hats, boots, big rodeo-won belt buckles, and ladies with tight waisted, colorful dresses with multiple petticoats that swayed and flared.  

While I was dating we joined friends one evening at a country dance. My companion that night had never done any square dancing, but our friends helped him keep up and we laughed a lot. Then came the Virginia Reel. It’s a lot of fun and fairly easy, just repeats the movements up and down a double line. It does last a long time, and was one of the last dances.

I had already seen my date at his worst, building a dock on the lake. I never knew a person could sweat that much. It was as if he had an unlimited supply of liquid that just kept pouring out of his face and body. As the Reel progressed I saw the same reaction on him. When ever we touched again during the dance, he looked as if he was about to expire. His face was red and parts of his shirt were wet. He gave me this look like “Help me”! Among all this chaotic activity, I saw a brief look of panic on his face. Instead of enjoying it, he felt out of place. This man who was a successful athlete in most sports, was confused and awkward in this dance.  We did survive, but it still makes me laugh thinking of it.


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