SoCS:  Pretty

Stream of Consciousness Saturday/Pretty

I don’t usually write and not edit as I go along. Probably because it saves time. It does interrupt your thoughts, and I can see the value of it. So here goes.   
Pretty and beautiful are two completely different things. Also good looking, and handsome. A man can be all of these things, but women don’t prefer handsome. However I think it is a compliment that was used by men years ago to describe a good looking woman. Your outward appearance still rules the day. Everyone is so hurried they can’t take the time to discover inner beauty. Can’t or won’t. I try to see the beauty through a person’s eyes. They seem to tell the story of a complete person right there. I love the mischievous twinkle, the wink, the challenging stare. All show different personalities. Pretty is of course the way I would describe my children and grandchildren, and extended family as well. My daughter has always been pretty, still is at forty-five. My granddaughters are also beautiful, all very different in looks and personality. Most resemble one or both parents. Even the boys can be pretty. I remember thinking how pretty the young actor was that played Loki as a boy in the movie “Thor”. Again the eyes drew me. I used to have a Pinterest site where one section was named “the eyes have it”. It was all pictures of different people or animals’ eyes. Pretty is what you see on the outside. A perfectly beautiful peach may be dry and tasteless on the inside. Choose wisely.


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